A Closer Look At The Designer Shoe Trends For 2012

You are absolutely normal if you have a matching pair of trendy shoes for every outfit and still when you spot an unusual yet chic one somewhere, your heart leaps out and shouts at the top of its voice with a compelling urge to own that pair!!

We, the women, are such beautiful creations; we deserve abundance! Shoes, bags, outfits jewellery, we can’t do without these. And we can’t do without a lot of these in varied patterns, designs and colours. If we were powerful enough to own each pair in the world, we would!

Let’s find out what’s hottest this season with designer brands and what should your wardrobe boast of.

Miuccia Prada

Fashionistas wait for each new launch from the house of the leading brand Prada. This designer brand leaves you amazed without fail with its innovative and mind-boggling designs. Their collection adds a new exuberance and vigour to the entire fashion industry.

This season’s collection is inspired by the classic vintage cars of America.  The style gurus at Prada have imparted an extremely luxurious, audacious and vivacious look to their latest assortment of footwear. Bright colours and extremely classy look creates interest like never before for all you shopaholics out there.

 Prada shoes

Gaetano Perrone

The designer debut creation by the creative designer Gaetano Perrone from the Alexander McQueen fashion house is characterized with astonishing hues, attention-grabbing designs and startling details. Every pair of shoe is a unique conception and has a deep meaning and impact of its own. We can assure you that you will have to try very hard at not coveting each one of this collection. Every pair is an intense work of art and oozes lavishness.

The sophisticated and graceful look is achieved with the aid of various nude and pastel shades. Every duo is rich in femininity with its matte and gleaming leather and suede. Little sequins and floral designs in leather make the collection look even more incredible. Every shoe is crafted with heels of unanticipated beauty. This is the right collection for all you chic ladies who are passionate at heart. Go grab it now!

gaetano-perrone shoes

Jimmy Choo

With his Malaysian roots, Jimmy Choo never ceases to surprise his fans with a new, innovative, hand-made and classy collection with each new season. The urbane and extremely modish look of his new assortment will most definitely floor you with its customized style and the ability to add zing to any outfit you sport.

The beauty and miscellany of his creation will set you wondering in amazement. Jimmy Choo has everything from the most up-to-date look to the classic, antique one. Ranging from wedges and flats to ankle-shoes and kitten heels, from bright colors and milder ones to pumps and strapped footwear, his varied style has something for every mood and persona.

 Jimmy Choo shoes


Balenciaga collection this season is the one to literally die for! Uneven incisions, detailed pattern and outline, rock-solid designs and uber cool colors formulate this shoes collection suitably classified as ‘killer heels’.

balenciaga shoes

Dolce & Gabbana

This season Dolce and Gabbana presents a unique collection of ankle-length shoes with exciting ornamentation. The comfort of the wedges combined with an exclusive scarf-like look tied around the ankle in bright colors is sure to set people gaze in amazement.

Dolce-and-Gabbana shoes


Do you need any further details after you hear Versace? Definitely not! Living up to the reputable label, Versace has yet again stormed the fashion industry with exceptional creations. This season they are back with innovation in transparent shoes with their sheer dramatic effects.

 Versace shoes

Christian Louboutin

Tremendously attention-grabbing collection of footwear from Christian Louboutin is sure to set your pulse racing at an unanticipated speed!  You will feel an exact mix of shock and awe when you take a look at their latest ventures this season. Lots of dazzling colors, shoes with lustrous finish, embroidered with sequins and beads, embellished with jewels will leave you nothing short of literally gaping at the collection. You’ll definitely fear going crazy if you gazed at the collection a little longer than you should!! Take the risk, it is worth it.

Christian-Louboutin shoes

Yves Saint Laurent

This season Stefano Pilati has created golden magic with Yves Saint Laurent’s shoe collection. It’s for all the women of gold out there who would love the glistening golden finish at your feet. Toe caps, elegant heels, shields all with the striking gold finish produce an enchanting effect on the audience. The collection boasts of everything from platforms to stilettos to kitten-heeled shoes. Every shoe lover will love with this mind-blowing collection!

YvesSaintLaurent shoe collection

Louis Vuitton

This season Louis Vuitton has highlighted the glamorous appeal and durability of metallic toes. The stunning collection has a very versatile look and is sure to add that glam quotient to your wardrobe.

Louis-Vuitton shoes

Louis Vuitton’s resort collection is another spell-binding assortment. This season again, Louis Vuitton is all set to be your best friend with its bold colors, diverse designs and fascinating shapes.

 louis vuitton shoes

So, here you are, ready to overhaul your shoe collection with up-to-the-minute trends in designer wear.  With all the leading up market brands to choose from, we’re sure you will need a lot of time and money up your sleeves today! Wish you an eventful shopping experience!