Earring Trends 2013

Earrings Trends 2013: The Boldest and the Most Beautiful Earrings

Have you over-worn those simple studs that sit right in the front of your accessories drawer? It’s time to give those studs a day off for the next 365 days because bold earrings are here to dominate in 2013.

And no matter how bold these earrings get in 2013, one thing is for certain – they will always look cool on the hottest summer day and they will always make you look sizzling hot on the chilliest winter day.

Our designers got very creative in 2013 to bring to us some of the most fascinating jewelry pieces we’ve ever set our eyes on. Get ready to witness the trendiest earrings compiled for you below because this is going to be one joy ride you wouldn’t want to miss.

Earring Trends 2013

Make a statement with these bold and beautiful earrings for 2013.

1. J. Crew Crystal Bead Earrings

Go heavy on beads and loud colors this year. Making a statement with earrings like these is what 2013 is all about. A fascinating piece by J. Crew, these earrings will surely rock your world.

J Crew Crystal Bead earring Trends 2013

2. Dolce & Gabbana Gypsy Earrings

Nurture that soul of a gypsy hidden within you with these long, loud and excessively bold gypsy earrings brought to you by Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce and Gabbana Gypsy Earring Trends 2013

3. Etro Orange Gypsy Earrings

Go minimal on color with your attire and your make up and let your earrings be the focal point of your ensemble. Etro presents the most exhilarating jewelry pieces in 2013 especially these orange gypsy earrings to make a bold statement.

Etro Orange Gypsy Earrings Trends 2013

4. Miu Miu Crystal Bead Drop Earrings

Combine colorful crystals and beads into a single piece with beaded crystal earrings. The rules to wearing accessories have been transformed with 2013’s jewelry collection and you do not have to keep it sober anymore. Bring on the beads and crystals in different color for a haute choice, inspired by Miu Miu.

Miu Miu Crystal Bead Drop Earrings Trends 2013

5. Cabinet Arctic Earrings

With the dazzling sheen of blue sapphires and the striking gleam of gold, Cabinet brings you an elegant pair of earrings for the evening. Flaunt this lovely pair with your long gowns or cocktail dresses and give everybody a reason to talk about you and your beautiful earrings.

Cabinet Arctic Earrings Trends 2013

6. Nasty Gal Neon Earrings

Color Block trends are making their way through dresses, handbags and shoe trends since 2013. Invite this innovative trend into your jewelry box as well with color block earrings in loud neons by Nasty Gal.

Gal Neon Earrings Trends 2013

7. Oscar De La Renta Victorian Earrings

There are some great antique pieces lined up in 2013 that possess the old world charm and the modern elegance for evening wear jewelry. Oscar De La Renta brings the Victorian era back to life in 2013 with a line of charming Victorian pieces of jewelry like these intricate earrings.

scar De La Renta Victorian Earrings

8. Aurelie Biderman Condor Clip Earrings

And here’s a pair that will lead to some serious head turning on the streets. They’re jazzy enough to hit the streets with in 2013.

Aurelie Biderman Condor Clip Earrings

9. Maxi Earring Trends 2013

Maxi earrings in all shapes and colors dominated runways and have in fact become part of celebrity fashion. A useful tip- keep your neck bare while wearing maxi earrings and pay extra attention to face makeup and hair as the earrings will naturally draw all attention, bringing your face and hair into focus too.

Maxi Earring Trends 2013

10. Bold and Bright Earring Trends 2013

Feeling bright and bold in the summer? Let your earrings reflect that. The Dolce and Gabbana earring collection for spring 2013 consisted of bright fruits and African face designs. It may not make sense, but it sure looks good.

bright earrings

11. Statement Earring Trends 2013

Statement earring trends are present every season; it is only that the statement differs each year. While last year statement earring trends focused more on elegant studs and graceful ear-drops, the 2013 statement earrings are about ‘being big’ But the elegance and the grace remain unchanged as you can see here on the red carpet for the recent Golden Globe Awards.

Statement Earrings

12. Ear Cuff Trends 2013

We did talk about studs not being part of 2013 earring trends, but ear hugging ear cuff style earrings are definitely in. And you guessed it right, they are bigger and bolder than ever.

ear cuffs

And we come to the end of another truly mesmerizing collection of earrings. Remember to keep it bold and beautiful in 2013 because your earrings are going to be talked about, girl.