Chic Hair Style Trends 2013: Straight from the Runway

The rapidity at which fashion changes and transforms the trends is almost unbelievable. The new hairstyles for the spring/summer season 2013 are gorgeously elegant and above all wearable.

We have put together the 2013 hairstyles guide for you. This guide gives you an insight into our favorite hair styles from the runways. We liked these hairstyles for their versatility, ease in putting together and the X factor. These hairdos were donned by models on the runways during various fashion shows for 2013 including the London Fashion Show, Milan Fashion Show, Paris Fashion Show and the unforgettable New York Fashion Show among others. We bring you the hairstyle trends for 2013.

Moreover, some of these trends were flaunted by the celebs at various red carpet events and while they showcased designer collections for spring summer 2013.

Trendy Ponytail Hairstyle 2013

Ponytail was one of the favorites among many fashion designers while they showcased their outfits having their models flaunt ponytails of different types.


From sleek ponytails to tightly put together ponytail to roughly and loosely styled ponytails, the runways were replete with many a ponytail. You have more choices – choose from low ponytail, high ponytail, mid ponytail, ponytail with fringes in front and more.

 Blunt Bangs Hairstyle 2013

One of the most prominent hair fashion trends for 2013 is the blunt bangs. Add straight fringes to your hair just like the Versace models walking the ramp flaunting their blunt bangs with panache. If you think the bangs may make you too dramatic, then we suggest you try the sleek look and pin straight. You have many options for partings – whether you want to go for the mid parting or the side parting or more. With the blunt bangs, you are all set to look stylish and chic all through this season.

Emo Hairstyle 2013

With a different, stylish and urbane definition, the emo look is making its way among young girls and boys in an unprecedented manner.

 So what exactly would the emo hairstyle for girls characterize in 2013? A haircut with colored streaks or layers mostly in black or some vivid colors with some fringes will perfectly mark the emo look for 2013. The more fascinating the motley of the colors the better it looks. What’s more, the most unusual trait of the emo hair cut is the uniqueness with which a number of asymmetric streaks and layers appear in the hair.

One of the best and most stylish ways to style the emo look is to use a head band or a hair band. This perfectly leaves the asymmetrical, fashionably irregular bangs facing outward. Several models were seen flaunting the emo look with a side parting.

 Long Hairstyles 2013

Long Hairstyle never goes out of fashion.

Are you thinking, ‘well, long hair is boring. It’s too every day. There’s nothing much to change in the look?’. Sorry to say, you may be wrong for we are now going to hold your hand and help you with the most striking long hairstyles.

 With long hair, you can make braids, or let your hair open. If you plan to let your hair loose, you have many choices in that too: you can either go for a messy, unkempt look or give your long hair a straightened look. Moreover, you can roll some segments of your hair into beautiful curls and tresses.

You can also keep your hair wavy, just like the Vera Wang models did while they walked the ramp showcasing the Spring Summer collection 2013. And, if a new hairstyle isn’t what you would like to go for – then may be coloring your hair is a good idea. Why? Because we are envisaging very lively and dramatic hair color trends in 2013.

High Buns Hairstyle 2013 and Fun Buns Hairstyle 2013

The high buns trend has been trending up the fashion ladder for the past few months. And with the ramp walks and presentations for 2013 that we saw in the past couple of months, we undoubtedly see that this trend is only going to get stronger and trendier.

 Why is the high bun gaining so much popularity? For its suitability to every face type. Yes, the high bun looks stylish on every face shape. Moreover, this hairstyle is very easy and doesn’t take much time in setting.

What’s more, the high bun is a perfect hairstyle for many occasions including parties, official meetings, get together with friends, engagements and weddings and so many other events. And the fun bun gives extra boost to your hair. If you want a mint fresh look with the fun bun, don’t forget to apply hair oil.

No look is complete without the perfectly done hairstyle. A braid, a bun, tresses, locks, wavy long hair and fringes are some of the many hair styles for 2013 that you can go for.