Eye Makeup Trends 2013

Cast A Spell On The World With The Prettiest Eye Shadow and Eye Liner Hues For Summer 2013

Isn’t it difficult to imagine a dull summer?

We’ve always related summer to bright sunny days, colorful flowers, the piercing stare of green leaves, the dazzling blue sky and the sparkling rays of the sun dancing on blue waters. Summer is mesmerizing indeed. And what makes summer one of the liveliest seasons is the use of colors that come alive during these months.

Summer calls for living it up with the brightest, liveliest and the most colorful trends. So are you ready to celebrate summer with some fantastic new shades of eye shadows and eye liners?

Eye Makeup

Let your eyes do the talking this summer as you join the summer bandwagon of everything that is bright and colorful.

1. Platinum

latinum eye shadow pencil

The future looks dazzling bright with a shimmering shade of platinum eye shadow. Give your eyes a futuristic look with this lovely shade. Use a black liner with your platinum eye shadow for a more defined effect.

2. Burnt Orange

burnt orange eye shadow

Rusty hues were quite a rage on the runways for Fall 2013. Wanna look like a supermodel this summer and make people stop to take notice? Use a burnt orange eye shadow for an appealing effect and enhance the look of your eyes a hundredfold.

3. Seafoam

seafoam eyeliner

You need not choose over the top bright colors in summer to make you look like a tropical princess. Sometimes, all it takes to look your prettiest best during the summer are feather light shades like this bluish green pastel seafoam.

4. Nectarine

Nectarine eye shadow

Nectarine shades bring out the color in your eyes. They also give you a subtle sun kissed glow which makes you look fresh and energized after a summer holiday. Give the summer sun a run for its money with this artificially acquired yet blissfully natural sun kissed eye shadow.

5. Black And Blue

black and blue eye liner

Be glamorous by day and go sultry by night with this dual edged eye liner. This eye liner will work round the clock for you. Define your eyes with the rich lightness of blue by day and bring out your edginess with thickly lined black sexy eyes when the sun sets in the sky.

6. Shimmering Lilac

Shimmering Lilac eye shadow

Summer is a time for a lot of shine and loads of shimmer. This sparkling lilac eye shadow will give your eyes just the right amount of vibrant color and that much needed dazzling sparkle. This juicy lilac shade with all its glitz and glamour is perfect for a day out in the sun and a night out on the town.

7. Emerald

Emerald eye shadow

Emerald was not chosen as Pantone 2013’s color of the year for no good reason. Emerald really brightens up your day, doesn’t it? The warm hue of green and the subtle hints of shimmer make this color a great eye shadow and eye liner shade to keep looking fabulous throughout summer.

8. Rose

rose colored eye shadow

Floral shades are perfect to turn a dull summer day upside down into a bright sparkling delight. Bring on the floral shades of red, pink and peach and let those beautiful eyes glow like a floral petal.

Doesn’t the summer look brighter than ever with these Top 8 fascinating eye shadow and eye liner colors? Don’t forget to tell us your favorite picks!