Summer Holiday Fashion essentials

Enjoy Your Summer Holiday in Style with these Top 5 Fashion Essentials

Packing for a summer holiday could only mean that there is a long list waiting for you to be attended to and all you have to do is tick what to take and what not to. We girls are always in a dilemma when it comes to packing our clothes and fashion essentials. With so many lovely goodies in our closets, who would love to leave anything behind?

We’re going to keep this straight and simple and we’re not going to force you to leave anything behind. We’re just here to make sure that you don’t forget to take what is absolutely essential to enjoy your summer holiday in style.

1. Shorts

The first thing that pops in mind when you talk about “summer holiday” is shorts. Wearing a sexy pair of ultra hot shorts is the best way to beat the heat. You can wear it with a tee when you roam the streets of your holiday destination or you can wear it with a bikini top while soaking on the beach.

With a pair of shorts holding number 1 position on your list, you will be sorted. To keep the fashion quotient high, carry a pair of floral shorts or colorful shorts along with your usual pair of ever-sexy denim shorts.

Summer Holiday Fashion essentials

2. Bohemian Maxi Dresses

Exude grace at your best while you are on holiday with a Bohemian Maxi Dress. It’s a perfect fashion essential for whenever you need to reconnect with your femininity. A Bohemian Maxi dress with a pair of gladiators and sunglasses is the perfect ensemble that you can thrown on when going shopping on your summer holiday.

Summer Holiday Fashion essentials

3. Sun Dresses

Finding or meeting someone special on vacation is always a possibility. And when you want to make your date a really special one, you ought to keep both the holiday mood and your appeal to your date in mind. A sun dress is perfect for the occasion.

Summer Holiday Fashion essentials

You can showcase your fun and flirty side with a sundress. It offers you comfort and is very feminine and sexy.

4. Swim Wear

Swim wear is something none of you will forget when you are going for a summer holiday. Soaking in the sun on a sandy shore with the sounds of the waves lashing is a welcome moment for everybody. Taking a dip in those crystal blue waters is what everybody wants to do. So don’t you leave that swim suit behind. And yes, you’re going to need many pairs of them.

Summer Holiday Fashion essentialsIf you’re planning on setting the temperatures soaring wherever you are going, a bikini will surely do the trick.

Summer Holiday Fashion essentials

5.  Gladiators

You can forget the pumps and the sky soaring stilettos for your summer holiday. You’ll hardly need them. Carry a pair of gladiators. Firstly because you can wear them with everything else you’re carrying, shorts, maxi dresses, sun dresses, it will complement them all. Secondly, you just need to slip into them and off you go and lastly, you will be walking around a lot and exploring new places while on vacation and so you will need a comfortable pair of footwear.

Summer Holiday Fashion essentials

And gladiators are the best.

We’re sure your summer holiday pictures will make it to the big books of fashion if you have all these fashion essentials on your list. So, enjoy your summer holiday in style. You deserve it girl!