Dashing & Sexy Men worth Killing for: 2012’s 10 Best Dressed Hollywood Hunks

From the fashionistas in Paris and Milan to the brides of tribal towns, women’s fashion is celebrated everywhere. But this is not about them; this is about those dashing and chiseled men who make your toes curl in just a glance. With being ‘In Vogue’ being no more a feline domain, these fashionable macho hunks display an exquisite sense of style which would give any leading lady a run for her money.

Nothing gets better than the most dangerously captivating men on the planet, being dressed to kill. Exemplary taste in clothing etiquette and a flawless style, these modern day Adonises don’t just wear clothing they also wear their own style and masculinity, something which makes you want to stop time, so you can keep on staring.

So let our hearts skip a few beats by glancing at the best dressed Hollywood hunks.

10 Best Dressed Hollywood Men in 2012

1. George Clooney

He needs no introduction. A man whose awesome looks, timeless charm and impeccable sense of clothing only get better with age, Mr. Ocean has rarely missed a mention in the well dressed list. Usually found with a pristine suit, George Clooney embodies the meaning of evergreen style. It’s not the first time he’s on the list. And it’s not the first time someone will say that ‘he does know how to make that suit look simply fantastical’.

Best Dressed Celebrity

2. Gerard Butler

There’s a reason why women went to see the high octane testosterone pumping shouting and screeching in 300 and that is the super ripped semi – nude body of Gerard Butler. With a body fit for a king, you would think he would be paid to keep his clothes off, but there’s more than meets the eye. From a swashbuckling Bounty Hunter to a peppy Rock n Rolla, there’s a reason why you rarely see him bare again. Capable of carrying the right look at the right time, Gerard Butler is definitely one of the best dressed Celebs of 2012.      


3. Ryan Gosling

Clothes maketh the man may be true but its Ryan Gosling who makes clothes look better than they actually are. Possessing a calm, composed demeanor which never waivers no matter what he wears, whether it be a bomber jacket, cardigans or a navy suit with red socks, Ryan Gosling is one man who looks super stylish in every types of clothes he wears. Definitely one of the Best dressed Hollywood hunks.


4. Will Smith

He’s come a long way from those baggy, torn jeans (rapper style) to stylish suits, prim proper shirts and back to torn jeans & skull caps, wait! Torn jeans! Yes, Will Smith is one star who can make anything look like it’s the latest piece from Milan and yes he’s one person who can make you trade in your shiny suit for those torn up jeans. Impressed, wait till you see the Man in Black in his stylish suits, totally hitched…


5. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s irresistibly good looks and the statement he makes with his attire, you can’t help but be drawn by Mr. Smith. Brad Pitt comes across as one of the most well dressed stars fitting most kinds of clothing the way he fits his movie characters, but naturally. A man who easily wears his wit, charm, humor along with his clothing, Brad Pitt has been a recurring part of the best dressed list for a long time and rightfully so.

Best Dressed Celebrity

6. Tom Cruise

Nothing describes effortless style better than Tom Cruise. Be it doing an impossible mission halfway across the world or playing the part of an endearing samurai, boy he knows his dress code. Always dressed for perfection, Tom Cruise has an innate ability to magnetize women with what he wears, Yes even a Japanese Katana.


7. Djimon Honsou

Doesn’t grab the spotlight too often, but when he does you’ll be left wondering at the style of this famous Solomon from Blood Diamond. Once a model by occupation, Djimon Honsou sports his tux the same way he sports Calvin Klein underwear, with class and a smile – one of the most desirable things everyone should wear.

Best Dressed Celebrity

8. Zac Efron

Well he’s out of high school and in between the loves of his life, Zac Efron has grown up and wow what a sight. Oozing elegance, subtlety, sophistication and just the right amount of sharpness whether in a suit or sweatshirt, here is the making of one style which is bound to grow on you.

Zac Efron

9. Bradley Cooper

An all nighter chasing half the town searching for your best pal is definitely not a situation where you expect a man to be able to maintain his clothing sense. The only exception to the rule, Bradley Cooper manages to do just that and also smooth talk his way out a situation looking like he walked right out of a dream. There was no surprise when he was voted by People’s Magazine as the “Sexiest Man Alive” and there is no denying that is most fittingly one of Hollywood’s best dressed.

Bradley Cooper

10. Justin Timberlake

Bringing a new thought or change may be called a revolution, but redefining people’s perspective of fashion and looking sexy and stylish while doing it is Justin Timberlake for you. The N’sync star arrived just in time, bringing along the body hugging dress shirt and an impeccable style to liven up the men’s fashion scene. Definitely a trend setter, you would want to be friends with the well dressed Social Network star.

Justin Timberlake

Dressing up isn’t a tough job, but what sets these Hollywood stars apart is the passion with which they do so. Creating a space for themselves while continuously shaping their frames, these stars have achieved an immaculate style which brings out the best in whatever they wear. For it is not about what you wear but how you wear it, with which true style is born.

So you are a star too, for you wear individuality up your sleeves.

What are you wearing this New Year’s eve?