Comfortable Celebrity Trends

Top 10 Celebrity Inspired Comfortable Fashion Trends

They say fashion comes at a cost. Now who constitutes “they”? We’d love to know because we want to go tell them that there are many sides to fashion and being “comfortable” is one of them.

We’d like to prove it to you today. Fashion need not come at the cost of your comfort. You can be comfortable and fashionable at the very same time.

“How?” you ask us! We’d like to show you how; well, actually, our favorite celebrities would like to show you how.

Nailing the perfect look with comfort is easy. All you have to do is just pick up the right pieces and make the right choices and you’re set to take on the world with a comfortably fashionable look. Wanna learn how to do it celebrity style?

comfortable fashion trends wore by celebrities

Here’s presenting to you The 15 Most Comfortable Trends Inspired By Your Favorite Celebrities.

1. Maxi Dresses

Eva Longories in a maxi dresses

Maxi dresses feel very liberating, don’t they? They’re so comfortable and they’re perfect for the summers. Wearing a maxi dress gives you a feeling of elegance and easy comfort. So get comfy and chic like Eva Longoria in a beautiful maxi dress for the summer.

2. Long Skirts

Minka Kelly in a long skirt

Long skirts are as liberating as maxi dresses. Your legs feel free in these. Wearing a skirt feels like you have draped a very comfortable bed sheet around your legs with ample room for comfort. Get a flared skirt a la Minka Kelly, belt it up and pair it up with a strikingly colorful top for a high dose of fashion.

3. T-Shirts

Gisele Bundchen in a t-shirt

Sweaty summer days get on your nerves, don’t they? You don’t even need to be an ultra chic fashionista to nail any look that involves a t-shirt. Gisele Bundchen shows you how you can make a basic comfortable t-shirt look incredibly stylish with a comfi pair of leggings and some lovely accessories.

4. Denim Jackets

Reese Witherspoon in a denim jacket

The jean jacket is just a trend that has resurfaced over the years and we’re so happy about it. Somehow it’s difficult to imagine life without your denim jacket. It’s so versatile and you can pair it up with shorts, jeans, t-shirts, dresses and anything at all. Take a cue from Reese Witherspoon and throw your denim jacket over a fancy summer dress.

5. Denim Shorts

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing denim shorts

It’s difficult to get through summer without your denim shorts. You need it when you go the pool, while taking a trip, on a picnic, while going shopping, an outing with friends…well, you could need it anytime and anywhere. Pair your shorts with a t-shirt for an absolute look of comfort just like Gwyneth Paltrow does.

6. Ballet Flats

Krysten Ritter wearing ballet flats

Sometimes you just want to let your feet breathe so let your feet take it easy minus the 3 – 8 inch heels. Ballet Flats are the classic, chic and perfect alternative to heels. They look so flawless, so feminine and so pretty just like Krysten Ritter’s black ballet flats do.

7.  Pajamas

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing outdoor pajamas

Who says that pajamas are only meant for bedtime? Well, if they were only meant to be taken to bed, you wouldn’t be seeing Alessandra Ambrosio sporting them around town now, would you? You can buy yourself some lovely printed pajamas and silky ones for street wear and rule the streets in 100% comfort and style.

8.  Chambray Shirts

Charlize Theron wearing chambray shirts

The denim on denim look is something that you can never go wrong with. There is something so laid back yet chic about this look, it kinda lures you to try it. Charlize Theron dons her comfortable denim on denim look with a chambray shirt for added comfort.

9. Leggings

angelina jolie in leggings

There is something so comfortable about leggings; you just can’t get enough of these. You can wear it to the office and you can wear these on the streets; you can wear it with oversized shirts or you can wear it with body hugging knits and you’ll still feel comfortable all thanks to your leggings. Doesn’t Miranda Kerr look comfortable in them?

10 Oversize Sweaters

Emma Watson oversize sweater

All you want to do in the winters is snuggle up to something warm or wear layers over layers, but you still want to be comfortable so that it doesn’t start feeling like the blistering sun inside your sweater. An oversize sweater does just the trick. It keeps you warm, yet comfortable and very, very stylish just like Emma Watson.

So are you ready to try these comfortable trends on? Oh yes; we are too! So let’s show the world how comfort is donned in style.