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Top 5 Fall 2014 Fashion Trends You Need To Know

Cheer up, girls! Even though summer is coming to its inevitable end, there’s a lot to look forward to (at least fashion-wise) in these colder months. For starters, here are the top 5 fall 2014 fashion trends you need to know RIGHT NOW. Because hey, it’s never too early for a colorful fur, right?

1) FAUX Fur, Fur, Furs!
Speaking about faux furs, they were all over the runways in the Fall/Winter 2014 shows – they are pretty much unavoidable in the colder months. Luckily, this season, the designers have pumped it up a notch and have boldly sent a vast array of colorful faux furry coats down the runway. From pink to red or pastel blue – and everything in between – colorful furs will reign supreme.

colorful fur

Above: Prada/Marc Jacobs/Lanvin/Fendi/Gucci

2) Power Knits
Next up, another major element of the fall 2014 fashion trends: knits. Forget about single sweater pieces! Instead, the designers were all about the head-to-toe knitted look which included an oversized sweater and knitted skirts or pants. Talk about staying warm! This season, we’ll be cozying up to massive (and hopefully super-warm) knitted outfits.

power knits

Above: The Row/Celine/Acne/Calvin Klein/Marc Jacobs

3) Cool Sneakers
If you love being both stylish and comfortable, this is one of the fall 2014 fashion trends you will surely love. Come winter, the almighty colorful sneakers will most likely become a must for every fashionista out there. Wear them with skirts, pants and anything in between: we’re pretty sure they will become your new best friends.

cool sneakers

Above: Chanel/DKNY/Marc by Marc Jacobs/Chanel

4) Capes
Talking about the top fall 2014 fashion trends… here’s one clothing item we haven’t seen in a while! Judging by the sheer amount of capes sent down the runway this season, this old/new staple is bound to be the next best thing in fashion. Maxi or midi, floral or in bold colors, the cape is a versatile piece. Pair it with mini skirts or dresses for the ultimate romantic look.


Above: Dolce&Gabbana/Ralph Lauren/Saint Laurent/Saint Laurent/Valentino

5) 60s Vibes
Last but definitely not least, the 60s are back in style! Mini skirts worn with knee-high boots are a massive trend this season. From super-colorful ensembles to pastels, browns and blacks, there’s something for everyone. So whip out those miniskirts ladies! Out of all the fall 2014 fashion trends, this is the one that will make a modern vixen out of ya!

60s vibes

Above: Saint Laurent/Gucci/Valentino/Valentino/Versace

Hottest and Most Wearable Street Styles At The New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

How do you define your power walk? Texting while traipsing? Or making heads turn to take a second look at you? Or maybe stopping for a photograph with you being captured as the best dressed person on the street?

What you carry to the street and how you carry yourself defines your power walk. And with some inspiration from the New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 Collection, you can define your power walk with a pinch of fashion, a dash of style, a spoonful of oomph and oodles of sexiness.

Welcome to the dazzling display of the hottest and the most wearable street styles for fall 2013, brought to you straight from the New York Fashion Week. Our favorite designers have had their hands full with these breathtaking designs and we’re nothing less than pleased. New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Come, join us and witness the Top 10 looks that you can carry around on your power walk to make it a bit more powerful in the fall of 2013. And while you’re at it, you can freeze the dropping temperatures and set them soaring instead.

1. Diane von Furstenberg JumpsuitNew York Fashion Week Fall 2013After the most popular colors during fall, this red and purple jumpsuit by Diane von Furstenberg has a peculiar design and is quite a head turning outfit which can be paired with a trench coat or a jacket during fall.

2. Kenneth Cole Formal Wear New York Fashion Week Fall 2013Get noticed for your fashion sensibilities at the workplace with this chic attire by Kenneth Cole. A zipped up maroon dress with a grey blazer, brown boots, maroon gloves and a maroon bag can bring a new found and much needed edginess to your work outfit.

3. Tracy Reese’s Colorful Touch New York Fashion Week Fall 2013Tracy Reese teaches you how to incorporate color into your fall outfit. Bring the dull surroundings to life and be the center of everybody’s attention in a neon pink jacket, teal boots and colorful overalls.

4. Bring Fashion to Work with Rebecca MinkoffRebecca MinkoffA geometric patterned mini dress can be teamed up well with a beige leather trench coat. Rebecca Minkoff shows you how to pull off this look with utmost chic.

 5. Suno’s Printed Magic New York Fashion Week Fall 2013Suno’s designs for the runway bring back the trend of exposing your midriff for fall 2013. You will be more than welcome to put a stop to the dropping temperatures and augment the heat a little more with this printed skirt and cropped blouse ensemble thrown together by Suno and completed with matching boots.

6. Costello Tagliapietra’s Fuchsia Fun New York Fashion Week Fall 2013Dab on some bright pink lipstick and slip on a fuchsia dress to go with it. Keep it casual with a thick belt a la Costello Tagliapietra.

7. Take Heat to the Street with Jason Wu New York Fashion Week Fall 2013Jason Wu shows you how to dazzle with some heat in the fall of 2013 with two sexy avatars. A white dress replete with a black collar and a black belt will melt the snow even when it’s winter and Jason Wu’s sexiest design so far – the red and black dress gives you a glimpse of the sexy devil at work.

8. Mataano’s Leopard Print New York Fashion Week Fall 2013Take leopard prints to the next level in fall 2013 with Mataano’s casual leopard print dress. Its body fitting top and flared bottom will deem you as the sexiest and the wildest diva on the street.

9. Oscar De La Renta’s Twist to the Little Black DressNew York Fashion Week Fall 2013Incorporating a sheer fabric into your little black dress will make it the chicest little black dress for fall 2013. Oscar De La Renta shows you how to wear chic in fall with a classy knee length LBD finished with black elbow length gloves and black pumps. A shiny belt on the waist is more than welcome.

10. Perk it up with Carolina Herrera New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Carolina Herrera shows you how to bring on the bling without any actual “bling” by slipping on a silver grey trench coat with elements of black. Accessorize your shiny trench coat in true Carolina Herrera style with a black woolen scarf, a black belt and silver-black pumps.

So how are you going to augment your power walk for fall 2013? Does this collection inspire any ideas and styles? Let us know what you are going to do with it this fall 2013.

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2013 – Minimalist Look Wins the Day

With the Paris Couture Fashion Week underway, expectations were high from the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2013 collection and as always, Raf Simons did not disappoint. The theme of the collection was Spring itself and it was set in a miniature French garden setting, with models walking around green shrubbery and hazelnut trees.


The Minimalist Look

The Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2013 look was characterized by sheer minimalism. All models exhibited uniform cropped elfin hair and accessories were toned down to a bare minimum if at all. The highlight of the look remained the lips with glossy color. The overall look was crisp and clean suited more for the 21st century modern woman, who is confident, stylish and wears her couture with élan.

Christian Dior Haute Couture

Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2013 Trends

1.  Strapless Hourglass Dresses

The strapless hourglass dress that has been a Dior staple for sometime did make an appearance in the collection. The styles ranged from plain with contrasting bustier, printed dresses and an ethereal wispy tulle outfit embellished with beads with a full length coat thrown around the shoulders for greater effect. And don’t miss the point made by the pointy satin shoes.


2. Peplum Looks

The peplum style made an appearance in the collection both as tops for skirts and pants. The peplums embellished with floral designs, reinforced the idea of spring.


3. Floral Motif

How can a Spring collection not have florals?

And how can a spring collection still look creative with florals? The answer is at the Christian Dior Haute Couture show. Though floral in spring is one of the most repetitive trends every year, Raf Simons has managed to make the look inspiring and fresh as only he can.

Several creations incorporated floral appliqués that made a statement. Floral prints were observed in combination with sheer colorful material. Another floral trend was the presence of an asymmetrical bright floral patch on an otherwise dark dress. Whew… we did say the floral designs were creative and inspiring.

Christian Dior Haute Couture

Note the matching green pointed shoes coordinated with the outfit. Fashion is indeed all about details.

4. Asymmetric Hemline Dresses

Though pant suits were showcased as part of the collection, the focus remained mostly on dresses. Peplum, floral, sheer material and angled dresses dominated. Another popular style of dresses observed was the asymmetric hemline style. They were presented both in the body hugging format that emphasized the silhouette and in the loose relaxed silhouette styles.

Christian Dior Haute Couture

5. Formal Evening Gowns

The collection ended with the presentation of the formal evening gowns. The colors for this collection remained white and pastels. The dresses were extremely elaborate, yet retained a sense of minimalism and modernity, which has become the Dior trademark now, in what may be called the Raf Simons era. The strapless outfit fitted till the low waist, ballooned out below, creating a gorgeous effect.


The other outfit had embellishments on the back and sleeve and symmetric pleated frills sweeping the floor and sweeping the audience off the floor too. Bravo Dior!

What are your views on the collection?

10 Most Thrilling Trends for Spring 2013 at the Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week is something fashionistas all over the world look forward to and even those who may pretend to have an aversion to fashion, do not mind stealing a glance at all that goes down at the prestigious Milan Fashion Week.

As for us, we were all geared up by firstly marking the dates on our calendars and not missing a single day of this fabulous fashion week, just so we could bring the best of it to you. And so today, we have put up a compilation for you on some of the pieces and trends showcased in the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

With spring 2013, just a few weeks away, the awesome display of clothes at the Milan Fashion week will surely be an inspiration for you to go shop for some lovely goodies to flaunt this spring.

So get your shopping shoes out of the closet and place them close to your feet, because you are indeed going to want to run and go splurge once you are done reading. So….. Ready, Get Set, READ!

Our compilation includes a variety of pieces from the Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 collection, so we have left it up to you to decide what will work and what won’t this spring. So you’re the judge, all the best!

1. 3D Geometric Prints

Fashion house Marni substantially reduced the prints to plain ratio at the Milan Fashion Week with 3D geometric prints aligned along the length of blouses and skirts. Another fashion rule that was broken by Marni was the pairing up of only matching or contrasting colors. Geometric prints were seen even on dresses and trench coats, paired up with geometric print blouses and skirts.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

2. Rubik’s Cube Purse

Fendi took creativity to another level, and a rather great one, with these amazing Rubik’s cube purse. Although it makes us wonder what could possibly fit into something so tiny, we really do like the smart idea.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

3. Oversize Earrings

It is not only the Milan Fashion Week, but also other major runways yelling out that oversize accessories are in for 2013. Dolce and Gabbana went all out to prove this fact and show us how good oversize earrings actually look and also how they go with any kind of outfit.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

4. Ankle Strap Shoes

One thing that will surely leave you blown away is the trend of ankle strap shoes for spring 2013. It sure does seem like every designer and fashion house coordinated with each other and came to the conclusion that every model that walks the ramp will strut in ankle strap shoes and voila, it manifested! So make sure you go get yourself a lovely pair of ankle strap shoes for the season.

 Milan Fashion Week 2013

5. Heavy Neckpieces

When it came to accessorizing at the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013, heavy, oversize and flashy seemed to be the overall theme that was followed by many designers. Every model who flaunted gold, silver and heavy metal neckpieces truly rocked the ramp in style.

The trend of spiked neckpieces and accessories that kicked off towards the end of 2012 was also a notable feature at the Milan Fashion Week.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

6. Cartoon Colors

Well, you might wonder as to why this trend is named “Cartoon Colors” but if you take one good look at the picture below, you’ll know what we are talking. Where else would you find such loud and flashy color combinations? And these loud color combinations are brought to the surface in 2013 by Christopher Kane at the Milan Fashion week

This trend now spells freedom for those who love to play with color. You will no longer be afraid to tone down the color in your wardrobe because cartoon colors are now in style. So go ahead and be the cartoon that you are. It does look pretty youthful, doesn’t it?

Milan Fashion Week 2013

7. Pastel Perfection

While on the one hand, loud colors are seen dominating the ramp, there is an equal space for pastel shades like yellow, green and pink as seen in this collection by Bluemarine. So what is your style going to be this spring 2013, loud or pastel? We’d surely like to know.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

8. Fancy Florals

When you envision spring and floral prints together, what usually pops into your mind is large floral prints running all over your outfit. But the Milan Fashion Week adds a spark of uniqueness to the floral trend for Spring 2013, with only a dash of floral prints added to dominating backgrounds of white or black. Florals prints are also paired with mono colored outfits, like, floral skirts with plain colored blouses or floral blouses with plain colored skirts.

So the trick is in not going entirely floral in Spring 2013, but doing so in bits, just like these models below.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

9. Animal Prints

A funky touch was added to animal prints for Spring 2013. Tiger prints stood out boldly in green, pink and purple while others saw tiger prints combined with floral prints in the same outfit. So you can now unleash your wild side in a funky and colorful way all thanks to this new and fabulous trend for Spring 2013.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

10. Shimmering Evening Wear

Most of the trends displayed here were more or less meant for casual day wear and breaking that series comes this sensational trend of shimmering evening wear. Don’t you think that sparkling evening gowns and dresses do make a lot of sense in the months of spring? If you may ask why, then it’s simply because while the sun shines all day in spring, you can shine all night.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

So here goes the list of the 10 most thrilling trends that we witnessed at the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013. And now we hand it over to you. It is your turn to judge. Which one will be a hit in 2013 and which one will miss it? Don’t forget to tell us what you think of these trends for Spring 2013.

Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2013 – A Closer Look At This Pre-Fall Collection

Being the very first time that Tory Burch presented a pre-fall collection, the expectations were of course already been set pretty high. Although never made official, this segment always represented a big part of her company’s focus. Not exactly famous for following the path of tradition, or for respecting the somewhat strict rules of the fashion business, the designer lives to fulfill challenges and to make extraordinary garments out of the bare element of unexpected.

The Tory Burch 2013 lineup was nothing short of maximalism, being build around the bold concept that more is more. Preoccupied by heavy embellishments, beading and sequins, Burch definitely did not fail to excite with a collection that does not necessarily have fall written all over it.

Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2013

If the light choices of fabric in the Tory Burch pre-fall 2013 collection don’t translate to fall and cold-ready, the lineup is being balanced by a smart color palette of warm beige, dark browns and green olives, just perfect for the colder seasons. The oversized coats and perfectly tailored pants, carry a subtle hit of army influences, emphasizing a certain edginess that doesn’t strike far from femininity. Traditional motifs serve as departing points for delicate yet statement prints.

Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2013

Sometimes the loud union between heavy beading, powerful prints and conceptual tailoring, can lead to a striking effect just as easily as the idea of an effortless, light and simple design. Keeping her flawless signature aesthetic alive and well defined, Tory Burch plays upon classic silhouettes and fabrics, by adding modern twist and complementing the color scheme with gorgeous shades of dark navy and plums. Offering endless layering possibilities, the garments mix comfort with style.

Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2013

Delicious shades of burnt oranges and cappucino hues, delicately embellished with prints made out of rhinestones and sequins, infuse the cocktail hour looks with an ideal dose of glamour. The mid-length skirts are exclusively being paired to tights and styled with kitten heels and pointy-toe flats. The jewelry pieces are equally stunning and make effortless statements of sophistication.

Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2013

A selection of beautiful winter whites rounded the collection towards the end, joining forces with delicate ivories and luxurious gold accents only to mark the fine character of Tory Burch’s garments. An elegant feel mixed with quiet preppy vibes transcended the lineup that once again managed to put a spin on the classic wardrobe, with cutting-edge elements, beads, sequins and rhinestones. Effortlessly feminine, slightly romantic, sometimes even tough, there’s a little bit of every woman envisioned in the mesmerizing Tory Burch pre-fall 2013 collection.


Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

Erdem Moralioglu really pushed his limits for pre-fall 2013, by turning his collection into an imaginary lab that served as backdrop for the designer’s constant need to experiment. Never settling for anything ordinary or familiar, although across the seven years marking his career he managed to established himself a signature aesthetic, Erdem is always seeking for more.

More when it comes to shapes, fabrics, prints and silhouettes, that are permanently being infused with a strong sense of novelty. Definitely not quiet, on the contrary, pretty bold and colorful, the Erdem pre-fall 2013 lineup screams femininity and prettiness. Playing upon psychedelic motifs that balance Erdem’s obsession with precision, the garments are exquisitely  surprising.

Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

A certain nostalgic flavour referencing the 1960s can be easily spotted all throughout the collection, that despite its vintage feel manages to look modern and innovative. Featuring bold, lively hues and blossoming prints in equally colorful shades, the garments carry sleek collars, flirty silhouettes and delicate lace appliques, all complementing the looks, all designed to perfection.

Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

A selection of dark blues continued to set up the background for a series of psychedelic prints and complex embroideries that eventually translated into chic cocktail frocks, light coats, mesmerizing trousers and extravagant tops. All reading summer, rather than fall, but all gorgeous nonetheless.

Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

The utterly feminine numbers are being displayed in a full spectrum of gorgeous prints, having sleeveless bodices contrast the high-necklines and strong turtlenecks. The silhouettes are being kept simple in order to allow the textures and colors to really stand out. The dramatic lineup will undoubtedly catch the eyes of the unconventional celebrities in search of splendor.

Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

For evening, the Erdem pre-fall  2013 collection took a spin on the same luxurious looking floral motifs and inserted them into floor-length gowns, featuring short sleeves, accented by elegant cardigans, black inserts and sheer fuchsia separates that complemented the ethereal theme.

Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

Unconstrained, heavenly light, romantic but still modern and innovative, Erdem’s pre-fall collection reads Hollywood glamour and honestly, we can already picture actresses Keira Knightley, Cate Blanchett or any other leading name looking breathtakingly beautiful in one of these garments. I guess we will just have to wait and see who will get to do it first.

Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2013

The Bottega Veneta pre-fall 2013 lineup plays upon the 1940’s distinct sophistication that we first met during the Spring collection, as the silhouettes got cleaner and even more feminine. Regardless of the pre-fall trends already established by the other designers, Tomas Maier loves to keep focus on its own path leading to success, betting on the same flawless elegance and the same good taste that always accompanied his exquisite creations.

Minimum embellishments and a sense of ease perfectly defined Maier’s concept of elegance that gently collides with the right amount of comfort. The Bottega Veneta pre-fall 2013 collection mixes a series of utterly chic everyday ensembles, with an array of red carpet worthy gowns, topped by strong-shoulders and nipped waists. Everything reads impeccable tailoring and refined luxury.

Bottega-Veneta Pre-Fall 2013

Alongside the timeless combination of black and white, the color palette was complemented by a series of gorgeous grays, dusted petal pinks and deep lavenders, much to prove Tomas Maier’s flawless color sense. Sleek coats, double breasted trench coats and parachute pants made for an exciting alignment of fall essentials, ready to delight the modern woman in search of exquisite.

Bottega-Veneta Pre-Fall 2013

The all black ensembles took over more than half of the pre-fall 2013 lineup, but they didn’t lack excitement or concept. The relaxed silhouettes toned down by the dark hue looked effortless and fall ready, as voluminous knits and patent leather accents were emphasized by mid-lengths skirts and quirky accessories.

Bottega-Veneta Pre-Fall 2013

 A delicate black and white print featuring motifs inspired by vintage Japanese kimonos, embellished a series of romantic everyday garments that resonated with Bottega Veneta’s feminine signature aesthetic. Featuring simple ruffles and paired with 3/4 length socks and black sandals touched by a vintage feel, these numbers were nothing short on casual sophistication.

Bottega-Veneta Pre-Fall 2013

The eternal little black dress was reworked for the pre-fall season, carrying edgy accents alongside alluring triangular cut-outs making for a bold, yet seductive look. Strong shoulders, deep V necklines and impeccably crafted silhouettes, were styled with classic black pumps and chic low-buns, defining Bottega Veneta’s refreshing take on evening-wear.

Bottega-Veneta Pre-Fall 2013

The same dusted color palette was infused in the glamorous lineup of red carpet worthy gowns that were highly represented by tunic-like draped dresses and flared silhouettes. Embodying sophistication and effortless glam, these classy numbers will definitely catch the celebrities’ eyes just in the for the award season waiting around the corner.


Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013

In order to add a little bit of sparkle, and maybe an extra dose of freshness to his pre-fall 2013 collection, Prabal Gurung tried to take what women usually love to wear, and built a new sense of easiness into them. The result was a full spectrum of everyday essentials, carrying the ideal amount of sophistication, and that ultra-modern feel that became so imperative over the past seasons. The woman on the go will absolutely fell in love with Gurung’s flawless aesthetic that reads comfort and glamour with the same handiness.

Finding the main inspiration in the designer’s native Nepal, the Prabal Gurung pre-fall 2013 collection was also influenced by Baz Luhrmann’s iconic Romeo + Juliet, and old Versace and Versus ads. Quite a lot to take in, especially when the point is to set focus on effortless appeal and easy silhouettes. But the colorful lineup came up just as delightful as Prabal Gurung envisioned it.

Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013

The influence of Mexico in the Prabal Gurung pre-fall 2013 collection is quite recognizable, especially in the lightweight tweed that gently blends shades of green, electric blue and pink, with a series of neutral hues, perfectly complementing the outstanding concept. The end result was then infused in slick coats, sporty jackets and a gorgeous sleeveless number that featured a subtle peplum at the waist. Emphasized by equally bold colors, the garments quickly became hits.

Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013

The elevated casualness of the gray sweatpants was turned into a sophisticated yet subtle print, that served as base for a perfectly tailored pair of pants, an utterly feminine skirt, and a sleeveless dress touched by a fine pop of blue. In order for the fabrics and prints to really stand out, Prabal Gurung kept his signature silhouettes clean, effective and modern.


Proof of his unconditional love towards prints, especially delicate floral ones, the gorgeous garments that were covered in subtle yet ravishing green motifs, speaked loudly about Gurung’s already signature style. Envisioned in A-line and sheath dresses and skirts, as well as in cropped pants, the beautiful prints were exclusively accompanied by the timeless black and white combos.


The Prabal Gurung pre-fall 2013 lineup wouldn’t have been complete without a selection of striking evening and red carpet ready gowns. Already a celebrity favorite when it comes to glamorous events, Gurung has a distinct sense of sophistication that turns this type of dresses into seductive, feminine, yet powerful fashion weapons. Featuring a muted color palette of black and whites, the pre-fall evening numbers play upon simplicity and exquisite draping, adding the final notes to an outstanding collection.