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A Look at the Evolution in Urban Fashion Trends from 2010 to 2013

Urban fashion trends have evolved significantly since they first came on the scene in the early 1980s. But are you wondering ‘what exactly is urban fashion’?

Urban Fashion – Demystified

Fashion, as we have always stressed in these pages is what you make of it. Yes, the best creative fashion minds dictate fashion trends by unveiling their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter fashion shows every year at exotic fashion capitals in the world. That is one kind of fashion. But the clothes that your wear and the accessories that you use on an everyday basis, driven more by convenience and comfort. Which is why it is called urban fashion.

Originally equated with hip-hop fashion and street styles, urban fashion trends today refer to the style of clothing and accessories most commonly seen in urban settings, worn by people (just like you) going about their everyday tasks like going to work or for shopping or dropping kids off at school.

Don’t Underestimate Urban Fashion

Just because urban trends talk about everyday dressing styles, it does not take away from its chic and sophistication level. Perhaps at one time, urban fashion had an inexpensive, too casual look. But  2013 definitely represents some of the best and elegant looks that fashion can offer.

There has in fact been an evolution right from 2010 to 2013, getting more stylish and sophisticated each year. The focus has been increasing towards creating a more professional look with well fitted and tailored clothes. The evolution has over time striven to reflect the spirit of the wearer and has largely succeeded in this endeavor.

An Overview of the Evolution of Urban Fashion Trends

  1. Urban Fashion Trends 2010

In 2010 for women saw the return of the mini in a big way. The mini skirt was back and so were mini dresses. And as always, the apparel decided the accessories. So in 2010, stockings were a big rage for urban women, following the mini trend.

Apart from minis, skinny slacks and jeans were a big urban fashion trend for women in 2010.

Urban Fashion Trends

In 2010 the urban trends for men followed a bohemian style and we saw a preponderance of mix and match styles. For instance wide bottomed trousers were paired with rigid structured blazers and straight cut fitting trousers had oversize trench coats for company. Chunky knitted scarves tossed carelessly around the shoulders made as much a style statement as dainty, printed silk scarves, carefully knotted around the neck.

bohemian style Urban Fashion Trends

2. Urban Fashion Trends 2011

In 2011, the military influence was very heavy in fashion all over and the impact was seen in the urban fashion trends too. Though, perhaps not as formal as other fashion collections, the military impact on urban fashion was seen in the form of greater use of military colors like green, blue and white.

Military Urban Fashion Trends

In 2011, the trends for women included dresses with prints- animal prints, floral designs, orient inspired prints, all to give a more sexy and sophisticated look.

Urban Fashion Trends

Denims as always remained popular for men and women in 2011 too.

For men in 2011, the trends focused more on a really casual look. Gone were the allowances of the lose fits we saw in the urban trends of 2010. Fitting t-shirts, tops, and short jackets were the norm in 2011 for men.

Loose Fit Urban Fashion Trends

3. Urban Fashion Trends 2012

Moving ahead to the year we just bid goodbye to, what were the prominent urban styles in 2012?

For women, fashion moved several notches higher in the ‘sexy’ scale with the return of the crop top trend. From barely visible midriffs to bra tops paired with low waist jeans and trousers, 2012 was more a ‘if you have got it (a flat stomach), flaunt it’ kind of year.

Crop Top Urban Fashion Trends

The urban trends for men in 2012 were quite a sensation and very surprising. One of the biggest trends observed in the ramps in 2012 was the ‘bright and bold’ theme for men. And I am talking really bright and bold like yellows, greens and bright reds. This trend, though in a muted form (for obvious practicality) filtered down to the street and was seen  in 2012.

Bright And Bold Urban Fashion Trends

And for those men, who were not very keen to experiment or really stand out in the crowd (come on, you cannot help but stand out when dressed in such fluorescent colors), the staples were available in 2012. The staple for men include of course loose or fitted jeans (ripped for a better impact) casual t-shirts, topped off with jackets. The chunky scarf and cap add the final touches to the urban look.


4. Urban Fashion Trends 2013

So what is the urban style of dressing for 2013? Let us take a look.

You could almost say that 2013 reached the zenith of sophistication and glamor in 2013. For both men and women, in 2013, urban fashion focuses on chic choices that underline a professional look.

sophisticated urban-fashion-trends-2013

Urban fashion in 2013 has arrived and how.

We saw how the trends have evolved over the past 4 years from 2010 to 2013. Some of the basics remain the same and these include apparel like jeans, T-shirts, jackets and scarves. But if you observe, you will find that colors, cuts and styles have evolved towards being more fashionable with every passing year.

As I said earlier, though urban fashion is everyday fashion, is not boring or bland. In fact over the past few years, several major design labels have got into the business of urban fashion. Because at the end of the day, fashion is not about the impractical, exotic designs showcased by models, who have probably not eaten for days or who have mind numbingly exhausting workout schedules.

Fashion is all about what regular people like you and me wear everyday…let us know your thoughts below…

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