Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra in White Lehenga 2013

Dazzle like Celebrities in 10 Pretty Lehenga Designs for 2013

The lehenga is a very popular piece of clothing for brides in India and the rest of South Asia migrants from the Indian subcontinent to various parts of the world. A lehenga seamlessly adds a touch of royalty and grace to a woman’s appearance.

lehenga designs

The lehenga is a long skirt, which is embroidered to form pretty designs. A ‘choli’ is worn at the top and the lehenga is fitted at the waist, thus leaving the midriff and lower back bare. Although a lehenga-choli looks extremely gorgeous if you have an hourglass figure but it can be donned by women of all sizes.

Lehenga Choli Designs 2013

The lehenga originated in the state of Rajasthan in India, where the cultural practice of wearing one is still followed by women. Lehengas have now gained immense popularity as an outfit at various kinds of celebrations including weddings, festivals and more. You’ll often see young girls, teens and ladies often draped in one.

white lehenga designs 2013

The exquisiteness a lehenga brings to one’s appearance is unbelievable. It makes for a splendid and gracious sight for the eyes.

choli lehenga designs 2013

There are various ways in which a lehenga can be made to look unique. When choosing a lehenga, you can play with colors, embroidery patterns and fabrics. If you are someone who likes to pre-plan things, then I have exclusive lehenga designs for you for 2013.

Presenting to you a collection of lehenga styles for 2013:

1) The Timeless Red Lehenga 2013

The red lehenga is a hot favourite among brides as their chief wedding attire. The color red symbolizes purity and hence donned by Indian brides. It also symbolizes passion and a bride draped in red is sure to stand out from the crowd.

lehenga designs 2013

 The red lehenga is a timeless piece, something that will not go out of style this 2013, as a bride never fails to mesmerize her to-be husband and the wedding guests by dressing up as an exquisite beauty in red.

red lehenga designs 2013

 2) Vision in Pink

The pink lehenga for 2013 will be a perfect match for your girly looks. You can choose from different shades of pink that match your skin color and also the embroidery on the cloth.

Pink is certainly the way to go if you wish to look like a pretty pink princess for the day for the upcoming Dussehra or even the Diwali season. Many brides are seen replacing the traditional red with intense pink lehengas.

pink lehenga designs 2013

3) White Lehengas 2013

Although bright colors are primarily associated with lehengas, the white lehenga is slowly kicking in.

lehenga designs 2013

White, standing for bridal purity at western weddings, is sure to make a grand appearance for the year ahead as an up and coming color choice for lehengas at weddings.

The white lehenga should not necessary be devoid of any other color. White can be combined flawlessly with colors such as red, silver and gold to achieve a fashionable and fresh look.

white lehenga designs 2013

Floral prints on a white lehenga are the newest charm in lehenga designs. These floral patterns are a good choice for lehengas worn in the autumn and winter season to bring freshness to your overall look.

white floral lehenga designs 2013

 4) The Lehenga Sari Style 2013

A lehenga choli is normally worn as a short top and skirt, with a dupatta in hand. The lehenga sari style combines the look of a sari with the look of a lehenga choli to give you a fresh, stylish and unique method to don a lehenga.

A lehenga sari doesn’t form pleats as in a normal sari, but it is simply draped around your body in a manner that resembles a sari. The lehenga sari style will make for a unique look in 2013.

5) The Waist Coat Styled Lehenga 2013

The lehenga paired with a waist coat worn over the choli is one of the trendiest styles sure to make its presence felt in 2013. This style will make you look elegant and formally dressed. A unique style indeed as lehengas are traditionally put together to create a very feminine look. This style gives you classy, feminine and elegant all in one.

waist coat lehenga designs 2013

6) Play with Black Colour- Black Lehenga 2013

If you find that, over the years, your choice of lehenga has become a boring task due to the repetitive colours like red and pink that you pick, here is your chance to play with colour when you decide to choose a new lehenga.

black lehenga designs 2013

The color black gets prettier by the day. Take your little black dress this 2012 to a new level of sexy by opting for a lehenga in black in color. Gold and silver embroideries work well with a black colored lehenga.

7) Lehengas in Vivid Colors

With spring arriving in a few months, the melting of the snow will give way to vivid colored flowers in the surroundings.

With the sun shining brighter than before, everything around you will be seen in better light, so why not you? As spring 2013 approaches, you can use this opportunity to brighten up your clothing by choosing vivid colored lehengas which are going to be a hot favorite in 2013.

lehenga designs 2013


Usher spring and summer 2013 in by choosing some of the best colors from nature. Mix and match colors, use contrasting shades to come up with a fresh and vivid look

8) Mermaid Lehengas 2013

The mermaid/fishtail lehengas which made a bold fashion statement on runways in 2012, are here to stay in 2013. Trends in lehengas for the upcoming year with respect to color and style can be incorporated into the fishtail lehenga for a fashionable look. Fishtail lehengas complement hourglass figures extremely well.

lehenga designs 2013

9) Spruce It Up

Make your lehenga for 2013, vivid and more glamorous by playing with embroideries and elements to go with your lehenga. Tiny beads and mirrors stitched on to the garment are sure to be popular. Play with fabrics. Fabrics such as satin, silk, georgette, chiffon, net, etc., can be incorporated as a new style for the upcoming year.

satin lehenga designs 2013

10) Lehenga Styles for Fall/Winter 2013

Once you bid farewell to the warm sunny months of summer and spring 2013, you can welcome fall and winter by replacing your bright colored lehengas with sober and darker shades. Burgundy and blue are hot colors that will replace the reds, pinks, golds and greens for fall/winter lehenga style.

Lehenga Choli 2013

If your aim is to be at your best in a fashionable and stylish lehenga, keep in mind the latest trends for 2013 and simply follow this compilation. Get ready to look at a goddess in your mirror dressed in one of prettiest outfits that a woman can own.


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