pale eyes somkey look

Top 10 Eye Makeup Trends For All Year Round

Women’s’ eyes have been the subject of poetry and prose since time immemorial.  Eyes do not need an iota of makeup to perform their function effectively, which is enabling human vision. Thank God for that.  Yet women have long been drawn to prospect of enhancing the appeal of their eyes. Recent evidence shows that ancient Egyptian women used a black colored lead based substance to increase the beauty of their eyes.

Today there is no dearth of eye makeup cosmetics. There are products specifically intended for each part of the eye like the mascara for the eyelashes, the eye shadow for the lids, eyebrow pencil for the eyebrows etc.

By clever use of eye makeup products, it is possible to ‘dress up’ or ‘dress down’ the eyes. You can manipulate the look of your eyes to suit the occasion. But as always, there are certain trends, which define the broad outlines for the season.

Certain colour and looks in eye makeup are ‘in’ this season, while certain trends that were popular last year have been given the boot. We present to you, exclusively for your benefit, the latest eye makeup trends for 2012 put together by fashion gurus across the world. Follow these trends, girl, and get ready to give the world a fashionable ‘eyeful’.

Top 10 Eye Makeup Trends for all year round

1.     Smokey Eyes are Here to Stay

The smokey eye makeup, which was big last year, is all set get bigger in 2012.  The runways were practically choc-a-bloc with smokey eyed models in 2012.  You should be happy because the smokey look, ups the glam quotient like nothing else. The look uses a lot of darker hues like blacks and browns and even coppers. It is a very dramatic and over the top look.

smokey eye makeup The smokey eye look closeup

Though a little difficult to create, you can master the art with practice. Go smokey eyed to transform yourself from the girl next door into the stunning diva that you are.

woman with pale eyes smokey look

Contrary to popular belief, smokey eye makeup can accentuate the eyes even if they are light colored.

2.     Colored Mascara

Eye makeup trends in 2012 have moved away from boring blacks and browns, when it comes to dressing up the eyelashes. Colored mascara is ‘in’ this season, particularly shades of blue and green. Fashion experts recommend using contrasting eye shadow shade to offset the colored mascara, otherwise you could end up with a stark look.  Here are three colored mascara mascara

green mascarapurple mascara

Note that makeup around the eyelids has been kept to a minimum to produce a sophisticated look.

3.               General Mascara Trends in 2012

Using mascara that is the same colour as the eyes is passé. Contrast is in. For women with blue eyes, rich browns and golden hues will work well. Those with green or hazel eyes can opt for pink/purple mascara shades.

4.               Winged Eyeliner Trend 2012

The winged or cat look is back in eye makeup. The winged can be achieved by the creative use of the eyeliner and can accentuate the eye, whatever their shape.  The winged eye look is achieved by extending the eyeliner beyond the tip of the eye to create a wing or cat-like shape.

winged eye look

The winged eyeliner effect

Incidentally, the red carpet at Oscars 2012 saw a profusion of the winged eyeliner looks.

 5.     Eyebrows to Remain Natural in 2012

The runways were dominated by natural look for the eyebrows in 2012. No more over plucking leading to thin lines. Keep your eyebrows and enjoy them in 2012.

natural eyebrow

Natural eyebrows are ‘in’ in 2012

6.     Eye Shadow Trends are Brighter

To preview the season’s trends, there was an abundance of bright colored eye shadows on the ramp. Though designers seemed to prefer bright orange colors, you may want to tone it down a notch if you are not too comfortable. Opt for subtler tones of pink or even blue or green. The idea for eye shadow trends in 2012 is color, color and more color.

bright eye shadow

Eyeshadows in 2012 are bright

7.     Metallic Shaded Eye Makeup

Going one step ahead of the bright colored shadows, metallic shades are voguish in 2012. Consisting of shades of silver, gold, bronze and copper primarily, the metallic eyeshadows give a more sophisticated look that is suitable for formal as well as casual occasions.

gold eyeshadow

silver eyeshadow

Gold and silver eyeshadow for a sophisticated look

 8.     White Eyeshadow Look

The white eyeshadow look popular on the ramps is the exact opposite of the smokey eyed look. Try this one for something different from ordinary. With fresh, white look around the eyes and a dash of pink on the lips, you are all set to welcome the warm weather.

white eyeshadow 9.     Classic Minimalist Eyeliner look

Another popular eyeliner trend in 2012 is the classic look using the eyeliner for its basic purpose – defining the eye. The look is accentuated by the use of vivid eye liner color, bright colored eyeshadows and dramatic lower eye makeup.

classic eyeliner look

Classic eyeliner look accentuated dramatic lower eye effect

10.  Dramatic Lower Eye Look

This eye makeup trend 2012 tends to accentuate the eyes, giving a more dramatic look to the area below the eyes. Best effects are achieved when combined with natural thick eyebrows as in the picture below.

dramatic lower eye makeup