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Clutches Trends 2012: A woman’s Best Friends

Looks, fashion, trends, glamour are most important for every woman who wants to look her best, be it any occasion. Whether a wedding, party, romantic date or a corporate dinner, she needs to pay utmost attention to her attire and the accessories that go with it. At TrendNStylez, we constantly review the latest fashion trends and designs, the best clothes and accessories for you.

This winter, we bring you a whole new variety of clutches for all occasions, Handbags, though convenient and fashionable, are sometimes bulky and a hassle to carry around especially when you have just a few things to carry and you don’t want too much baggage on you. Clutches, designed as a compact model are perfect to carry the essential stuff that you need and be carefree wherever you go. These can be tightly held on to and are truly a woman’s best friend. When paired with stone work and beautiful colors, they look fancy and trendy and are customized to match any outfit.

Clutches are available in vibrant colors to suit your character and persona. Match all your outfits with varied colors of clutches available in different shapes and sizes. The best part about our clutches is that they suit girls and women of all ages. So do not hesitate to pick up your clutch as age has no bar.

Read on and treat your eyes to some of our finest winter designs for 2012-13.

Beautiful Rustic Brown Clutch:

This is just perfect for a romantic date with your man. The rustic brown color and the maroon stone in the centre give it an informal look. Looks best when clubbed with a maroon or beige gown.

Stone Essence Clutch:

Corporate dinner with colleagues? Here is the perfect clutch. A clutch with a stone embedded in the centre. Not too formal. Not too flashy. Looks sleek and fancy with trousers and formal shirts as well.

Elegant Mustard Clutch:


 An ethnically designed mustard color clutch intricately crafted to match your outfit for a friend’s wedding, reception, or a birthday bash. The leafy design and the mustard and golden color combination uphold the traditional look.

 Attractive Silver Clutch:


 Partying with friends? Try the attractive silver clutch that can match just about anything. The silver shine gives it the perfect evening party look and silver being neutral, would match most colors.

Leather Clutch:

If you are not too keen on flashy work and designs, clutches are also available in stylish leather. The collection made out of fake snake leather is subtle in its design and is sure to grab attention when you are out with it.

All said and done, clutches are here to stay. These are exclusively designed keeping today’s woman in mind who will not compromise quality and fashion at any cost. This is a must have for your wardrobe. Grab yours today!

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