Fall Fashion Trends 2013

A Sneak Peek at the Fall Fashion Trends 2013

We have barely come out of fall 2012, when the fall fashion trends 2013 are already beckoning us. Fashion moves at lightning speed, always getting ahead of time, so that you and I have enough time to adapt to the trends of the forthcoming season, when the season eventually comes around.

With winter 2013, spring 2013 and summer 2013 still to get through, it appears that Fall 2013 is a long way off. It is. But major designers across the world have started previewing their Fall 2013 themes. The actual collections are perhaps not yet in place, but it is quite clear what will the predominant colors, themes and textures one can look forward to in Fall 2013.

Fashion and Science – A Connection?

On the face of it, there doesn’t appear to be a connection between the world of science and the world of fashion. If anything they are perceived as being at the opposite ends of a spectrum. However there is one common factor. Scientists have been striving for years to accomplish travel into the future, while fashion bigwigs do it every year.

And the good news is you are getting to travel to the future right now. How, you ask? Well you are now on the first few days of 2013, and you are going take a sneak peek at what you will look like (fashion wise, of course) in Fall 2013, a good nine months away. Now if that isn’t future travel, what is?

Without further ado, let us look at the fall fashion trends 2013.

Theme Influencing Fall Fashion 2013

In a round up of the various fashion industry events presented in fashion capitals across the world, some of the predominant themes that emerged for 2013 fall fashion included the Renaissance, Dark Romance, Nature and Futuristic themes.

So you can expect the fall fashion trends 2013 to be centered on these themes.

2013 Fall Fashion Trends for Men

Given that fall is the gateway to winter, fall fashion trends invariably focus on outerwear. For men’s overcoats in Fall 2013, the focus is on a combination of military style as well the color blocking trends popular in the summer spring 2013 collections. Color blocking was big in women’s fashion trends for the spring summer 2013 collections. But this obviously feminine trend has been suitably adapted for men in 2013 fall fashion and therein lies the ingenuity of the breed of creative professionals called fashion designers. Hats off to them!

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

 This trend may be considered in line with the Renaissance theme that focuses on pushing the creative limits in fashion.

Another key element of the Renaissance theme is a combination of color and prints, which is also seen in this sample for men’s fall fashion 2013 in the Colcci collection.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

 2013 Fashion Trends for Women

Keeping in line with the Futuristic theme of the fall fashion trends 2013, the women’s collection for next fall incorporated a number of metallic accents into the apparel.

And ladies, for those of you who are in love with your denims, you have much to look forward to, for one of the biggest trends from fall 2013 is the return of the denim. In fact combining these two trends, metallic embellishments on denims were a big feature on ramps showcasing fall 2013 collections.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Keeping in line with the Dark Romance and Renaissance themes, women in 2013 can expect to see a range of dark colored fabrics of varying materials like satin, taffeta, chiffon and elements like fine print, embroidery, mesh and baroque which emphasize on creativity with an undertone of romance. Here are two examples of precisely this look showcased on the runways.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

 Body Suit Fall Fashion 2013 Trends for Women

The androgynous body suits are one of the most popular trends from fall 2013. However, this time around, the designs are not very severe, but have been toned with florals, sheer, lighter colors and patterns to produce a relaxed silhouette and a more feminine effect.

 Fall Fashion Trends 2013

 Color Trends for Fall Fashion 2013

The color trends for 2013 fall fashion cover the entire gamut from light to dark with every hue and shade being specifically used in sync with the dominant themes of the season.

For instance, the darker and lighter hues of blue will be popular fall fashion 2013 trends for women and men as blue has an inherent ‘romance’ association.

Moving on towards the lighter shades, the trend predominantly supports the futuristic theme.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Color trends for fall fashion 2013 for men also range from light to dark.

Footwear Trends for Fall 2013

2013 fall fashion trends in footwear are extremely stylish and sophisticated. Leading the trend are high knee boots in deep dark colors that complement the season. The pointy high heels finish off the look with elegance.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Boots with wedges are another popular trend to look out for in fall fashion trends 2013. Moving away from plain wedges seen in this season, the focus will be more on colorful, decorative wedges. You may use straps or go strapless with your boots as per your individual tastes.

 Fall Fashion Trends 2013

Men’s footwear trends in 2013 fall include high boots with buckles, laces and zippers. The lapels are made of knitted material, fur or leather to up the style quotient.

Fall Fashion Trends 2013

 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to winter 2012. We have travelled across time to Fall 2013. Hope you had a pleasant journey and enjoyed the scenery. By scenery of course, I mean the fall fashion trends 2013.

So this is the overview of what you can expect in terms of fashion in fall 2013. You can start collecting pieces to build up your collection in accordance with the fall fashion trends 2013. Of course right now it is more important to see if your wardrobe is ready for spring/summer 2013. But no harm in looking around, is there? Perhaps some of the 2013 fall fashion trends are a reinvention of earlier trends. In that case you may just have to rework some existing pieces in your wardrobe and you are all set for fall 2013.