SAG Awards 2013

Fashion Faux Pas at SAG Awards 2013: Who Got it All Wrong

The SAG Awards 2013 have concluded. The winner have made their speeches and proudly displayed their trophies at home. And the losers have stopped sulking.

Now is the time to critically analyze red carpet fashion at the SAG. Admit it, this is more exciting than the Awards itself.

As we said earlier many of the celebrities got their ensembles picture perfect for SAG. Here are some of the best dressed celebrities who oozed style and sophistication on the red carpet for SAG 2013.

SAG Awards 2013

And then there were some who got it all wrong. We shall see how and why.

1.  Ariel Winter in Alex Perry Dress

Modern Family star Ariel Winter looked quite frumpy in her pleated chiffon Alex Perry dress. Though the dress by itself was charming with sweetheart neckline and floral embroidered elements in the bodice and the arm, it just did not work for her. She should have opted for a bolder color and perhaps a better fit. The ballooning out pleats don’t flatter at all.


2. Getting the Basics Wrong

It is amazing how some of the usually well dressed ladies stepped out for the SAG 2013 awards forgetting the basic rules of fashion.

worst dressed sag awards_2013-kaley-cuoco-sigourney-weaver-

While red is not a bad idea for the red carpet, bright red in a lacy ensemble is definitely not the best of options and Kaley should have known that. Her weird-looking bangs don’t help either. Sigourney Weaver’s shiny black gown is so ill fitted we could cry. 2 questions to her – why so shiny, and why the poor fit. And Julianne Moore also got it completely wrong in the fitting. How could she agree to wear something so obviously ill fitting at the top? And perhaps, Rose Byrne thought the SAG 2013 was fancy dress this year and came dressed as a curtain. Well, nothing else can explain why she would wear that hideous pattern.

3. Black Leather Darkens it for Julie Bowen

Leather is meant to be worn short and sexy. When you wear it as a full length gown, neither is it sexy nor sophisticated. If you didn’t know this, look and learn from Julie Bowen’s leather gown at the SAG 2013.


4. 50 Shades of Jane?

Jane Lynch’s harness ensemble makes me think of things in a certain popular (extremely popular, I may add) novel of our times. Is it appropriate for red carpet wear? I don’t think so. What is your opinion?


Did you observe how many fashion faux pas involved the usually infallible black? Moral- black is vulnerable too to fashion mistakes if you make the wrong choices.

5. Deep Cobalt Gone Wrong

Deep shades of blue like cobalt are usually very flattering. Jordin Sparks unfortunately gets it wrong with pleats around the hips that give the impression the gown is very tight. But perhaps it was tight (ouch). And sagging halter neck does not help either.

SAG Awards 2013

Do you agree with our analysis or do you have a favorite from amongst these looks? Do let us know your interesting perspective. After all, fashion sense is individualistic, what is fashion faux pas for one can be fashion fantastic for another.