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6 Stylish Do’s & Dont’s of Office Fashion In 2013

Are your eyes starved for fashion, style and color with the boring grays, blues and blacks of your office wardrobe? Do you wait impatiently for weekends to arrive to bring out the best in your wardrobe?

You’ll be glad to know that there are quite a number of ways in which you can bring some zing to your office wardrobe. Going over-the-top casual is not the most appropriate choice from 9am to 5pm, but you don’t need to stick to boring drab outfits either.

Here are 6 simple ways in which you can transform your work wardrobe with the simplest accessories. These are just a few key pieces you should have in your wardrobe that you don’t have to break the bank for.

Office Wear

So get ready to spice up your look from Monday to Friday with these 6 Fashion Tips because accessorizing your wardrobe is the perfect way to go from drab to fab in your office wear.

1. Chic Pumps

 Get yourself a pair of black pumps for your office wardrobe. Black pumps are versatile and can be pulled off with anything that you wear. Investing in one is sure to add a chic and glam factor to your wardrobe.

Office Wear Accessories

Along with black, a pair of nude pumps will keep your office wardrobe updated with the latest fashion trends because “Nude is in!”

Office Wear Accessories

2. Classic Jewelry

 When it comes to choosing jewelry for the office, stick to silver, gold or rose gold. Wear classic jewelry like diamond studs, pearl necklaces, diamond pendants, beads or jade bangles to the workplace to add an air of sophistication to your look.

Office Wear Accessories

We recommend a gold necklace, silver earrings or a rose gold bracelet over junk jewelry, black, pink and neon pieces on any given day. It’s better to leave all your experimental pieces of jewelry for the office party, a shopping spree with your gal pals or a night out on the town. But when it comes to the office, sticking to silver, gold and rose gold is the right thing to do.

3. Elegant Handbags

Your office wardrobe should be themed around “chic and classy.” And nothing says classy better than a leather handbag. Ditch those studded handbags, purses, clutches and cloth handbags and invest in a lovely leather handbag in a neutral color for the workplace.

Office Wear Accessories

It would be really nice to have one dark colored leather handbag and another light colored one that can be used accordingly with your outfits. For casual Fridays, keeping a red handbag ready in your closet will definitely be a good call. Also, make sure you go in for a tote or satchel that is big enough to carry around your office items in.

4. An Unobtrusive Wrist Watch

 Anything that’s flashy is a complete no-no for the office. So make sure you keep watches with fancy colorful bands at bay. Just like you have to keep the bling away from your office jewelry, ditch the bling on your wrist as well.

Office Wear Accessories

The perfect watch for the workplace would be one with a silver or gold thick metal band and a large round dial. Not only will you be keeping up with the latest wrist watch trend with a watch like this, but you will also be portraying the strong, confident and fearless woman at work who takes her job seriously.

5. Down To Earth Belts

Office Wear Accessories

When you need to tuck your office shirt into your trousers, use a belt around your waist to accentuate it. Stick to narrow leather belts with a gold or silver buckle. A colorful and flashy belt will certainly do you no good at the workplace.

6. Neutral Scarves

 When the temperatures begin to drop or the office air conditioner begins to give you the chills, draping a scarf around your neck is a good option. A scarf can add tones of glamor to your entire look, that is why, you need to do it right. Office Wear AccessoriesNeutral colored scarves or those with pastel shades will make for good choices. If the outfit you’re wearing is a dual or mono colored one with no prints on it, you can opt for a polka dotted scarf or one with minimal abstract prints on it to spruce up your outfit.

The biggest tip we can offer you when it comes to accessorizing your office wear is to keep it simple, bling free, minimal yet elegant. When you do so, your classy tastes and sophisticated choices will be the talk of the office.