Top 5 Eye Trends for Spring 2013

It always feels like there’s a million and one make-up and beauty trends to follow whenever we round the bend of another season. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed, remember, you don’t have to try them all, nor will they all suit you. However, there are plenty of looks that you may not think about, and would probably look incredible on you , so here are 5 of the seasons’ most coveted and most wearable beauty tips just for you!

Natural Tones eye trends for spring 2013

1) Au  Natural Tones

The aux natural look is certainly nothing new, it makes an appearance every spring and summer season. What’s different this season is that it truly is about looking natural. Skip those frequent trips to the tanning salon, it’s all loving the skin you’re in. Apply primers and concealers to hide blemishes and lighten darkened eyelids if necessary. Then use volume pumping mascara to accentuate the shape of your eyes. It’s quick, it’s versatile and think about how easier it’ll be to remove your make-up at the end of the day!

smokey eye trends for spring 20132) The Smokey Look

The smokey look has long been a favorite because it creates a little drama, and makes your eyes the star of the show. Get creative and blend tones that you may not include in your usual beauty repertoire. Blues, greens, neons, and pastels all make for uber fresh and edgy smokey looks.

ombre eye trends for spring 2013

3) Eye Ombre

Ombre is absolutely everywhere from hair styles, to fashion trends, but have you ever thought about doing it on your eyes? Me neither until I saw this beautiful photo and decided that I just had to try it. Use softer tones for a demure day look and deeper, richer tones with a matte finish for the evening.

electric eye trends for spring 2013

4) Electric Avenue

Bright shadows and eyeliners are your best friend this season, and Electric Blue is a favorite! Just remember, if you’re going to rock anything luminescent or bold on your eyes, keep the rest of your make-up simple, and neutral.

 cateyes trends for spring 2013

5) Sultry Cat Eyes

Few shadow trends stand the test of time like the ‘cat eye’ look. It’s complimentary to every eye shape, can be worn day or night, and it takes a matter of seconds to get the look! Bring the drama with rich, dark, eye popping shadows, or dial it down and let a sleek liquid liner do the talking.