The Deep Side Part

Fall 2012 Hair Trend Spotlight: The Deep Side Part

It’s time to kiss the center parts goodbye, dear ladies! The Deep Side Part is the hottest trend in the hair department right now, leading us towards achieving a carefree, almost undone look perfect to hit the streets during the busiest days of fall and winter. Its super natural effect will make you look fresh, relaxed and totally in control. It’s like getting out of bed, running your hands through your hair and going out the door looking completely fabulous. To make sure you go as “deep” as required with this hairstyle, part you hair at least three inches further than usual to the desired side. The best thing about the deep side part trend is that it makes the transition from day to night extremely easy, being highly versatile and very flattering. In a matter of minutes, and with the least amount of efforts you can end up looking super modern, edgy and mysterious. It works great with all hair lengths and textures, requiring from a limited amount of hair care products, to none at all. It all really depends on how much you plan on accentuating this trend.

The Deep Side Part

To achieve the unpolished deep side look use some proper hair care products to add some extra volume and texture to your locks. Pulverize some Sea Spray all over your damp hair and proceed with creating a deep messy side part. Blow-dry your hair for a couple of minutes while styling it with your fingers, up until you achieve the desired effect and the hair is completely dry. To emphasize the casual-cool look, you can go further with the style and tuck the hair behind each ear. For another messy approach, you can style your hair in a faux bob and play with some cute and delicate hair clips to make the contrast higher and your look appear dreamy and young.

Straigh Deep Side Part

There’s something about a straight deep side part that screams instant sophistication. It totally suits a girl with plenty of attitude to show off. To achieve this look make sure your hair is extra healthy and shiny. Rub a little bit of shine lotion onto your dry hair and brush through. The product will add a flawless shine, while also calming the more rebellious hair springs. Define your deep side part accordingly and finish the look using a hair straightener. Easy enough?

The Deep Side Braid

For an extra touch of glamour you can always make use of your creativity. If the messy deep side part suddenly becomes to safe or rather inappropriate for a certain event, you can switch things up in no time. All you have to do is keep the deep side part and start braiding the hair on the opposite side. A loose side part fishtail braid it’s both casual and elegant, flattering your feminine side in the best way possible. It’s modern and edgy, complicated enough, but not extravagant. You can wear it to school, to a family lunch or during a girls night out.

Deep Side Part Low Bun

A dramatically parted bun perfectly complements an androgynous outfit during a casual day out, as well as a glamorous gown for an eventful evening. It can be easily emphasized by a dramatic make-up, statement jewelry and modern hair accessories. To recreate the parted buns you need to start by applying wet gel along the deep side part and style the hair into a low ponytail at first. Proceed with twisting the hair inside the ponytail and wrap the hair into a tight bun. Smoothen the hair using a professional shine wax and the look is complete.

Looking sophisticated, feminine, modern and cool at the same time was never easier. By practicing these styles in the mirror you will soon discover what deep side part suits your face and features the best. Be ready to embrace the wind of change this fall and winter looking absolutely beautiful.