Fashion with Saris in 2012 | Top 10 Sari Designs

The sari, the traditional Indian attire has come a long way and today is the toast of the global fashion scene. The global influence of Bollywood has done its bit to popularize the sari in the US and elsewhere in the world. Many an international red carpet has been graced by exquisite, fashionable saris.

What is the Magic of the Sari?

There is something about the sari that captivates and you have to acknowledge that. The sari is uniquely feminine and has an elegant appeal. As the sari lovingly drapes your body and caresses your curves, you are sure to feel sexy and confident.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the sari lies in the fact that it never presents any size problems. It adapts itself to your figure and kindly hides any bulges that other outfits usually cruelly highlight.

The Sari As a Fashion Statement in 2012

In 2012, it is clear that the sari will be a fashion statement. And the best thing about the sari is that it remains fashionable all year round. Here is a look at the top 8 fashion sari trends for 2012.

1.  Chiffon See-Through Saris Trends 2012

This trend screams ‘sexy’ at the top of its voice. The chiffon sari is one of the best options you have for creating a glamorous look and for making an impact at the party you are going to. Available in pastel shades as well as deeper colors, you MUST have a flat belly to pull this one off. So ladies, get on with those punishing crunches. Because the results are definitely worth it, especially as you get to drape these lovely chiffon saris.

red and pink saris

2. Net Saris with Elaborate Designs for 2012

Net saris are also very popular in 2012. The light weight net material lends itself to exquisite designs, resulting in some amazing designer saris. Paired with the right blouse and accessories, you can create quite a stir with your net sari. Several celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor and others have already adopted this trend. And net saris have been very popular on the red carpet in 2012.

net saris

3. Brocade Sari Trends 2012

For a rich and luxurious look, nothing beats brocade. The shiny, gold tinted material is woven intricately or obviously into exquisite designs to create brocade saris. Opt for darker shades so that the bright brocade can stand out. Brocade saris are most often the saris of choice of the brides to-be.

brocade saris

4. Bandhani Sari Trends 2012

The Bandhani sari comes from the Indian state of Gujarat and is characterized by bright and vibrant colors. These trendy saris have a rustic feel. Pair up with chunky accessories and get effortlessly transformed into a village belle. You will love the feel and rest assured others will love your look.

Bandhani sari

5.  Traditional Silk Sari Trends 2012

Of course you cannot go wrong with the traditional silk saris in 2012. Though to the modern young woman, traditional Kanjivaram silk saris may seem too elaborate and old-fashioned, the fact remains that they are crafted with an exquisiteness and elegance unmatched even today. The grace lent by a silk sari is something that does not occur with any other outfit or even another sari. See for yourself the luxury and opulence exuded by these saris.

Traditional Silk Sari

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And Kanjivaram saris today are available in modern contemporary designs. Go ahead and choose your pick.

6. Dual Color Sari Trends 2012

An emerging trend for 2012, is the dual color sari. This sari showcased here has contrasting blue and green colors. A third color element has been added to the sari in the form of the distinctive border that has silver detailing. The overall effect is quite stunning, to say the least. Another design feature of dual colored saris is the use of the same color, but in different shades (light and dark) rather than using contrasting colors. Which style would you prefer?

Dual Color Sari

7. Embroidered Sari Trends 2012

Embroidery on saris is making a big comeback. While floral embroidery remains the most popular motif, designers are getting creative and uniquely embroidered designs are making an appearance on saris. Choose something that is unique and which represents you. After all, you are one of a kind and there is no reason your sari should not reflect that.

Embroidered Sari

8. Unique Fashion Sari Designs for 2012

A unique design that has been seen in 2012 for sari fashion is the ‘frill- sari’. I know the name sounds weird, but it precisely describes the sari. Consisting of elaborate design in the top part or the pallu (pallu is the portion that is draped over the shoulder) the lower half of the sari features frills. The sari looks almost like a half-dress, half sari and herein lies its appeal.

Fashion sari trends 2012

What do you think? Will you be able to carry this look off?

So ladies, these are the dazzling sari trends for 2012. Are you ready to shine on?

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