Dark Zombie Sugar Kitten Pendant

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Our Special Eight Halloween Themed Accessories List

With less than two weeks left until the big night of Halloween finally arrives, my guess is that the pumpkin hunt, the decoration process, the shopping list and the search for the most delicious recipes are in full play. I would have added the search for the perfect costume to the festive activities, but what if we are not all that excited about putting the black lipstick, the scary mask or the Snow White costume on? There must be more to the Halloween spirit than renting a costume for the night. And if you happen to be the kind of girl that thinks just like that, you’ll definitely enjoy our Special Eight Halloween Themed Accessories list. It will make it easier for you to find a matching piece, ready to add a little bit of fun and sparkle to the eventful day. Spooky and stylish can easily merge together and here’s how:

Dark Zombie Sugar Kitten Pendant

1. The Dark Zombie Sugar Kitten Pendant. A silver plated chain necklace can easily add dimension to any outfit. Throw a zombie kitten in the mix, and you get one stylish, yet freaky accessory that seems to perfectly belong in a Tim Burton masterpiece. This necklace would also make for a great Halloween gift due to its subtle humor and delicate design.

Spider Charm Cuff Bracelet

2. The Betsey Johnson Spider Charm Cuff Bracelet. I might know a couple of girls who wouldn’t mind wearing this cuff bracelet all year round. This statement metal and glass piece would not pass unnoticed, being able to add an extra dose of charm and glamor to your holiday outfit. It is bold, but chic and would make for a subtle Halloween choice.

Victoria Glad-Rocks Pewter Skull Ring

3. The Victoria Glad-Rocks Pewter Skull Ring. The skull motif is so trendy right now that you wouldn’t have to probably wait until Halloween to wear this exquisite piece of  jewelry. In fact you may already own one, or maybe more in this particular style, so all that’s left to do is put the ring on and embrace the holiday spirit.

Black Lace Mask

4. The Black Lace Mask. Whoever believes eye masks are to be worn exclusively to a masquerade ball is wrong. Whoever believes one must absolutely wear a frightening mask on the Halloween night is wrong again. This delicate cat-eye mask will definitely take your look to another level. This and a little black dress and you won’t even need to worry about the rest.

Pumpkin earrings

5. The Flashing Pumpkin Earrings. This colorful and cute pair of earrings is another way to get into the Halloween spirit without much effort. The fun pair of flashing pumpkins also feature super bright LED lights for the festive effect to be successfully achieved.


6. The BCBG Max Azria Cat Ears Headband. Most of the times, wearing a headband featuring any kind of ears can easily translate as tacky and not trendy. Luckily, this golden metal BCBG Max Azria  pave crystal-embellished cat ears headband is conveniently delicate and stylish, making it all that more fun to wear during the Halloween night.

Austrian Crystal Pumpkin Scary Cat Halloween Pin Brooch

7. The Austrian Crystal Pumpkin Scary Cat Halloween Pin Brooch. Just how adorable is this Austrian crystal brooch featuring a scary black cat and cute pumpkin sparkly combo? Finish off any outfit with this piece of jewelry to successfully trigger your inner trick-or-treat spirit.

Halloween Ghost Watch

8. The Halloween Ghost Watch. If you want to keep an eye on the time just to make sure you won’t miss the spooky Halloween midnight, why not add a fun little ghost on your wrist too? This “Boo” watch is whimsical enough to fit right into the magical Halloween scenery.

Enough inspiration for one day? I really hope not. There’s still plenty of time to find that suitable piece of jewelry that totally represents you before the end of the month. Just don’t make the search too serious. Subtle humor adds just as much character to an outfit, as an actual subtle accessory would do.