Denim Trends 2013

Denims Trends in Spring Summer 2013: Comfortable, Classy, Casual and Chic

I know you are probably tired of hearing over and over again that denims have timeless fashion appeal. But it is true (and you know that), so any article on denim fashion trends has to mention that. But as we are not just ‘any’ fashion website, we bring you refreshing perspective in our denim article that you are reading right now. (Thanks for reading by the way).

While the jeans you own will remain trendy forever, this article will look at how designers interpreted denim in their Spring Summer 2013 collections in their own unique ways. Comfortable, classy, casual and chic, all rolled into one is how I would define the innovative denim trends for Spring Summer 2013.

Denim Trends 2013

Here, read on and decide for yourself.

1.  The Head to Toe Denim Look

Denim is comfortable and classy. What could be more fashionable than a 100% denim look from top to bottom? This was probably the thought process behind denim designs showcased by Balmain. We said a 100% denim look, but not a 100% covered look. Balmian left room to up the oomph factor with a mid riff baring top, naturally in denim. A denim outer coat completed the look.

Denim Trends 2013

The long sleeved, high neck dress makes up for its covered look by being extremely short. All in all, three sexy head to toe denim looks you should definitely try on.

In designer Rebecca Taylor’s spring summer 2013 collection, the head to toe denim trend took the form of casual jumpsuits. Thus we see the same trend in 2 unique creative expressions – the interpretation of the individual designer. This is what makes fashion so unpredictable and truly incredible.


2.  Dual Spectrum of Denim Colors for Spring 2013

Both light bleach and deep indigo were seen on the runways for the Spring Summer 2013 denim collections. Derek Lam in particular showcased the bleach denim trends that look light as breeze and perfect for summer. The deeper indigo denim shades create a (slightly) somber mood, but add loads of sophistication to the look. Which denim would you prefer – (a) bleached (b) indigo or (c) both?
Denim Trends 2013

3. Color Blocked Denim Trends 2013

Yes, you read that right. One of the most innovative denim trends in recent times, Phillip Lam created color blocked denim outfits, where contrasting tones of bleached shades and indigo were used together. Remember the question at the end of the earlier section. If you answered option (c), this is the right trend for you.


4. Embroidered Denim Trends 2013

Vanessa Bruno combined embroidery with denim to create truly chic pieces. The embroidery was seen on denim jackets and trousers. The most sophisticated way to wear this trend is to restrict the embroidered denim to just one article of the ensemble. Trying the head to toe trend with embroidered denim may create an overwhelming look. And you don’t want that.


5. Embellished Denim Trends 2013

Saving the best for the last, it is now time to reveal one of the most talked about denim trends seen on Spring Summer 2013 runways. At the Paris Fashion week, designer Isabelle Marant showcased jewel and stud embellished denim pieces. Marant decided to keep away from traditional blues and focused on lighter girly shades. The collection included super short shorts and long trousers. All the looks were low-waist and were accessorized with smart belts that made just the right impression.

My personal favorite is the embellished light blue denim jacket. Which one is yours?

 Denim Trends 2013

6.  DIY Denim Fashion Summer 2013

Is it really possible to recreate runway looks in the DIY mode? It sure appears so, considering that fashion biggie Channel seems to have done it. Notice how a regular denim skirt is transformed into a cute off shoulder mini dress? And somebody at Chanel had the bright idea to crop a denim jacket at the sleeves and bust and combine it with a stylish short white ensemble. The jacket made the look super stylish and chic.

Denim Trends 2013

Do you think you could DIY denim trends so stylishly?

7.  Overflowing Denims Spring Summer 2013

Traditionally, denim is associated with body hugging silhouettes. Skinny jeans are always a rage and mini skirts in denim are the norm. Can you imagine being inundated by denim as a fabric? Designers at Mui Mui could imagine and came up with these flowing denim capes and ballooning denim blouse trends for their Spring Summer 2013 collection. The capes were combined with fitted dresses or tops and denim skirts underneath. And feast your eyes on this collection of elegant denim pencil skirts.

Denim Trends 2013

8. Tie-Dye Denim Trends 2013

Japanese designer Atsuro Tayama presented an innovative denim collection at the Spring Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week, which included the tie-dye element. Appearing like an interesting patchwork, tie-dye denims make an attention seeking style statement. The overall tone of the Atsuro Tayama denim collection was casual with slouchy denim pants, lazy jackets effortless dresses.


9. Sexy Denim Trends 2013

Wearing our denims, as we do, more for the comfort than anything else, perhaps, you would be surprised by the sex appeal of this fabric. Jean Paul Gaultier showcased sexy denim pieces such as short skirts, front slit skirts and jumpsuits. The dull blue shade did not take away from the outfit, but added to the sensual look the designer intended to convey. A bright electric blue bondage inspired ensemble was clearly the star of the collection.


10. Chic Denim Jackets

Denim jackets showcased by Tibi on the Spring Summer 2013 runways are the perfect accessory to your every day work attire to create a chic ensemble. Don’t you agree?

Denim Trends 2013

Unlike several runway fashion trends, denim trends for spring summer 2013 are all perfectly wearable (except perhaps the Jean Paul Gaultier electric blue outfit). There is really no reason for you not to try these trends out and be a ‘denim diva’ this summer.

Aren’t you simply amazed by the various options for denims in 2013? Your jeans are reliable and fashionable too. But no harm in trying a refreshing innovative look with these denim trends for 2013. Are you up to it?