Prints for Spring 2013

Check Out 5 Prints that are Burning Hot in Spring 2013

As seasons change, so do trends and the change in seasons bring us many reasons to shop. Women love shopping, and that’s a fact. And every shopping trip needs a bit of research before you begin to splurge.

Women always have this dire need to look great at all times and why shouldn’t we? We already are so priceless and we deserve that bit of pampering to look even sexier. So what’s sexy in spring 2013?

Today, we showcase to you the hottest prints that are in vogue for spring 2013. The usual floral prints are hot and happening as always, but there is a lot more in store for you. So before you decide to shop till you drop, here’s a little help from us on what you should go for this spring.

Presenting to you the Top 5 prints that are going to be a burning hot fashion sensation in spring 2013!

1. Stripes

 Stripes are hot in every brand for spring 2013. Wherever your shopping may lead you and whichever store you step your foot in, a wonderful display of striped clothes is sure to greet you.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes are in vogue and even if you pair striped trousers with striped tops; nobody is going to judge you because all you are doing is keeping yourself up to date with this fabulous trend.

Prints for Spring 2013

2. Dual Colored Geometric Prints

Enjoy some checker board fun with Dual Colored Geometric Prints in spring 2013. The warm weather welcomes never-thought-before color combinations that you can flaunt everywhere you go.

Prints for Spring 2013

You may opt for the usual black and white, the safer yellow and black or risk it with purple and green and shine like a fashion diva.

3. Abstract Geometric Prints with Vivid Colors

Shut your eyes and take a moment to think of the weirdest color combinations, all put together in one fabric and a couple of geometric shapes thrown together. Now open your eyes to this lovely trend of Abstract Geometric Prints with Vivid Colors, simply perfect for spring.

Prints for Spring 2013

Bring together your favorite colors and appealing shapes and style your dresses, skirts and blouses around this fresh and unique print for spring 2013.

4. Nature Inspired Prints

 Everything that you observe in nature can serve as an inspiration for fashion. Leaves, birds, trees and butterflies are the perfect examples of nature inspired prints. Let the goodness of nature in spring come alive in the clothes that you will flaunt fashionably this season.

Prints for Spring 2013

5. Floral Prints

Now this is one print that you cannot complete spring 2013 fashion without! Feminine, stylish, chic, gracious and very much in vogue; that is what floral prints are all about.

Prints for Spring 2013

Pink, green, yellow, orange, purple and every other color that you can think of can easily be incorporated to create unique patterns and lovely designs with floral prints.

So get ready to create waves of style and color in your wardrobe because spring is bringing with it a rage of these lovely prints and designs. You better make sure that you have at least one item of clothing in each of these prints so that you are prepared to battle the summer heat in style.