Emma Watson's Wardrobe Faux Pas - Sense Of Style

Emma Watson, How Could You Go So Terribly Wrong?

When a celebrity’s name features on a “Best Dressed” list, he/she draws everyone’s attention and eyeballs to him/her. Men and women emulate their favourite celebrities to try and look like them. Some envy their outfits, wishing they could wear them too, while some simply stare and drool. However, there are times when you take just one look at a celebrity’s wardrobe and exclaim, “What happened to her? OR What was she thinking when she chose to wear this outfit? OR What’s wrong with her?

Something similar seems to have occurred with our darling Emma Watson. The British actress, who gained fame and accolades for her famous role of “Hermione Granger” in the Harry Potter movie series, attended a benefit auction and dinner in New York with an outfit that was a big “no-no!” The otherwise fashionable Watson committed a fashion faux pas with her choice of wardrobe at the event.

Emma Watson made an appearance at the New York Studio School’s fundraising event dressed in an unstylish and oddly coloured cardigan, black jeans and black boots. While the black jeans and boots don’t concern us much, it’s the doormat-resembling cardigan, which made us question her sense of style.

Emma wore minimal make-up to the event, which only highlighted her striking facial features. The beautiful actress looked radiant as always but it was her outfit that went all wrong. We wonder whether Emma has been shopping at the bargain bin lately.

Emma’s wardrobe was truly a disappointment. It does seem hard to believe that this beauty who, in the past has, mesmerized people with her fashion sense would turn up in an outfit that completely ruined her look.

 If you have been following fashion trends set by various celebrities for the upcoming season, you need to put Emma’s wardrobe on your “What Not to Wear” List.

Post the completion of the eighth instalment in the Harry Potter series and its success, Emma has been riding high on a number of movie offers. She is currently shooting for the new movie titled “Noah” in New York and is therefore making a number of public sightings in the Big Apple. The Biblical epic also stars  and Ray Winstone.

We certainly hope that “Noah” will be a huge hit for Emma, unlike her wardrobe choice, which she is probably hitting her head for right now. Emma will be returning to the Brown University in Rhode Island to complete her English Literature degree, after the completion of the movie in January 2013.