Emma Stone Reveals her Secrets in Glamour UK’s February 2013 Issue

Gorgeous girl Emma Stone smiles at you from the cover of the latest issue of Glamour UK.  One of the youngest actresses around (she is just 24), Emma looks radiant and youthful and oh-so-adorable.

Emma Stone

Even if you are not a big Emma fan, the fact that she is baring the secrets of ‘those sex scenes with Ryan Gosling’ will surely prompt you to pick up a copy. Much appreciated for her performance in Gangster Squad, the chemistry between Emma and Ryan was sizzling and that’s understating it.

Emma’s Cover Look

For the cover photo, Emma posed in a floral Dolce and Gabbana outfit. The brightness of the colors, the floral motif and the short length accentuated her school girl charm. And it is really no surprise why Miss Stone is one of the most popular and well loved young actresses of today.  The look was ‘topped off’ with her golden wavy hair falling ‘carelessly’ about her shoulders. The style quotient of the overall look climbed several notches higher with the Louboutin sling back heels in cream color. The slim gold bangles added to the look.


But Have We Seen this Look Before?

Though Glamour UK would like us to believe that this is a fresh photo shoot, there is evidence to the contrary. The May 2011 issue of Glamour US had Emma in the cover in a suspiciously similar outfit.  Time to cut out euphemisms…it was the same outfit. Check it out for yourself.


It is not unusual for magazines to use the same photos for different editions. And of course to give credit to the magazine, they have not actually used the same photo. So all’s well.

Sexy Look Within

While we talked of a school girl look on the cover, Emma’s photo inside the magazine has a very different, sexy look. The Viktor & Rolf white dress that exposes one shoulder and the messy hair updo perhaps contribute to this effect.


Emma Opens Up

In the feature, Emma reveals that she is just like anyone of us and is not always happy with her body. But she says she has learned to take it in her stride. Something many of us should learn from her.

She confesses about her paranoia of the paparazzi, who, according to her are hiding everywhere in LA. Our sympathies are with her, but that is price you pay for your popularity dear girl.

Is Emma stone your favorite celebrity?