Ramia by Moda in Pelle

Go Glam with Cross-over and T-bar Shoes In 2012

The variety in the shoe-world never ceases to surprise us. And the most interesting aspect of this diversity plus the inherent nature of women is that we are never satisfied even with the broadest range of patterns and designs. We always want more! Your shoe closet might be so full that you are contemplating buying a bigger shoe cupboard, but you will definitely not put a full-stop to your urge of buying more shoes, shoes and shoes!!

How can a woman with a fetish for shoes be contented without owning one of each kind? All the trendiest shoes that are available on the market have to be a part of her collection.

Among the latest and the most attractive on the fashion frontier are the cutting-edge cross-over plus t-bar shoes. This is a perfect blend of the two hottest shoe trends. The ever classy t-bar combined with the very feminine cross-over results in this magnificent creation to adorn your feet.

A well-done pedicure will be more noticeable with this fantastic design creation. The variety in colours, the patterns in the t-bar and the varied designs in the cross-over make this collection among the broadest on the market. The assortment is so rich and mind-blowing that it is possible to dedicate an entire store to this type of shoes! Let’s begin our trip to the trendiest shoe-joints on the market and let’s see what we find!

1)     The simple, realistic appeal of these leather-colored cross-over plus t-bar wedges is superb and is all set to impart any pair of feet the most sophisticated yet casual look. The apt contrast in the design of the wedge and the color of the remaining shoe is eye-catching enough to create that first impression. Pair these up with a simple traditional outfit and let the shoes do the magic.

 Wedge Heeled Plaited Cross-over T-bar Shoes

 2)     The elegance and sheer delicate frame of this simple cross-over t-bar stiletto are perfect to add length to a short frame and complement a petite frame of body. The evergreen black color in the cross-over with the golden beige of the t-bar will make it look more like a cross-over since the nude shade of the t-strip will blend with your skin.


 Cross-over T-bar Stilettos

 3)     Could these be any more glamorous? Probably not. These high-heels from Moda in Pelle are named Ramia by their creator. The absolutely sensational look due to the leaf diamante facet, extremely subtle cross-over straps at the toes, the clasp of the delicate ankle strap and stunning silver heels, can turn your special day into the most extraordinary one.


Ramia by Moda in Pelle

 4)     This snakeskin-look footwear is an exclusive creation from the House of Harlow Laina. The glimmering look of the python skin makes this t-strapped, cross-over beauty one of the most fashionable this season. The crisscross detailing for the front foot and space for the toes to peep out, combined with the length of this stiletto in a matching print on the heel, make this shoe truly designer. The buckled strap to fasten the shoe around your ankle is perfect for a better grip for all you rushing beauties.


Snakeskin-look from the House of Harlow Laina

 5)     Feel like jiving or shaking a leg with Salsa? This typical Latin dance footwear in beautiful gold, with a soft cushioning material for the entire foot, the modest heel and a five-strip cross-over pattern with toe-peeking space, is perfect to bewilder a ballroom. The ever-comfortable T-bar strap will hold your foot and the shoe together while you let your hair down.


 Classic Latin dance Cross-over T-bar Sandals

 6)     The most chic of all the flat sandals we came across are these sparkling white or ivory, wedding footwear. Shades’ creation, these are just right for a bride at her beach-side wedding. The lustre of satin blending into the beauty of these dazzling crystal embellishments is immensely beautiful. These are just perfect to adorn your pretty feet while you amble on the aisle to eventually tie that special bond forever. The matchless elegance and style quotient, with the comfort of the double strap to fasten the shoe to your ankle and the support at the back, make this pair the distinct one for a contemporary bride like you.

  Crystal embedded T-bar cross-over flats

7)     The Creator himself must have been definitely amazed at the woman’s splendour and poise, after he created her. Likewise, the beauty of this duo must have left its designer gaping in awe! These ASH leather stud T-bar flats are sure to be a roaring success at any party or red-carpet event that you attend. The crystal-studded leather fastener at the ankle, the delicate cross-over beneath that and the silver garnishing on the T-bar make these milk-chocolate colored sandals a hot favorite with us.


 ASH Flat Leather Stud T-bar sandal

The beauty of cross-over plus T-bar sandals, wedges, stilettos and flats is a sheer head-turner this season. This gorgeous pattern and the ensuing exquisite collection will make sure you soar to the top and ensure that all the rest go green with envy!