Elisa Nalin - Print Clash

Clash The Prints Effortlessly With Six Simple Rules

For a very long time the Print Clash trend was considered unconventional and extravagant, hard to pull off and definitely not meant to be followed by just anybody. After years and years of hearing that same rule stating that multiple patterns are never to be used together, we can finally get it out of our heads and fully embrace this new era in fashion when styles, colors, prints and fabrics can merge together despite their contrast, creating the most unpredictable and original looks. After all, fashion is all about welcoming change, playing with our imagination, getting out of our comfort zones and expressing our unique points of view.

Print Clash Trends

Some women know how to make the print clash trend seem like it’s the easiest thing to work with, but when it comes to the actual moment of putting an outfit together, playing with patterns and colors can become slightly overwhelming. In order to take full advantage of the power of prints and avoid looking like a colorful disaster, some new rules were invented to help you make a bold fashion statement in style. Remember to always have fun and accessorize your look with confidence, everything else will follow.

Heidi Klum - Print Clash Trends

Rule No. 1: Pick a Star Color. Mashing more than two prints together is half easier if you decide on a common tone for your entire outfit. You could also pick prints that feature colors belonging to the same family, like neutrals for example. Either way, focus on maintaining your look refined and make it appear wearable. Supermodel Heidi Klum managed to successfully sport a triple mix of leopard print, polka dot and plaid print, by choosing a darker grey tone as a base color for the entire look. The result is flawless.

Olivia Palermo - Print Clash Trends

Rule No. 2: Add Solid Colors to the Print Mixture. Print on print doesn’t necessarily mean mixing patterns form head to toe. You can go easy on the trend by mixing only two prints and adding solid colors to the rest of your outfit. Olivia Palermo did justice to the print clash with an effortless appearance, for which she teamed a pair of flower print pants with a fun pair of leopard print heels. She complemented the look with splashes of classic black and light yellow.

Gwen Stefani - Print Clash

Rule No. 3: Go Matchy-Matchy, Print On Print. Gwen Stefani is the undisputed Queen of prints, as they have always been a relevant part of her unique aesthetic. So, evidently there’s no better person to learn from on how to gracefully pull off a jaguar everything outfit. The star simply styled her monochromatic Blumarine Fall 2012 ensemble with a pair of black pointy pumps and bold red lips, letting the print do all the talking. We must admit that donning this kind of outfit requires a certain amount of fearlessness.

Dianna Agron - Print Clash

Rule No. 4: Make Good Use Of Stripes. In the world of prints, the stripes much like any other graphic pattern, serve as neutrals in a contrasting combination. So don’t be afraid to make good use of the stripes, by pairing them with bold prints not necessarily belonging to the same family of colors. Actress Dianna Agron played with navy, stripes and contrasting prints this summer, for a sweet but cool end-result that couldn’t be more inspiring.

Miranda Kerr - Print Clash

Rule No.5: Mix the Same Pattern in Different Colors. We already saw that going all matchy matchy is allowed even for the print trend, but it is easy to add a little bit of playfulness to an outfit, by mixing prints that feature the same pattern in different colors. Miranda Kerr mastered this chic print clash rule by pairing a white top featuring purple and pink flower print, with a pair of purple shorts highlighting the same floral pattern. The fashionable supermodel seems to never go wrong when it comes to pairing her chic street-style attire and we love her for that.

Elisa Nalin - Print Clash

Rule No.6: One Hero Print at a Time. Print on print is always a good idea, as long as the finished result doesn’t look too loud or clownish. With the endless possibilities out there, it is easy to take the wrong way that leads straight into overdoing the trend. In order to avoid this, remember to sport one hero print at a time, and complement it with a more subtle pattern. Elisa Nalin knows how to put an outfit together without looking the tiniest bit exaggerated.

Now you’re more than ready to give this trend a chance. Allow yourself to become inspired and inspiring at the same time. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own set of rules along the way.