Skirt Trends Fall 2012

Drape Yourself With The Most Beautiful Skirt Trends For Fall 2012

Aren’t we women spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what to wear? Our options range from dresses and jackets to shirts, trousers, skirts and so much more; how lucky we are!

Do you like wearing skirts?

Did you know that men love to see a woman wearing a skirt no matter how long or how short it is?

So whether you’re dressing for the office or whether for a date or maybe just to take a walk around town, you can try some of these skirt trends for fall 2012 and dazzle everybody with the freshness and trendiness these skirts bring to fashion 2012.

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

So here are the Top 8 Skirt Trends for Fall 2012……Enjoy!

1. Sleek Leather Skirts

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

While leather skirts can get really uncomfortable in summer; the cooler months of fall present the perfect environment for you in which to flaunt your sexy leather skirts. Leather skirts are great for sleek bodies and they also help you flaunt your sexy curves.

2. The Trumpet Skirt

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

The queen of all skirts is here. This super feminine and super chic style is quite a versatile choice of ensemble. You can pair it with any kind of blouse and every kind of footwear.

3. The Pencil Skirt

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

The classic pencil skirt is a must have for every girl’s wardrobe. Pencil skirts make for great office wear with formal shirts and a scarf draped around you. Pencil skirts make you look really sexy and also enhance your grace. Pencil skirts go well with pencil heeled pumps.

4. The Midi Skirt

Midi Skirts

Going below the knee is sexy too. Midi skirts may not be as seductive as their mini counterparts but they certainly possess all the grace, charm and sexiness that a skirt usually has. So when you need a modest option for a skirt, you know what to go with to subtly keep your sexiness alive.

5. The Pleated Leather Skirt

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

Pleated leather skirts bring a new twist to the classic leather skirt. They’re fashionable, they’re unique and every actress in Hollywood already seems to be in love with these.

6. Maxi Skirts

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

Light fabric maxi skirts are great for the summer with noodle strap tops. However, maxi skirts are also a great piece of outfit for fall because it keeps your legs protected from the chill in the weather. These are very feminine and graceful and are a great choice for evening wear.

7. Flared Skirts

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

Flared skirts look great when the fabric has vivid prints on it. Floral flared skirts and those with tribal, abstract and geometric prints look great when paired with mono colored tops, t-shirts and blouses. When worn with boots, heels or flats, the complete look is drool-worthy.

8. The Mini Skirt

Skirt Trends Fall 2012

Some of us cannot imagine what life would be like without that mini skirt. So let’s keep the trend of the mini skirt going in 2012 and going strong for many more years to come.

If you can never get enough of skirts, those were eight more unique and fresh options that you can add to your closet this fall 2012.