Serena Van Der Woodsen

Exclusive Pics and News about Gossip Girl’s Finale

Are you a Gossip Girl fan? Do you love the characters’ outfits?

Do you often find yourself religiously glued to your TV screen wanting to know the labels behind their costumes, accessories, shoes and more?

And do you often find yourself trying to analyze their dressing style and applying the same in your every day outfits?

Well, we empathize with you. To give you exclusive bytes about your favorite show, TrendNStylez editors have rare pics and news for you.

 As you may be aware, this is Gossip Girl’s final season and you can expect the show’s stylists to give the bestest look to their super fashionable characters.

Can any article about Gossip Girl ever be complete without talking about the characters’ dressing style and fashion statement? Nope! So before we give you the exclusive news, let’s talk about Serena and Blair’s outfits and styling.

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Serena Van Der Woodsen’s stylists give her the boho chic look. She is always seen dressed in an immaculate blend of outfits from the futuristic fashion genre and traditional, classic costumes in perfect synchrony. Blessed with an ideal figure, she gives an awesome style statement in tailored coats and jackets, sexy dresses and layered necklaces.

Blair Waldorf

We love Blair Waldorf’s attractively colorful, girly and preppy style. She looks very elegant and just perfect. Don’t you think Blair’s headbands from season 1 look so cool even now?

Serena and Blair are two of a kind, and no one can match up to this duo’s striking, smart and superb fashion statement.

What can We Expect from Gossip Girl’s Final Season

This Tuesday the Gossip Girl actors were spotted in New York on the set shooting the final episode. Yes the newly-wed diva Blake Lively was also present on the set along with her on-screen best friend Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf), Ed Westwick, the golden boy Nate Archibald and Chace Crawford, among others.

On the set Taylor Momsen was also spotted. Taylor plays Jenny’s character. From Ed Westwick’s new pic on Instagram, it appears that we can expect Eric and Jenny’s comeback in the Gossip Girl’s final season. Get ready to see rocking performances by Alexa Chung, Dorota and Juliet Sharp among others ahead of the series’ finale.

Trouble the Couple

One of the leading newspapers also revealed that the finale of this season will see “core couple” unification.

Will Georgina try to incite trouble among the old couples? We don’t know. But you and we will get to know soon.

Let’s move on from Georgina to Blair and Serena.

2 Weddings in Gossip Girl’s Last Season

From the looks of the exclusive and rare pics off the sets, it is apparent that you will get to witness 2 weddings in the last season of Gossip Girl! It appears that both Blair and Serena will walk down the aisle. Let us show you the beautifully designed costumes that our lovely leading ladies will be wearing in GG.

Blair (Leighton Meester) will wear a gorgeous light blue wedding dress. Doesn’t she look oh so stunning in the pictures?


 Serena (Blake Lively) was seen dressed in a dazzling gold wedding dress, embellished with a tulle-skirt shooting in New York. The blonde bride looked exceptionally charming in an ideal combination of the gorgeous gold gown.


We are utterly fascinated by the wedding gowns Selena and Blair will wear in the finale. Which gown in your opinion is the best?

The 10th episode of the last season will be aired on December 10, 2012; which is also when you and I are apparently going to find out who the Gossip Girl is!

What do you predict?

Who in your opinion is likely to be the Gossip Girl?

December 10 is the D-Day when you and I will get to know it all about our much loved Upper Eastsiders.

By the way, just like you, we will also miss watching Gossip Girl.

Let us be optimistic and wish that the producers of Gossip Girl draw out a new show from it!