Fashion Icon Salma Hayek’s Latest Hot & Sexy Photos: Salma, Savages & Shoot

With an hourglass figure, Salma Hayek is undoubtedly one of the most sensational and successful superstars in Hollywood. The Mexican artiste, who celebrated her 46th birthday, calls it a ‘miracle’ that she is still working in Hollywood despite the rage of her age.

Salma recently wrapped up the last leg of the shooting schedule for Oliver Stone’s new film, Savages. John Travolta and Blake Lively are her co-stars.

There’s more news that we bring to you today in addition to telling you about Salma, Savages and the shoot.

Salma, Savages & Shoot

Salma Hayek is flaunting her perfectly sculpted, sexy body, in the newest edition of Harper’s Bazaar UK.

There’s something indeed surprising, rather we should say, shocking that this lady with an hourglass figure says. She opines that she considers herself as ‘short and fat’.

‘Short and fat’? Yes. It’s not a typo error that we made. You read it right. She actually called herself ‘short and fat’.

In the exclusive interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Salma gives the credit for her successful career and life to lady luck to luck.

She feels lucky to be working in Hollywood despite being a woman above 40, being ‘dyslexic, short and chubby’.

Last week Salma was spotted at the Saint Laurent show for Paris Fashion Week. She was seen with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault at the Stella McCartney show during Paris Fashion Week in France. The couple was seated in the front row and was joined by Kate Moss, Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy.

The week before, Salma and Francois grace the Balenciaga and Balmain fashion shows with their presence and got together with Kristen Stewart.

For over 15 years since her Desperado debut (1995), Salma Hayek has been a Hollywood favourite featuring in over forty 40 films.

Striking a perfect pose for the newest edition of Harper’s Bazaar UK, in one of the shots, she can be seen covering her breast with hands adorned in sexy black gloves. We bring to that exclusive picture right here.

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So What’s Salma’s Fitness Mantra?

Does she believe in dieting to the level of starving? Let’s find out. Salma confesses with cool candour that she takes immense pleasure in her life and does not believe in wasting time dieting.

Voted by the Time magazine as one of the most powerful and leading Hispanic superstars ever, she believes in eating everything to maintain younger look.

This sexy superstar is all set to welcome success her way with her roles as a producer, actor, manager of fashion line and so much more.