Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

Chris Cheats, Rihanna Doesn’t Understand Love – Chris Lets Her Cheat!

We’ve all heard about the dramas in Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s on and off relationship. Just when you think, “This one looks like the last,” another drama unfolds right then.

So what’s new with this controversial couple?

Let’s refresh your memory a bit. Chris and Rihanna got together. He then beat her, they split up. Chris apologized, they got back. It seemed like it was going to be bliss forever. But bliss was a far cry.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

The rumor doing the rounds these days about Chris and Rihanna is that the two have split up due to someone’s supposed “infidelity”.

During a radio interview, Chris Brown opened up about his “unconventional” relationship with Rihanna and confessed about dating two girls at once. While the mistress’s name wasn’t revealed during the interview, people have reasons to believe that the girl in question is Chris’s ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

Chris’s confession seemed to be a strong enough stimulus for Rihanna to open up about her relationship on stage during her latest concert. She went on to ask the audience if they understood what love is and admitted she’s one of the many who is in love, hates love and doesn’t understand it.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

The painful reference to Chris Brown and her turbulent relationship with him was quite obvious because if the rumors are to be believed, the two had already broken up by the time of Rihanna’s performance.

Chris on the other hand, who was spotted with a mystery woman earlier this week at a nightclub in LA, admitted that he’s worried about Rihanna cheating on him.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Split

When he was asked about allowing Rihanna to date someone while with him, he went on to admit that if Rihanna cheated with a girl, that would be real cool, but a scenario of infidelity with Rihanna and another man would certainly not be accepted.

So it seems like Rihanna has Chris’s blessing for a lesbian romp, but we wonder how Rihanna would respond to the deal.

Rihanna’s fans have always wondered why this fabulous singer “settled” for the love life she has. Many of her fans consider this relationship “already doomed” and something that will fizzle out soon or probably already has. And even if they have broken up, will they get back once again?

Considering the tumultuous hardships she has faced and is facing in her relationship with singer Chris Brown, we can only wish that Rihanna’s love life soon finds the bliss she’s always wanted.