T-shirt Trends 2013

Boring Is Out With These Top 10 Celebrity Inspired T-shirts

The annoying heat during the months of summer can really take a toll on your fashion sensibilities. Sometimes all you want to do is pick up a pair of shorts, pair it with a t-shirt and flip flops and you’re ready for the road. Yes, fashion really does take a backseat during summer, but who says t-shirts can’t be trendy?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how your favorite celebs manage to stay stylish even during the summer? Well, for starters, they pick a trendy t-shirt they are most comfortable in and pair it up with fashionable accessories to come up with an impressive summer look.

You can do the same this summer because we have come up with an impressive, sexy and fashionable compilation of celebrity inspired t-shirts. With a handful of these you can stay comfortable and fashionable and beat the summer heat stylishly.

Celebrity T-shirt Trends 2013

So are you ready to take on summer with these Top 10 Celebrity Inspired T-shirt Trends for 2013?

Here we go!

1. The Classic Tee                                                                 

Zoe Saldana Classic T-shirt Trends 2013

Minimalism is sexy. Zoe Saldana flaunts her sexy style in a classic V-neck white T-shirt. Sometimes the lesser you try, the sexier you look. Classic form fitting V- neck or round neck t-shirts can be worn with denims, colored trousers, skirts or shorts and also paired with a sleek blazer. You can experiment with different styles to suit your tastes with a classic t-shirt.

2. Superhero T-shirts

Kate Moss Superhero T-shirt Trends 2013

We women have to unleash our superpowers from time to time, don’t we? Embrace your power confidently like Kate Moss and let the world know how strong you are with a superhero T-shirt. Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, whatever the T-shirt says, let it represent you.

3. Message Tees

Heidi Klum Message T-shirt Trends 2013

What is Heidi Klum endorsing and what do you want to say to the world? Let your t-shirt be the medium through which you convey your message to the world. You can rest assured that 2 out of every 3 people will stop to take notice of the words on your message tee.

4. Cartoon T-shirts

Sienna Miller Cartoon T-shirt Trends 2013

Cartoons were a part of our everyday life when we were kids. Get nostalgic about those lovely childhood memories and showcase your playful childlike side to the world just like Sienna Miller does with a cartoon t-shirt.

5. Slouchy T-shirts

Ellie Goulding Slouchy T-shirt Trends 2013

Is it a lazy Saturday? Ellie Goulding shows you how to transform a lazy mood into a uniquely sexy one with a boyfriend inspired oversized slouchy tee. This sloppy look goes great with tight fitting bottoms just like Ellie works it.

6. Vintage Inspired T-shirts

Jessica Alba vintage T-shirt Trends 2013

Displaying a sense of effortless fashion comes easy to stars like Jessica Alba. With a svelte frame and mesmerizing beauty, Jessica can make anything look good on her, even a vintage inspired t-shirt picked up from the depths of a T-shirt store. Keep an eye out for retro slogans, logos, washed out designs and retro prints and don a sexy vintage inspired t-shirt.

7. Striped T-shirts

anuary Jones striped T-shirt trends 2013

You can never go wrong with stripes, especially in 2013 because stripes are in. Whether they are nautical, black and white, multicolored, narrow or broad, stripes look chic. January Jones flaunts her elegant casualness in a red and white striped t-shirt and you can look equally fabulous in one this summer.

8. Go Green Tees

 Kim Kardashian green T-shirt trends 2013

Go green this summer and show your support to the environment a la Kim Kardashian in a bright green tee. Denim shorts or red shorts will look great paired up with a green tee.

9. Loud Graphic Tees

Rihanna T-shirt

Rihanna has proved time and again that she can carry any outfit well. Loud graphic tees seem to be the sexy singer’s favorite casual do. You can pair loud graphic tees with solid colored pants and ripped denims for a rough and tough edgy look.

10. Off The Shoulder T-shirts

Olivia Wilde off the should T-shirt trend

Olivia Wilde shows us how off the shoulder t-shirts can look very charming, feminine and sexy. When paired with denims, accessories and a pair of wedges, looking sexy in a t-shirt is inevitable.

And with these Top 10 Celebrity Inspired T-shirts, you won’t have to worry about looking too dull this summer.

A Few Tips To Make T-Shirts Trendier This Summer

1. Choose summery colors, bright prints, well fitted or loose fitting t-shirts that you are comfortable in.

2. Pair your t-shirt with blue denims, colored denims or funky colored shorts.

3. Don a pair of colorful flip flops or gladiator flats to add edginess to your appearance.

4. Wear loads of junk jewelry.

5. Braid your hair for a complete summer look.