Fall 2012 Trend Spotlight: Go All Black

After a wonderful spring and summer season colored in pastels, neon hues and all the lively colors you can possibly think of, fall came bringing its rusty color palette bursting in burgundy, maroons, dark navy, burnt orange and the eternal black. A lot of black. The cold season offers the perfect gloomy scenery for us to get wrapped up in the dark hue and embrace the inevitable trend changes. Suddenly, the runways made sure we understood that it is more than fine to be wearing head to toe black this season, without getting concerned we might end up looking too goth, or too spooky. If there’s a hue out there that perfectly inspires elegance, sophistication and grace all together, than we must be talking black. But wearing it head to toe without looking too boring, or bland is definitely what we like to call a fashion challenge. The good news is that with a few easy tips and tricks we are more than ready to accept it. It’s time to effortlessly go all black for fall and winter and here is how to do it right.


Nearly every major designer featured at least one head-to-toe black look in their fall collections, meaning there’s definitely something about this mysterious and alluring trend that screams high-fashion. Take a closer look at your fall wardrobe and make a careful selection off all the pieces you can mix in order to achieve a bold outfit this season. Think jackets, coats, sweaters, skirts, dresses, tights and boots. Don’t play it safe and make sure to add personal touches to your all-black looks in order for them to become unique and to easily stand out.


The most common and easy way to emphasize your all-black outfit and make it look bold, daring and far from boring, is to fully embrace the dark trend, by including it into your make-up and hair style routines as well. So, the next time you plan on pairing your black attire, with black boots and black accessories, make sure to carry the theme all the way onto your face and locks. Take advantage of the dark lip trend and the sleek deep side part bun one, and mix the three (including the black trend of course) together. The result will be outstanding.

Another way that absolutely assures you will successfully stand out wearing head-to-toe black implies mixing complementary fabrics and cuts in the same dark hue. Think edgy leather pieces, teamed with warm and intricate knits for example. The resulting outfit will be spot on trend, powerful and comfortable. You won’t need much else to really take control of the day.

Another fall trend that makes a great team with the all-black ensemble direction is the layering style. We’re talking all black accents layered up in one warm and stylish outfit, bringing together tights, over-the-knee socks, boots, skirts, sweaters, coats and scarves. If you still feel it’s not enough, build up your outfit until you reach the desired result.


You are allowed to break the black spell in all the right points if you feel like totally embracing it might be just a tidy bit too much for your taste. We’re thinking adding a pair of contrasting shoes, but nothing too colorful, like white for example. A gold statement necklace or pair of earrings would also do the trick. Be adventurous but without ruining the overall dark effect.

The code word for a perfectly accented black outfit is definitely leather. This timeless fabric works with almost everything else you might have in mind, looking polished, expensive and elegant if worn right. Leather is actually easy enough to incorporate in an outfit regardless if we’re talking an all-black one, or any other kind of trendy look for that matter. A leather skirt, dress, pair of pants or boots became quite the staple pieces during the past seasons, so I’m pretty sure everyone holds onto a leather item for this fall and winter. Am I right?

Black is quite the rigid and demure color if you ask me, so if you want to avoid the tough chick effect and play upon the delicate feminine features instead, you can’t go wrong with choosing lace. Pair a youthful and fun black skirt, with a subtle lace shirt and pair of tights and you’ve got yourself a ladylike outfit that will look beyond lovely during fall and winter this year.


We haven’t forgot about all the glamorous nights out that are part of the magical fall and winter seasons. These two offer plenty of reasons to celebrate, amongst them the super fun holiday parties that require a certain dress code. So take the all-black trend to perfection by wearing an exquisite little black dress, a polka-dot motif pair of tights and a floor-length coat. Tone up your outfit with bold red lips and nails and get ready for some sparkling fun.

So there’s no reason to fear a head-to-toe black ensemble if you believe you can pull it off this season. Take the runway examples as inspiration, keep in mind our little tips and the rest will follow accordingly. You’ll master this trend all in a breath, off that I’m sure.