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Fashion In Hollywood – The Accessories that Ruled Silver Screen

The best places to watch out for trends are the runways of the biggest fashion brands, to check out fashion in Hollywood from the Red Carpet at award ceremonies or movie premiers and one of the biggest platforms that inspire fashion trends among the general public – the Movies.

Most of the trends that we follow and those that change with time have their roots in the movies. The jewelry that celebrities wear, the handbags they carry, the shoes they don, the hats and sunglasses they use, will always find fans among women and men alike, who watch these movies. Most fashion in Hollywood is often copied and used round the world as celebrities tend to be the biggest trendsetters.

Remember what a craze Sarah Jessica Parker’s blue Manolo Blahnik pumps had caused in the first Sex and the City movie? Not only did this pair sell like hot cakes, but it also inspired a trend of blue shoes among many, many women.

carrie breadshaws blue shoes is fashion in hollywood
Blue Shoes

Women tend to fall in love at first sight when they take one good look at an accessory that appeals to them. However, some really great pieces worn by celebrities get lost in a ‘miss and blink’ moment in movies.

Today we will highlight our favorite fashion in Hollywood accessories that ruled Silver Screen in 2012. If you have missed these pieces, reading this article will serve as a great platform for acquaintance with these trends. And if you have seen these accessories worn by the stars, this article will serve as a good reminder for you to indulge yourself in these trends. AND if you bought these pieces the moment you first saw them, you can beam with pride and glory that your very piece has made it to the list we’re showcasing today.

1. Bernice Marlohe’s Earrings & Necklace in Skyfall

We have to give Bernice Marlohe’s earrings & necklace in Skyfall the number one position on our list because of the uniqueness of the piece.

The Bond girl inspires a trendy fashion among her fans by sporting this glamorous snake tail pendant attached to a silver necklace. She pairs this fabulously unique necklace with snake tail earrings. The piece is encrusted with shiny black stones and pearls.

Bernice is seen sporting this style in many scenes of the movie and also on the posters of the latest Bond flick – Skyfall. If you like this trend, you’ll be glad to know that this very same piece is available in many jewelry stores as well as on online shopping sites.

earing and necklace fashion in hollywood

2. Katherine Heigl’s Fleece Scarf in New Year’s Eve

The leggy beauty Katherine Heigl is always styled in a way that works best for her tall frame. What we loved the most about Katherine’s look in the movie New Year’s Eve is her off white fleece scarf. She’s seen in most part of the movie dressed in this outfit and the scarf works to her advantage.

fleece scarf fashion in hollywood

Since winter is knocking at your doors, this is the best time for you to style your winter look with scarves since they add significantly to your outfit to achieve a chic look. Center your style on a fleece scarf like Katherine Heigl’s and the chic factor will effortlessly be yours.

3. Charlize Theron’s Purple Beaded Necklace in Snow White and the Huntsman

purple beaded necklace from snow white and the huntsman

You can ignore the spiked metal crown and the heavy metal necklace that the Queen, Charlize Theron, sports in Snow White and the Huntsmen. We want you to focus your sight on that dazzling piece of purple beads draped around Charlize’s neck. Charlize’s look in the movie is based on a lot of heavy metal jewelry but this purple beaded piece is what we liked the most since it’s something that you can wear casually.

Also, beads are a favourite among girls, no matter what color and no matter what size they come in. So here is a pretty pair we have picked for you to add to your collection of beads.

4. Hunger Games Pendants, Bracelets and Rings

Although the movie Hunger Games wasn’t really about fashion, this movie created a large fan base with fans that went crazy over the merchandise provided by this movie. Jewelry pieces like pendants, bracelets and rings designed around the logo of this movie became very popular and still are.

hunger games accessories

In our opinion, these accessories are more suitable for teenage girls. However, we have no doubt that these accessories, which possess an antique touch, do make a good choice for street wear.

5. Scarlett Johansson’s Knee Length Boots in Avengers

Cat suits look really great on our Hollywood darlings and while we may find ourselves getting lost in thoughts imagining one on our own bodies, let’s bring you back to earth with Scarlett Johansson’s boots that she paired with her cat suit in Avengers.

knee length boots on the avengers

Unleash your inner super hero and get in touch with your heroic spirit with these knee length boots that Scarlett Johansson sports in the Avengers. If you take a good look at these, you will find that her boots have no heel and they also have a layered effect produced by the black bands surrounding the length.

Boots are a great winter wear item and the black layered look gives you the feeling of strong powerful women. So we’re sure this is one item that’s soon going up on your To-Buy List for its unique style.

6. Rachel McAdam’s Skull Cap in The Vow

Although skull caps are not really a feminine feature, Rachel McAdams really makes this look very popular by bringing a gracious feminine charm to it. The skull cap is styled out of wool and what makes it look fabulous on her is the simple hairstyle she has worn it over.

skull cap fashion in hollywood from the movie the vow

Another celebrity seen sporting the woolen skull cap look is Emily Blunt in The Five-Year Engagement. Skull caps are great for the winters.

skull cap fashion in hollywood

7. Kristen Stewart’s Engagement Ring in the Twilight series

Although Kristen Stewart’s a.k.a Bella’s engagement ring first made an appearance in Eclipse, the third installment of the movie about 2 years ago, she is seen sporting this ring in the latest and last installment of the movie too. Breaking Dawn Part 2 does have a few scenes showcasing Bella with her engagement ring adorning her finger.

Kristen Stewart's engagement Ring from twilight

What we love about this ring are the diamonds encrusted in the oval surface (quite a unique shape for a ring) and the vintage touch it has.

The Indispensable Style of Nude Pumps in Hollywood Movies for 2012

If we had to list the number of movies where the actresses wore nude pumps, that would be one never ending list. Nude pumps have got to be the HOTTEST footwear trend in 2012. We know for sure that there isn’t a single movie in 2012 where nude pumps weren’t worn by the actresses.

nude pumps are popular fashion in hollywood

Nude pumps look great, there is no doubt about that, but there’s got to be something about this trend that makes every woman want to have a pair. We guess it’s the appeal they possess and the fact that they go well with any outfit, thus making nude pumps one of the best accessories that ruled Silver Screen in 2012.

Your accessories’ list is now ready. Guess you can send this list to Santa Claus now as your Christmas wish list 😉 Nevertheless, we hope you have enjoyed our coverage on the Accessories that Ruled Silver Screen in 2012.