Daniel Craig on Saturday Night Live

Agent 007 is back in action yet again. This time on Saturday Night live, the James Bond star, Daniel Craig, who is 44 years old, made his debut as the host of the much talked about comedy reality show in the UK where he played the lead as an MI6 spy in a skit titled “Lesser known Bond Girls”

Incidentally being the 50th anniversary of the master blaster Bond films created by Albert Broccoli, the cast of the show portrayed themselves as well known actresses Diane Keaton, Jodie Foster and Lea Michele and other Bond girls who did not gain much popularity. The show was a tribute to these unpopular Bond film heroines.

Glee star Lea Michele who apparently starred in Bond film Hippopotopussy partnered with Craig as she sang and danced along while he was trying to save the world.

The audience also saw Craig as boyfriend to a girl, originally a man. Unaware of this, he makes out with her at a dinner party as well. How disgusting!

He might be the super cool British secret service agent 007 on the big screen but as far as this show was concerned, he was a big zero. The show was a big disaster. The show started off well with Craig paying tribute to all the characters he has killed on screen but later turned out to be nothing close to remotely funny. One thing that was pretty evident was that Craig and humor were far from each other.

Craig also made a spoof of the presidential debate that accused US President Barack Obama of his poor performance at the debate. Well nothing much was left to talk about or seemed funny in this segment as well.

Though the show gave a rare opportunity for viewers to see the lighter side of Craig, this was by far one of the weakest links of this show in this season. Though it is pretty unfair to blame it all on Craig, his limited sense of humor was pretty tough to hide.

All said and done, with his next big release due to hit the big screen on Oct 26th in UK and Nov 9th in the rest of the world, Daniel Craig is back with a bang for the third time after his first two flicks, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. “The Sky is sure to fall.”