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Green is the New Black! Stylish Eco Friendly Fashion Trends

Buy organic! No I am not talking about fruits and vegetables. I am referring to chic, environmentally friendly, wearable garments. Today designers are branching out and designing more eco-friendly fashion trends and clothing. People say you are what you eat, and in this case, you are what you wear! Here are some great on trend designers with quite the green thumb.  No clean up on aisle five here!

green is the new black


Made from the Red, White, and Blue, Fotoula Lambros has an ecological design just for you! This Greek-American designer creates one of kind garments for the everyday, chic, gal on the go. Based out of Detroit, MI. FO2LA is a brand catered to the modern day women who advocates a sustainable and ecological lifestyle. With garments created from some of the finest organic materials, her innovative aesthetic approaches to design are quite the eye catcher.

purple eco friendly dress eco-friendly dress eco friendly white  blouse

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With recycled being a key term, these earrings will have you “spinning right round, baby right round.” Created from cutout recycled vinyl records Organic Stereo puts the funk in funky.  In 2008 Marie Rendina launched Stereo Organic, with the mission on creating designs that are environmentally and socially sound. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but until Prince Charming comes along, or you get your big fat bonus check, these vinyl diamond shaped earrings will do just the trick!

eco friendly earring

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Keeping with the saying “Go Green! Or Go Home!” Organic by John Patrick is another great example of an environmentally conscious designer. Catering to more of the higher-end of design, he creates sustainable, classic pieces that will surely make a great staple in your everyday wardrobe. Organic by John Patrick has pioneered a global mission for implementing change in how we manufacture our clothes.

Pink Top Organic by John Patrick Organic by John Patrick Jumper Organic by John Patrick Coat

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With green being the new black, companies such as Alternative and American Apparel have created separate divisions catering exclusively to the environmentally conscious consumer. With offering a wide array of hoodies, sweat pants, tee shirts, and more, in a variety of fits and colors, you can now find something to wear for just about every day of the week.

         casual eco fashion trendswhite eco friendly sleeveless toppurple eco friendly tshirt

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Spring is in the air! And the last thing I want to smell in the air is pollution. With incorporating a few organic pieces into your wardrobe it will help cut down on all the toxins that are being released into our environment.  From classic staple pieces, to dresses, and accessories, there are now many great ways to design, wear, and reduce our carbon footprint. Talk about some major multi-tasking!