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Eight Surprising Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2012-13

Fashion trends are rarely predictable. But certain guidelines are mostly adhered to. For instance, leather and fur are dominant fabrics for winter collections, though the individual styles within the trend may vary.

However, Fall/Winter 2012-13 fashion had several surprises up its sleeve, revealing some surprisingly different and totally unpredictable trends. While some of these trends are a stroke of genius, some are innovative and creative, and some are really quite bewildering (read impractical) to say the least.

Curious?  We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Find the below some of the

Most Surprising Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2012-13


  1. Velvet Trend

Moving away from the staple leather and fur for winter, some designers showcased velvet apparel on the ramp. The soft and obviously feminine appeal of this fabric lends a luxurious look and this trend gets a big thumbs-up from us.

Soft and sexy velvet – a positive trend for F/W 2012-13


  1. Gothic Trends

Characterized by an abundance of black leather and velvet combined with just the right (scary) makeup and hair, the Gothic trend was big on ramps this season. We kind of like this trend because it perfectly complements the dark, dreary sentiments associated with winter.

Gothic look – Perfect for Winter


  1. Floral Trends

Now this is sure to have taken the most seasoned fashion editor by surprise. Long considered a staple of the Spring/Summer collections, floral motifs are an important trend for Fall/Winter 2012-13. The floral trends were seen on skirts and dresses and even trousers. And they ranged from muted tones to effervescent and in-your-face colours.

Florals are a refreshing change this winter


  1. Futuristic Trends

Completely creative, this trend takes inspiration perhaps from futuristic movies or maybe comes purely from imagination. In any case, the end result is super chic and sophisticated look that is perfect for 2013 and beyond. The only issue (if) some people may have with this trend is that it creates an androgynous look.


Are you ready for the future?


  1. Purple Leather Trends

Purple has always been a staple colour of fall winter collections while leather is the material of choice for this season. But till now, we have seen the combination of purple and leather only in accessories such as bags and gloves. Designers this year have pushed the limits by creating purple leather apparels that ooze sophistication and style in no uncertain proportions.


  1. Crocodile Fashion Trend

While crocodile imitation leather has been popular in accessories for some time now, the winter 2012-13 trends saw dresses, coats and skirts made from this material on the ramps for the first time. While we are happy with new thinking exhibited by designers, the popularity of this trend remains suspect as the material is quite expensive and pushes up overall retail costs significantly.

Crocodile leather fashion – Will it make an Impact?


  1. Oversize Trends

And just when we thought that the essence of fashion was well fitted outfits showing off those curves, along comes the oversize clothes trend for fall winter 2012/13. This trend covers practically all garments including cardigans and tops, trousers and coats.


  1. Crazy Hats Trends

Need we make any comments? As they say, picture speaks a thousand words. Do let us know what the hat styles below are telling you in our comments section.


 This was a round-up of the most surprising fashion trends seen on the catwalk for the Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection. And this only reiterates the unpredictability of fashion. You never know what is lurking around the corner, do you?