Eva Longoria's Handbags

Top 10 Countdown Of Eva Longoria’s Bags In 2013

Eva Longoria may not be considered among the ultra chic fashionistas of Hollywood; however this beautiful actress sure knows how to dress well. Eva Longoria’s style is defined to suit her impeccable tastes. She may not wow you at all times, but she certainly won’t disappoint.

What we loved the most about Eva Longoria is her distinct personal style. You will hardly find her deviating from the trendy and comfortable ensembles she throws together. However, Eva’s handbags can never go unnoticed. This pretty lass has one of the most choicest tastes when it comes to buying handbags and so we’re showcasing Eva’s sexy handbag collection here today on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.

Get ready to let your obsessions off the leash because Eva Longoria’s Top 10 Sexiest Handbags are going to leave you fixated.

Eva Longoria's Handbags

1. Coach Python Bonnie Satchel

Eva Longorias Coach Python Bonnie Satchel

Throughout this compilation, you will notice that Eva Longoria has a special fondness for Coach Bags. It was, therefore, only fitting to begin with one of Eva’s personal favorites – the beautiful Python Bonnie Satchel from Coach.

2. Coach Francine Satchel

Eva Longoria Coach Francine Satchel

Eva’s Francine Satchel by Coach sets the perfect mood for a day out in town on a sunny summer day. The radiance that this turquoise blue bag brings to Eva’s summer look is fixating.

3. Coach Woven Kristen Satchel

Eva Longoria Coach Woven Kristen Satchel

Eva’s Coach Kristen Satchel is her most preferred companion with casual wear. This woven grey bag by Coach seems like it has the power to make every woman happy.

4. Coach Leather Kristen Satchel

Eva Longoria Coach Leather Kristen Satchel

Yes, Eva loves Coach too much. It seems like she makes it a point to buy every piece of perfection that Coach launches. This Leather Kristen Satchel looks like one tough piece by Coach that can add glam to every look Eva dons.

5. Gerard Darel 24 Hours Midday Python Hobo

Eva Longoria Gerard Darel 24 Hours Midday Python Hobo

Moving away from Coach, we come to Gerard Darel, Eva’s second favorite label in her handbag closet. This yellow Gerard Darel Python Hobo has a charming snakeskin effect, making the bag look uber chic.

6. Gerard Darel 24 Hours Satchel

Eva Longoria Gerard Darel 24 Hours Satchel

This pink satchel that Eva flaunts is one of the most famous pieces by Gerald Darel. In fact, it is this very satchel that Gerald Darel is known for. And in Eva’s hands, this satchel looks fabulous.

7. Gerard Darel Sac Moon Python Tote

Eva Longoria Gerard Darel Sac Moon Python Tote

Snakeskin textured handbags are the most popular prints in handbags these days. Lucky gal Eva Longoria gets to combine both, her second favorite label and the popular modern trend with this Gerald Darel Python Tote.

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Tote

Eva Longoria Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Tote

Eva’s beige ostrich Sofia tote by Salvatore Ferragamo is a true beauty and one of the most lavish handbags in Eva’s closet.

9. Mulberry Hanover Tote

Eva Longoria Mulberry Hanover Tote

The perfect way to draw attention to your handbag is to choose a strikingly rare color. Eva’s brownish orange Mulberry Hanover Leather Tote is an eye grabber.

10. Louis Vuitton Surya XL Tote

Eva Longoria Louis Vuitton Surya XL Tote

A black handbag is the handbag equivalent to the Little Black Dress. And Eva Longoria’s glossy black Louis Vuitton Surya XL Tote makes the perfect first impression. Its impeccable style, glossy texture, contemporary looks and ultra high end appearance makes this the perfect bag to conclude Eva’s sexy handbag collection with.

It’s now time to cast your votes. Pick your favorite from these Top 10 sexy handbags from Eva Longoria’s closet and let us know which one is your personal favorite.