Get The Look Eva Longoria

Girl, Go Get Glamourous with Eva Longoria’s Chic Summer Look

Everything that Eva Longoria wears soon becomes a very famous style statement. And today we’ve brought one such ultra stylish look sported by Eva to Get The Look.

If you’ve got style and you want to add a celebrity’s touch to it, Eva Longoria is the way to go. A perfect ensemble for spring 2013 is what this look is all about and it will surely make you fashionistas out there very happy.

Get The Look Eva Longoria

Here’s what you will need to Get The Look.

Get The Look Eva Longoria

1. A White Shirt

White Shirt

A White Shirt is pretty easy to find. And since it is an essential, you might already have one somewhere in your closet. And White will keep you feel and look cool all summer.

2. Coral Jeans

Coral Jeans

If you are fixated with colored jeans, coral is a wonderful color to own. It will also help you pull off Eva’s summery look with uncompromising style.

3. Brown Leather Handbag

Brown Leather Handbag

A very fashionable and chic brown leather handbag is what you will need to turn any dull summer day into a bright and sunny one.

4. Golden Strappy Sandals to Make you Happy

Golden Strappy Sandals

A lovely pair of shoes can make a girl very, very happy. And Eva Longoria’s golden strappy sandals surely have the potential to bring the brightest smile on any girl’s face. These golden strappy sandals really add to Eva’s glamor quotient.

5. Aviators

Aviators sunglasses

Shield your beautiful eyes from the summer sun with a fashionable pair of aviators. You kill two birds with one stone with this purchase because not only will it protect your eyes from sun aging, but it will also make you look very chic.

6. Grey Nail Polish

Grey Nail Polish

Metallic Nail Polishes are still very much in vogue and you can make a defining fashion statement with grey colored nails just like Eva does.

7. Silver Wrist Watch

Silver Wrist Watch

Have you ever stopped to wonder how a silver wrist watch can be worn with anything? So if you don’t already have one, it’s time to go ahead and make that purchase guilt free because a silver wrist watch is going to be a very handy item.

8. Gold Bangle

Gold Bangle

Complement those lovely golden sandals with some gold jewelry. You can opt for a neck accessory or you can simply go the “Eva” way with a thick gold bangle or two stacked beneath your wrist watch.

And that’s how you can nail Eva Longoria’s summer look. So when you Get the Look, do it in STYLE.