Christopher Kane To Take Over Balenciaga

After the unexpected news announcing the sudden departure of Nicolas Ghesquiere from the house of Balenciaga surfaced the internet on November 5th, the entire fashion world was left in a haze. The French designer chose to dramatically end a 15 years collaboration with the Paris fashion house, which he converted into a modern luxury brand with his original aesthetic and innovative creativity.

The question that emerged on everyone’s lips soon after the news broke down had everything to do with the name of the person who was going to try and fill in Ghesquiere’s shoes. On Friday afternoon, the French media confirmed that Scottish designer Christopher Kane was the one chosen to step as the new creative director for the house of Balenciaga.


Nicolas Ghesquiere began his brilliant collaboration with Balenciaga as creative director back in 1997, when he was only 25 years-old. His respect towards Cristobal Balenciaga’s original aesthetic mixed with his strong vision, soon transformed the Parisian fashion house into the critically acclaimed brand it is today. His latest collection for Balenciaga Spring 2013 was defined by a surpassing elegance that successfully blend together elements of cubism, architecture and dance movement. Flamenco ruffles met rigid cut-outs, high-waist silhouettes were paired to contrasting cropped tops, for an overall modern and seductive approach.


Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Emma Stone, alongside Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Connelly and Diane Kruger, are just a few of the celebrities that were always in love with the Balenciaga creations and chose them repeatedly for countless occasions. The Hollywood ladies devoted to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s aesthetic made for bold and inspired appearances every single time.


Christopher Kane established his eponymous label back in 2006 with the help of his sister, Tammy Kane. In 2009, the Scottish designer also began a fruitful collaboration with Donatella Versace for the Versus line. Known for his impeccable construction skills and for his use of unexpected materials, Kane and his unique vision appoint him as one of the most talented designers, most certainly able to change directions for the house of Balenciaga.

Cristopher Kane’s Spring 2013 collection was an eclectic mix of unusual elements and shapes that came together as a fully cohesive and chic array, playing upon art and strong impulses.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Keira Knightley and Alexa Chung are the latest celebrities to have worn the Scottish brand. Other fans of the fashion house are Rosamund Pike, Caroline Sieber and Shailene Woodley, all looking equally beautiful and stunning in Christopher Kane’s designs.


Although we are not happy with Nicolas Ghesquiere’s departure from Balenciaga, we cannot help but feel excitement for what the future holds for the super talented Christopher Kane, who will take Nicolas’ chair starting December 1st. Both of the designers are expected to write new brilliant chapters of their history, and we cannot wait to witness the outcome.