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10 Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2012

Due to your awesome response to yesterday’s article on best dressed celebrities and your interest in reading about the worst dressed celebrities, here we present to you the article you wanted to read most.

One of you mentioned this in your email, “Don’t the celebrities’ outfits sometimes make you stop to wonder ‘what on earth were they thinking’?” Well, yes, we feel the same when celebrities go wrong with fashion. The worst part is that they are hardly ever given the space to forget their fashion faux pas because once a fashion disaster is created it goes down in history as Hollywood’s fashion misses.

What we have lined up for you today are the worst dressed celebrities in 2012. We have picked up outfits by those celebrities who manage to go wrong almost every time and even those who have faltered only on a few occasions. So if you are looking for something to educate yourself on what not to wear and lighten your mood at the same time, then this is the best place to be.

10. Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin is always dressed up so well in all the movies she stars in; it makes us wonder what happens to her outside the movies. Guess that is the extent to which a professional stylist can influence your look.  Do you think that Ginnifer has no mirror in her home and therefore cannot judge how good or bad she looks before stepping out? Or do you think it’s just her fashion sense that makes her falter most of the times?

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

9. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who can easily swing between the best dressed and the worst dressed celebrities of 2012 (don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post where she features in the best dressed celebs list). There is no denying that Kim sure knows how to flaunt her curves, but when this girl goes wrong, she really goes disastrously wrong and you can see that for yourself.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

8. Miley Cyrus

We could get a little dicey about Miley Cyrus because this wild singer has given us some really fashionably memorable outfits in the past. However, once she lost her precious locks to the scissors, the singer seems to have lost her sense of fashion as well. The outfits that she wears to her performances are the latest topic of controversy of Miley’s life.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

7. Mariah Carey

What seems up with Mariah Carey lately? The singer no longer possesses her earlier charm and fashion sense that made us fall in love with her when she rose to fame. It looks like Mariah is content with the number of fans she already has and doesn’t want to increase her fan-base based on her style.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

6. Demi Lovato

The problem with Demi Lovato is that she doesn’t dress up appropriately for her age. She manages to either look like a tiny tot or at times like an old lady. And for the times that she tries to look youthful, she goes wrong with it. It’s the choice of colors, patterns, hairdos and accessories that she messes up with.

Demi Lovato

5. Tilda Swinton

If you take one good look at Tilda Swinton, you can tell this actress is indeed a very pretty lady; however, she always opts for pale outfits, making her entire appearance look rather pale. Her beauty is hardly enhanced with the pale, dull, boring and ill-fitting clothes that she opts for and this is what works against her.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

4. Britney Spears

The worst possible outfits hit this baby all the time. Whether it is what she wears on stage for her performances, on the red carpet, on reality shows or in public, Britney sure needs some serious fashion tutoring to avoid creating blunders time and again.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

3. Rihanna

Rihanna’s outfits can sometimes get as controversial as her love life. Although Rihanna manages to charm us at times with her ensemble, she does give us quite a few ridiculous moments with hideous patterns, wrong color combinations and totally wrong choice of outfits. And the worst part is that Rihanna manages to go wrong even with her accessories and while on stage, her undergarments are on display 90% of the time.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

2. Nicky Minaj

Nicky Minaj is dressed for Halloween all through the year. We wonder if this singer is trying to catch up to Lady Gaga’s level. Well, that doesn’t concern us much. What does concern us is that Nicky Minaj really does have quite a creative sense of visualization to come up with the most hideous outfits and the confidence to strut about in public dressed in them.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

1. Lady Gaga

There are some celebrities who manage to go beyond every level of human imagination and reach another world and no other celebrity manages to get as outrageous with their outfits as Lady Gaga does. A picture is worth a thousand words and with so many pictures of Lady Gaga and her disastrous fashion sense, need we say anything more?

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

It is true that celebrities cannot really afford to go wrong with fashion because their work revolves around fashion, but as humans tend to err, we’ve got to forgive them for their fashion errors. However, we would really love it if all our celebrities undertook a tutorial on how to dress well, for their own good.

10 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012

2012 saw fashion’s highest highs and lowest lows; there were a series of hits and a series of misses and while some celebrities amazed us, some committed the worst fashion faux pas.

So who were these fabulous celebrities who captivated us in 2012 with their fashion sense? Who gave us a series of memorable hits and who inspired us to find our inner divas and walk out into the world wearing the best of clothes? Let’s take a look and find out.

Counting down to the top 10 best dressed celebrities of 2012, enjoy!

10. Miranda Kerr

No we aren’t talking of the best dressed celebrities in lingerie. If you keep aside Miranda Kerr’s Victoria’s Secret angel status and stop thinking about her million dollar bra, you can see Miranda for what she is – a good dresser.

Best Dressed Celebrities

Models do have a natural penchant for fashion and Miranda is always well dressed whether she takes to the street, goes out shopping or graces the red carpet. Her dresses, casual wear and accessories are to die for. She is one celebrity who certainly knows how to work up a great look for any occasion.

9. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo effortlessly exhibits grace in everything she wears. You could pick up any piece of clothing and give it to this pretty girl and be sure she will transform it to come up with a great and fashionable look. And the best part about Olivia’s look is that this lovely lady sure knows how to accessorize well and you will see her amazing fashion sense manifest through her shoes, bags, clutches and jewelry.

Best Dressed Celebrities

8. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s high profile personal life being played in public can stretch a bit too far at times, but Selena sure does have a closet filled with awesome goodies. Not only does this girl have a great skill at singing and acting, but she also has a great fashion sense.

Best Dressed Celebrities

Selena knows well what is supposed to be worn where and that’s why she always manages to catch our eyes everywhere she goes (besides Justin Bieber of course).

7. Kristen Stewart

Kristen surely has given us some memorable fashion faux pas in the last few months with her obsession for sheer fabrics, but you can’t deny the fact that she knows how to dress well. Although it does seem like Kristen pulls off a great ensemble only when she is in the mood to do so, she does it nevertheless and manages to come up with something fabulous most of the time.

Best Dressed Celebrities

6. Reese Witherspoon

If we had to define Reese’s fashion sense in a few words it would be graceful, cute, trendy, youthful and sparky.

Best Dressed Celebrities

Reese knows how to turn on the charm with anything she wears, so much so that even when the actress was pregnant lately, she didn’t use it as an excuse to step out dressed in anything she could lay her hands on.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is best known for her amazing red carpet appearances, but this star sizzles even when she is not dressed for the red carpet. She keeps it simple and that’s what works for this beauty each and every time.

Best Dressed Celebrities

4. Angelina Jolie

Is there any best dressed or best looks or most beautiful or the sexiest list that Angelina Jolie doesn’t make it to? Never! And we’re sure you’re not surprised with her appearance on this list too. It’s not that people who make these lists are fixated with Angelina, but it is just that this star always gives us a million reasons to include her on these lists.

Best Dressed Celebrities

And this time again, Angelina’s clothes and fashion sense bring her to our list of the best dressed celebrities of 2012.

3. Kim Kardashian

Although Kim could get pretty controversial at times (with her clothes too), but it is her very clothes that we love (hate sometimes). Kim could tutor curvy women on how to dress to flatter your body and she would rock at it, just as she rocks in everything that she wears.

Best Dressed Celebrities

2. Emma Stone

Emma Stone hardly goes unnoticed these days and it’s not only for her acting skills or the number of movies in her kitty, but it is also because of the way this beauty dresses up. Casuals, formals, evening gowns and cocktail dresses; Emma confidently carries herself in everything and that’s probably what adds to her look.

Best Dressed Celebrities

1. Kate Middleton

And the Duchess of Cambridge is finally here. Ever since Kate Middleton has come into the limelight pre and post her royal marriage, there are many women all over the world who have fallen in love with her clothes. The Duchess seems naturally gifted with a royal fashion sense and she effortlessly brings grace, poise, beauty and zing to everything she wears. Her dresses, shoes, clutches, gowns and even her casual wear are always complete with a touch of royalty. We really hope that we could win free passes to the Duchess’ closet someday.

Best Dressed Celebrities We have got to hand it over to some of our celebrities for putting so much effort and thought into each and every look of theirs and coming up with something fabulous each time. We wonder if some of these are naturally gifted with an amazing fashion sense or is there a prescribed book from where they pick these tips up? We’d love to have both!

7 Fashionable Ways to Wear Faux Fur & wow the Crowd at New Year’s Party

Fur is a bold fashion statement, but real fur is neither cool nor ethical; faux fur on the other hand definitely is, and it is spreading like wild fire. A unique material which gives the same look and feel as real fur, the faux fur was introduced in 1929, and since then has become widely popular in fashion circles. Boasting of everything nice without the vice, the faux fur is appreciated for being green and gossip–sparking and has got everyone from the topmost at the fashion week, the upcoming fashionistas and even the A-list celebrities hooked on to it.

Having created havoc in fashion houses, this stylish fashion wear has caused a furry frenzy with celebrities from all corners wanting a piece of this trendsetting pie. This has catapulted the faux fur as one of the must-wear things to this New Year’s party. Stylish, sensational and a rage with the who’s who in town, the faux fur will definitely keep all eyes on you, and the way you carry your faux fur.

Faux fur snaps

So let us take a look at some of the best ways to wear faux fur to leave onlookers awestruck, just like the celebrities.

7 Most Trendy Ways to Wear Faux Fur at this New Year’s Party

1. Emma Roberts’ Leopard Coat

The leopard fur carries the poise, grace and feline instincts or the real leopard. Teamed with black, it makes for an elitist aura. Here Emma Roberts shows her acute fashion instincts by subtly pairing a Leopard faux fur over streamlined leather trews. A star attraction at the New Year’s party and sure to draw eyes by those leopard spots.

 Faux Fur Trends

2. Olivia Palermo Double Faux Fur

Wow now style like that is exclusively found on runways. Using a dual layer of faux fur, Olivia Palermo ups the style quotient by adding more fur giving it an even more realistic snow wolf appeal. The Double faux fur is warmer than single layered counterparts and with a singular hue shades radiates an almost natural appeal. Being cozy, calm and composed, this faux fur is one of the best statements to start the New Year with.

 Olivia Palermo in double faux fur

3. The Fashionable Scarf – Alexa Chung

Simplicity, subtlety and style are the attributes being displayed by Alexa Chung and her white faux fur scarf. A tried and tested way, this fashion accessory has been widely accepted and will find its place in any party circuit. Beautiful color complementing with just a hint of indulgence of faux fur, the scarf is perfect to provide the finesse for this New Year’s Party.

 Alexa Chung in faux fur scarf

4. Gilet Faux Fur – Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo has done a lot of bold and classy experimentation with the faux fur, and we are very much obliged. Superbly contrasting the gilet with leather, the faux fur is definitely chic and a perfect fit with leather. A must try at the party.

 Olivia Palermo in faux fur gilet

5. The Classy Fur Tipped Coat – January Jones

Classy is one word which comes to mind when you see January Jones and her fur tipped coat. The timeless luxurious aura sans any distorting of the figure is a welcoming attribute for a very sexy outfit indeed. Sure to impress at the New Year’s Party.

 Faux Fur Trends

6. Alexa Chung’s Shearling Parka with Clues of Faux Fur

Providing hints to onlookers by letting it slightly skim on the outside of the coat, is an ingenious way to keep the crowd guessing. Subtle yet extravagant, Alexa Chung shows an impeccable taste of style with the faux fur on the inside of a shearling parka. With such a stylish way to wear faux fur you will keep the party in rapt attention and waiting for more.

 Faux Fur Trends

7. The Black Coat Faux Fur – Elizabeth Olsen

The original black coat with faux fur, looks classic and vibrant. One of the most versatile ways to wear faux fur, this coat accompanies and enhances the appeal of most clothes with which it is paired. Making you look glamorous without any flashy designs, the faux fur coat is an excellent style to wear to the party.

 Faux Fur Trends

Faux fur has achieved an irreplaceable position in the fashion hot spots. Faux fur has added an extra dimension for reinventing one’s sense of style and image as it can be used just minutely or all over for a full fledged furry appeal. Widespread appeal and popularity by fashion houses and celebs alike has made sure that the faux fur is no fashion faux pass but a superb style statement which is sure to attract a lot of wows from the crowd this New Year’s Party.

Dashing & Sexy Men worth Killing for: 2012’s 10 Best Dressed Hollywood Hunks

From the fashionistas in Paris and Milan to the brides of tribal towns, women’s fashion is celebrated everywhere. But this is not about them; this is about those dashing and chiseled men who make your toes curl in just a glance. With being ‘In Vogue’ being no more a feline domain, these fashionable macho hunks display an exquisite sense of style which would give any leading lady a run for her money.

Nothing gets better than the most dangerously captivating men on the planet, being dressed to kill. Exemplary taste in clothing etiquette and a flawless style, these modern day Adonises don’t just wear clothing they also wear their own style and masculinity, something which makes you want to stop time, so you can keep on staring.

So let our hearts skip a few beats by glancing at the best dressed Hollywood hunks.

10 Best Dressed Hollywood Men in 2012

1. George Clooney

He needs no introduction. A man whose awesome looks, timeless charm and impeccable sense of clothing only get better with age, Mr. Ocean has rarely missed a mention in the well dressed list. Usually found with a pristine suit, George Clooney embodies the meaning of evergreen style. It’s not the first time he’s on the list. And it’s not the first time someone will say that ‘he does know how to make that suit look simply fantastical’.

Best Dressed Celebrity

2. Gerard Butler

There’s a reason why women went to see the high octane testosterone pumping shouting and screeching in 300 and that is the super ripped semi – nude body of Gerard Butler. With a body fit for a king, you would think he would be paid to keep his clothes off, but there’s more than meets the eye. From a swashbuckling Bounty Hunter to a peppy Rock n Rolla, there’s a reason why you rarely see him bare again. Capable of carrying the right look at the right time, Gerard Butler is definitely one of the best dressed Celebs of 2012.      


3. Ryan Gosling

Clothes maketh the man may be true but its Ryan Gosling who makes clothes look better than they actually are. Possessing a calm, composed demeanor which never waivers no matter what he wears, whether it be a bomber jacket, cardigans or a navy suit with red socks, Ryan Gosling is one man who looks super stylish in every types of clothes he wears. Definitely one of the Best dressed Hollywood hunks.


4. Will Smith

He’s come a long way from those baggy, torn jeans (rapper style) to stylish suits, prim proper shirts and back to torn jeans & skull caps, wait! Torn jeans! Yes, Will Smith is one star who can make anything look like it’s the latest piece from Milan and yes he’s one person who can make you trade in your shiny suit for those torn up jeans. Impressed, wait till you see the Man in Black in his stylish suits, totally hitched…


5. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s irresistibly good looks and the statement he makes with his attire, you can’t help but be drawn by Mr. Smith. Brad Pitt comes across as one of the most well dressed stars fitting most kinds of clothing the way he fits his movie characters, but naturally. A man who easily wears his wit, charm, humor along with his clothing, Brad Pitt has been a recurring part of the best dressed list for a long time and rightfully so.

Best Dressed Celebrity

6. Tom Cruise

Nothing describes effortless style better than Tom Cruise. Be it doing an impossible mission halfway across the world or playing the part of an endearing samurai, boy he knows his dress code. Always dressed for perfection, Tom Cruise has an innate ability to magnetize women with what he wears, Yes even a Japanese Katana.


7. Djimon Honsou

Doesn’t grab the spotlight too often, but when he does you’ll be left wondering at the style of this famous Solomon from Blood Diamond. Once a model by occupation, Djimon Honsou sports his tux the same way he sports Calvin Klein underwear, with class and a smile – one of the most desirable things everyone should wear.

Best Dressed Celebrity

8. Zac Efron

Well he’s out of high school and in between the loves of his life, Zac Efron has grown up and wow what a sight. Oozing elegance, subtlety, sophistication and just the right amount of sharpness whether in a suit or sweatshirt, here is the making of one style which is bound to grow on you.

Zac Efron

9. Bradley Cooper

An all nighter chasing half the town searching for your best pal is definitely not a situation where you expect a man to be able to maintain his clothing sense. The only exception to the rule, Bradley Cooper manages to do just that and also smooth talk his way out a situation looking like he walked right out of a dream. There was no surprise when he was voted by People’s Magazine as the “Sexiest Man Alive” and there is no denying that is most fittingly one of Hollywood’s best dressed.

Bradley Cooper

10. Justin Timberlake

Bringing a new thought or change may be called a revolution, but redefining people’s perspective of fashion and looking sexy and stylish while doing it is Justin Timberlake for you. The N’sync star arrived just in time, bringing along the body hugging dress shirt and an impeccable style to liven up the men’s fashion scene. Definitely a trend setter, you would want to be friends with the well dressed Social Network star.

Justin Timberlake

Dressing up isn’t a tough job, but what sets these Hollywood stars apart is the passion with which they do so. Creating a space for themselves while continuously shaping their frames, these stars have achieved an immaculate style which brings out the best in whatever they wear. For it is not about what you wear but how you wear it, with which true style is born.

So you are a star too, for you wear individuality up your sleeves.

What are you wearing this New Year’s eve?

4 Hottest Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

Hi guys,

Are you all set for tonight’s Christmas party? Brilliant!

By now you must be ready wearing the best outfit for Christmas. But hey before you leave for that party, did you give your hair an awesome styling? If not, fret not. Take a look at the best Christmas party hairstyles for men. We are presenting four most popular and trendiest contemporary men’s hairstyles.

Unlike what is commonly believed, a good hairstyle is not just the domain of women any more. Guys often tend to ignore this aspect of their personality. One of the reasons could be the entrenched belief that a man should be more careless and rough-n-tough and looking after physical beauty is a ‘girlish’ thing. Don’t be one of them. Read on and be the star at tonight’s Christmas party.

Many things are shifting in the Aquarian age. The concepts about what is ‘manly’ and what is ‘womanly’ are changing rapidly. Contemporary men like to be well-groomed and women love that. So all you men out there, get ready to flaunt an attractive hairstyle.

There are many hairstyles to suit your looks. Following are four of the trendiest ones for this Christmas season.

1) Short Curls – For a Laid-Back Look

Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

If you are blessed with naturally wavy or curly hair then this is one of the most natural hairstyles you would want to flaunt at the Christmas party today. If you don’t have curls, worry not, you can always curl your hair artificially and get the desired effect that a natural waviness can offer. Cut the hair on the sides shorter than the hair on the crown of your head. And you’re ready with a trendy hairstyle for a chilled-out Christmas party.

2) Short Side Part George Clooney Style

Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

Hey guys you don’t need to pull your hair if you don’t have the privileged curls on your head. Your straight hair is a perfect suit for the short hairstyle.

Popularized at the end of the last decade, and made popular by actors like George Clooney, this is one of those hairstyles that offer you a stylish yet gentlemanly appearance. The short-haired side parted hairstyle can be donned by young and not so young guys alike. Easier to maintain, this is a good choice for a Christmas party with family and friends.

3) Shoulder Length Unkempt Hairstyle


This hairstyle gives you a more informal, casual and natural appearance. It is believed that women feel more attracted towards men with longer hair than shorter ones. The reality behind this belief is unknown but many a men today prefer longer hair despite the fact that they are more difficult and time-consuming to manage. A shoulder length hairstyle is a great choice for a more relaxed yet smart and stylish look during the Christmas season.

4) Double Slick Hairstyle

Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

The slick hairstyle keeps appearing in men’s hairstyle scenario every fashion season. The popularity of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire undoubtedly has a major role to play in this. The latest trend is the double slicks instead of one made famous by actors like Chris Hemsworth.

With your medium length hair, create a central part with fingers and with some gel or any styling cream comb the front hair upward and sideways. And you are ready to rock for a scintillating Christmas evening.

Your hair speaks a lot about your personality and your life. Long hair or short hair, women love men who know how to manage their looks and lives. A well-groomed man is more attractive to most women. So, bring the best of your masculine charm this Christmas by giving your hair one of these awesome hairstyles. Merry Christmas!

Incorporate 5 Best Fashion Trends of 2012 into Your Christmas Look

Wondering how to incorporate the best fashion trends of 2012 into your Christmas look? Some fashion trends linger in our minds for a long time, just like the memories of love and joy the Christmas season brings in our lives, year after year.

Some fashion trends are an excellent example of how ‘old can really be gold’ and when it’s mixed and merged with the new it can create something richer and more enthralling that none of them could have achieved single-handedly. We are talking about the fashion trends of 2012.

So all You Gals out there, are You Geared-Up for the Grand Celebrations?

It is no surprise that this festival arrives at the end of the year. It is time to say good-bye to the bygone and make a fresh new start. So how do you blend the passing year’s fashion trends into your Christmas celebration?

Let’s explore a few innovative ways to do just that.

1) Floral Prints – Bring out Your True Nature


It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that flowers are meant for women. Nothing compliments a woman’s natural grace and beauty more than a vibrant floral print dress. There is something very romantic about this dressing style which accentuates your natural charm.

Mix and match them with some brightly colored accessories including trendy handbags or shoulder bags, colorful goggles or fancy hats that blend beautifully with your stunning and flowery attire. And be sure to turn around and notice because this Christmas season will make a thousand flowers bloom in the heart of that special someone.

2) Pointed Toe Pumps – Make it a Point to Adorn Your Feet Well this Christmas

Christmas Trends 2012

They are sexy, they are stylish and they make your outfit sizzle with glamour. They come in many forms that you can choose according to your outfit. While a black patent pointy or colored shiny metallic one will perfectly suit almost any dress, the snake or leopard print pointed pumps will add more punch to your animal print outfit. The elegant embroidered variety will go very well with the floral prints or anything classy.

3) Hairband – A Woman’s Best Friend

hairbands-Christmas Trends 2012

The versatility of a hair band is what makes it such a darling of every woman for any season. You can wear them on so many different types of clothing options and they complement them perfectly. This Christmas perk up your ponytail or create an illusion of longer hair than their actual size using a hairband. A brightly colored hairband in red, white, green or even floral prints is sure to enliven your Christmas this year.

4) Animal Prints Clothing – Let Your Wild Side Dominate

Christmas Trends 2012

Whether you are a roaring party animal or just a purring cat, the animal print clothing appeals everyone. And animal prints will make you dazzle the onlookers with your ravishing natural beauty. From tops, pants, handbags to scarves and shoes, the animal print trend will add that touch of wilderness to your Christmas day celebration.

5) Box Clutches – A Handy Option

Christmas Trends 2012

We know you are a smart modern-day woman who loves to combine style with comfort then a box clutch handbag is your best bet. Easy to carry around, elegant in style and trendy in appearance, a box clutch handbag is one of the best accessories to flaunt with your trendy party-wear this Christmas season. From the classy black to the glistening metallic to the sparkling beaded variety, box clutches will be a delightful company with any attire.

So my lovely ladies what are you waiting for? Make your Christmas more colorful and stylish than ever by going for these trendy outfits.

Merry Christmas!

6 Christmas Costume Ideas for Your Kids: Give them the Best

Eagerly waiting for Christmas? You bet! Whether you’re an adult or a child, Christmas is a time which everyone looks forward to. It marks the culmination of a passing year and the beginning of a fresh new journey into the unknown. From clothes to toys, kids love everything new and colorful.

Markets are full of Christmas costumes for kids and they are a major attraction for kids and adults alike. Children always love new ideas about everything including Christmas clothes. They love showing them off to their friends and enjoy the attention and admiration from the adults.

Best Christmas Costume Ideas for Kids

There is always a huge demand for Christmas dresses for kids. You have a wide variety to choose from. You can either visit a fancy dress store in your area or shop online for some of the latest and most popular trends for kid’s wear for this year’s Christmas.

And if you have a creative streak inside you and want to give a special personal touch to your beloved child’s Christmas celebration, then you can even make one on your own.

Help your kids multiply their fun by choosing the most fitting outfits for them in the coming Christmas season. Following are a few innovative and adorable Christmas costume ideas for children.

1) Santa Clothes


What better choice to celebrate Christmas than to dress like the Santa himself? Dressing in the Santa Claus’ traditional outfit is one of the most popular ways to dress your kid for the occasion. There is a great variety of Santa costumes to choose from according to your tastes and your child’s age (these costumes are available for babies, toddlers and grown-up kids).

2) The Elf Costume

 Christmas Costume Trends

Children’s small physique makes them perfect for elf costumes too. And if your little one has a bubbly and mischievous demeanor, then dressing him up in a colorful elf costume will make him the attraction of Christmas.

This costume comes in the basic color combination of red and green. The long green jacket is typically spruced a bit with gold. The thick belt in black, a pointed joker-hat in green and gold, and those typical big elf shoes in black make this costume one of the most colorful ones for kids’ Christmas parties.

3) Rudolf the Reindeer Costume

Christmas Costume Trends

Rudolf the Reindeer with a glowing little red nose is another of the most popular Christmas costumes for kids. This is the legendary reindeer who leads in pulling Santa’s sleigh. This costume is made of a big brown main dress or sweatshirt. The coolest parts are the little stuffed horns and the highlight of the dress is the joker-like red nose. Kids love this costume and enjoy looking and behaving like a Reindeer.

4) The Angel Magic

Christmas Costume Trends

Though not as colourful as the previous ones this one is one of the most traditional and popular costume for kids, particularly for a baby-girl. The costume is typically made of a white satin gown adorned with golden border and glittering stars.

A headpiece depicting the aura on an angel’s head and angel wings adds to the fantasy-look of this costume. Spreading a little silver tip cream on the kids’ skin will add to the angelic glimmer.

5) Delicious Christmas Pudding Costume

Christmas Costume Trends

This is one of the more novel Christmas costume ideas for kids. This costume is made of a dark or chocolate brown colored outfit resembling the Christmas pudding. It is adorned with icing and fake raisins. To add to the fun, a hat with fake holly is used with this costume. These cute little outfits will surely make your little ones’ Christmas even more delicious.

6) Gift Box Costume


Dressing up your kid as a gift box itself is a fun and easy way of enjoying the festive season. You can either buy them or make them yourself. This costume consists of an attractively wrapped gift-box like outfit with holes for arms, legs and heads to pop out giving the appearance as if the box itself has them. Kids love this costume and a great way to remember how precious a gift your child is for you.

With these ideas and some of your own, you can come-up with the perfect outfit for your child. Christmas season has already arrived. So what do you want your little-one to become this Christmas?

Grace Your Femininity with Best Mehndi Designs of 2012

There’s just a little more than a week left to say our final Goodbye to 2012. What better way to say Goodbye to 2012 than by celebrating all the styles and trends that stood out proudly in 2012? Handbags, shoes, dresses, colors, hairstyles, nail art and even mehndi designs, here’s your chance to try them all.

Throughout 2012, we brought to you fabulous mehndi designs that were popular this year the world over and we’re sure it must have been really difficult for you to choose one from the many designs we showcased. And the only disadvantage about mehndi is that you cannot change your designs regularly; you have to wait patiently for the previous design to wear out completely till you try on a new one.

Today, we make your task much easier by presenting to you only those mehndi designs that bring out the best of 2012 in them.

Mehndi Designs 2012

Here’s presenting to you the Top 5 Mehndi Designs of 2012!

1. Spiral Mehndi Designs 2012

Spiral Mehndi Designs cover not only the palms of your hands, but they go right around your hand, spiraling their way through your hands like a creeper for a dramatic effect.

Mehndi Designs

2. Floral Mehndi Designs 2012

Floral Mehndi Designs for 2012 include the incorporation of flowers, leaves, stems and branches into the mehndi design to give it an exquisite floral look.

Mehndi Designs 2012

 3. Red and Gold Mehndi Designs 2012

Red and gold really work great when combined to give a woman a very gracious look in whatever form they may be. And when you incorporate artificial colors like red and gold in your mehndi design, it makes your hand look even prettier.

Red and Gold Mehndi Designs 2012

4. Embedded Mehndi Designs 2012

A mehndi design on your hand always looks breathtaking, but to top up that look and make it appear even more ravishing, a trend seen this year is the incorporation of colorful stone stickers into the mehndi design. This is done by first outlining a design of your choice, leaving space for these stones and once you wash off the top coat, you can paste these colorful stone stickers on your hands to give it an embedded mehndi design look.

Embedded Mehndi Designs 2012

5. Bridal Mehndi 2012

Bridal Mehndi is the most intricate among all the other designs. This is so because when a bride’s hands are adorned with mehndi, it holds a lot of ritualistic significance among certain Asian countries and mehndi designs are used as a means to make the bride look more charming on her big day.

Bridal Mehndi designs for 2012 include a blend of floral and abstract designs where the hand is completely covered with decorative elements from the hands right up till the elbow and even on the feet.

Bridal Mehndi Designs 2012

Honestly, we are sure we have confused you further because these designs are so beautiful, you will want to try them all. However, with just a little more than a week left for 2012 to be gone forever, you can choose only one and celebrate this year adorning your hands with pretty mehndi designs.