Skirts Over Pants Trend

Fall 2012 Trend Report: The Skirts Over Pants Craze

I strongly believe that what we already got to witness on the runway these past seasons, somehow prepared us to face even the most unexpected of combinations yet to come. After all, every unusual or out of the ordinary trend begins by looking weird and unwearable, up until some fearless ladies get to decide there is no such thing as unwearable in fashion, and successfully transition the runway trends into real life. That is the exact moment when the real fun begins. The Skirts Over Pants look is one of those unstoppable trends that loves to argue against one of the oldest and most basic fashion conventions. It is because of the oddity and strange appeal that this trend will change the face of fashion as we know it. And for those of you who still believe this pairing is rather questionable, here are some fierce examples and tips that might help you come around to this idea. Get rid of your prejudices and don’t say NO to this trend, not just yet.

Skirts Over Pants Trend

Tip No.01: Never Use Denim. This trend is permissive enough, but that doesn’t mean you can start mixing every pair of pants with every skirt currently existing in your wardrobe. If you aim for a remarkable look, stay away from the casual, sporty fabrics and mix pieces made out of exquisite and elegant textures, that complement each other. Denim tends to powerfully contrast when mixed with other fabrics and not in a good way, making it all that hard for it to be included in the game.

Prada - Skirt Over Pants Trend

Tip No.02: Pay Special Attention To Proportions. In this kind of looks, proportions have the ability to make or break the final result. For a flawless approach, make sure to carefully choose the adequate proportions for both of your key pieces. The most flattering combination must be the one teaming skinny pants and a beautifully fitted skirt. The length of the skirt can easily vary from mini, all the way to midi and still look splendid. Cropped trousers would also make for an interesting addition to the look, as they are the next best thing when it comes to pants this season. To prevent your sillouethe from looking baggy and distasteful, remember to always focus on clean lines, perfect tailoring and comfortable shapes.

Prabal Gurung - SkirtsOver Pants

Tip No.03: Go Sharp And Minimal For After-Hours. It was clear right from the beginning that this trend was not conceived exclusively for the busy streets. The Skirts Over Pants trend can easily transition into evening wear, offering the perfect excuse to try something new the next time you’re going out. The thrill of trying this trend on, especially with an evening look in mind is definitely enough of a reward for those fearless and risk-taking ladies out there. If I was to judge this trend based only on the above representation, a look belonging to Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2012 collection, I would clearly go for it. In fact, I can almost picture myself in this mesmerizing number.

Skirts Over Pants Trend

Tip No.04: Ditch The Skirt, Pick Up The Dress. If you’re closet doesn’t offer you much of a choice when it comes to skirts, don’t worry. The Skirts Over Pants trend can easily be reinterpreted by replacing the fabulous skirt, with an even more fabulous dress. This trend makes for the most unique and breathtaking results when it leans towards that sophisticated and elegant approach. The lady-like sillouethe of the dress, paired with the more masculine tailoring of the pants it’s both innovative and alluring. Doesn’t it begin to grow on you already?

Joseph - Skirts Over Pants Trend

Tip No.05: Stick To Neutral Color Pallets. As you can easily notice from almost all of the examples provided above, the combination of black and white can make the Skirts Over Pants trend 10 times more wearable, chic and great looking. If you find yourself right at the begging in experimenting with this trend, it is all that more important to stick to white, black and tan hues when you’re conceiving your outfit. The trend is tricky enough without having to worry about clashing prints, colors and patterns. Don’t make things more complicated when there’s an easy way to do things right.