Clutches Trends 2013

Sail Through The Wedding Season With These 12 Gorgeous Clutches

It’s official! The wedding season for 2013 has finally kicked in. This could either mean that you’re one of the many beautiful brides tying the knot this season or maybe you’re on the other side of the line with at least two wedding invites so far.

While the pretty brides might not even have the time sit before a computer for leisure, how prepared are the rest of you? Is your closet ready with dresses, shoes, jewelry and make-up for the wedding season? Or are you just as ill prepared as everyone else is?

You’ve probably already got a list ready with the things you need to buy to gear up for the wedding season. Have you thought about which clutch you’ll be carrying along? No!!!!!! You haven’t thought about a clutch yet? Where is your emergency mascara and lip gloss going to fit in then?

There’s no need to worry when your official style guides are here. Today we’re bringing to you 12 ways in which you can instantly add glam and style to your look for the weddings you’re attending. These 12 gorgeous clutches will help you get through the wedding season with ease.

Clutches For A Wedding

So get ready to wow the wedding guests and bring envy to the bride’s eyes as well with the 12 most gorgeous clutches for the wedding season 2013.

1. Christian Louboutin Evita Pampas Clutch

Christian Louboutin Clutch

From the moment you walk in, all eyes are going to be following you and your sexy shimmering Evita Pampas Clutch by Christian Louboutin. Who needs an arm candy when you have a clutch like this?

2. Kortur Morely Neon Lace Clutch

Lace – in vogue!

Neons – in vogue!

Clutches – Absolutely in vogue!

Kortur Morely Neon Lace Clutch

Combine all the three and you’ll have an elegant Kortur Morely Neon Lace Clutch.

3. Natasha Couture Owl Clutch

Natasha Couture Owl Clutch

The owl is probably the only animal who has gained so much significance in fashion as compared to any other species. Owl pedants, owl rings, owl earrings and now we have ourselves a fancy clutch by Natasha Couture. We already know what a rage the owl created when owl pendants were first introduced. So make sure you get your hands on an owl clutch for the next wedding before the rage for this one sets into motion.

4. Kara Silver Glitter Clutch

Kara Silver Glitter Clutch

Whatever be the theme of the next wedding you’re attending, you can gel with the crowd with an outfit that matches the theme and yet stand out with this stunningly beautiful silver glitter clutch by Kara.

5. Debenhams Red Bow Clutch

Debenhams Red Bow Clutch

Pep up your little black dress or your little white dress with this red bow clutch by Debenhams. Although this clutch is quite a bargain and probably the least expensive on this list, it certainly exceeds expectations with its elegant appearance.

6. Claire Vivier Leopard Print Foldover Clutch

Claire Vivier Leopard Print Foldover Clutch

Showcase your innate fierceness and your independent style with this leopard print Foldover clutch by Claire Vivier. Pair it up with a black dress and nude pumps and you’re going to be one hottie at the wedding party.

7. Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch

Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch

A classic piece by Givenchy, the perfect black beauty and the chicest arm candy for every grand occasion, this Antigona envelop clutch will give you every penny’s worth.

8. Valentino Box Clutch

Valentino Box Clutch

When it’s a battle between black and white, let both take the trophy home with this embedded black and white clutch by Valentino. Your clutch is going to be the most talked about item at the wedding.

9. J. Crew Floral Clutch

J. Crew Floral Clutch

Spring and summer nuptials based around floral themes will welcome your floral clutch by J. Crew with the greatest respect.

10. Emporio Armani Evening Clutch

Emporio Armani Evening Clutch

Let people begin to wonder what really is in your hands with this rare shaped Emporio Armani clutch for Spring 2013.

11. Kate Spade Belle Elliana Feather Clutch

Kate Spade Belle Elliana Feather Clutch

Go chic in pink with this Belle Elliana feather clutch by Kate Spade that will bring out your fun and flirty side.

12. Valentino Evening Clutch Valentino Evening Clutch

Another mesmerizing option by Valentino, this dazzling evening clutch in pink, gold and silver will make heads want to turn and look twice.

So which one of these beauties is going to be your arm candy for this wedding season?