Fall 2012 Fashion Trends – The Black Leather Dress

When building a new wardrobe around the popular fall 2012 fashion trends  it’s very easy to get carried away and pick up things that you will end up regretting, and eventually not even wearing. That’s why it is very important to make a little wishlist prior to any shopping trip, filled with all the clothing items you believe to make the most out of during a certain season. If the wardrobe is already there, packed with great looking stuff from the previous years, you might still need to refresh it by infusing a certain amount of current trends in it. And if we are speaking of current trends, I believe that it’s needless to remind you that not a cold season is meant to pass by without some leather accents. Whether you choose leather for a jacket, for your boots, pants or gloves this fall, I’m pretty sure you love the edginess and luxurious feel that only leather can bring to an outfit. As spotted on the runways and sported by our favorite celebrities, the next best thing in leather comes under the form of a little black dress. A little black leather dress that is. And that is exactly what your closet needs this fall. Some toughness, some playfulness and some edge, all coming from the same dress. Let’s learn how to style it right and how to make the most of it as our pick for this fall 2012 fashion trends must have item. You can even pull it off with great success during winter.

black leather dress is part of the fall fashion trends 2012

Before even getting to the styling advice part, we must mention a few important aspects first. When purchasing any kind of leather dress, make absolutely sure the fit is just perfect. A great fitting is extremely important in any clothing related purchase obviously, but leather can be tricky. So don’t settle for anything less than flawless. Also, before establishing yourself a budget, you may want to consider the possibility of investing in a high-quality leather piece. Don’t go for the cheap looking versions, because in the end you will loose that luxurious and glamorous feel for almost nothing in exchange. Trust your inner fashionista instincts and go for what you really deserve.

different style black leather dress for fall 2012 fashion trends

Styling Tip No.01: Keep The Accessories To A Minimal. Much like in the case of a beautiful printed frock, the leather dress is beyond powerful on her own, so it doesn’t require much adding in order to really stand out. Make a bold statement by wearing a sleek leather dress with minimal accessories, and we’re talking no necklaces, no earrings, no bracelets. Just a flawless leather piece able to do the talking on its own. It will be totally worth it.


Styling Tip No.02: Double On The Leather Factor. For a powerful and super-chic appearance double on the leather and warm factor, and pair the fitted dress with a matching coat. The coat doesn’t necessarily have to be fully made out of leather, as long as some edgy inserts will do the trick. Search for a coat that’s slightly longer than the dress to complement it right.

The-Black-Leather-Dress-04 of our fall 2012 fashion trends

Styling Tip No.03: Embrace The Fashion Forward Elements. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a sleek, classic tailored and fitted black leather dress, but if your fashion sense is slightly more adventurous, don’t be afraid to embrace some fashion forward elements in your look. Go for sculptural dresses with innovative shapes, embellished by zippers and interesting cuts. Accent your look with the right accessories and you will be unstoppable.


Styling Tip No.04: Take A Turn Into Eveningwear. If you care to make a long-lasting first impression on a special occasion, or during a celebratory event, do pick a glamorous leather dress as your outfit. Search for intricate designs, playing upon patterns and delicate embellishments, but keep the good taste in mind. Style the cool evening dress with a feminine hairstyle and a natural looking make-up in order to keep the contrast alive.


Styling Tip No.05: Balance The Edginess With a Delicate Look. As previously mentioned, the leather dress is a super cool and trendy piece that can easily make you look powerful and confident. So unless you are going for a vampy look, balance your dress with a delicate make-up in natural tones, and a very feminine hair-style. Think braids, buns, top-knots and high-ponytails.

With these five tips in mind, I am more than sure you will make the most out of this super edgy trend during fall. Have fun searching for your dream leather dress and remember: don’t settle for anything less than flawless.