Shoe Trends 2013

Treat Your Feet to Ultimate Style with 8 Most Fashionable Footwear Trends for 2013

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to keep walking stylishly all through 2013? Well, then there is no better way to begin the 2nd week of this new year than by gracing your feet with pretty shoes so that each and every step you take in 2013 will always be a fashionable one.

There are a countless number of women who are fixated with shoes; it makes you wonder what’s it with women and shoes, doesn’t it? We take care of every shoe obsession you have and we know your ultimate goal is to look fabulous and trendy and make people go, “Oooh, where did she get those?”

In 2013, you will witness a host of varieties in peep toes, pointed toes, metallic finish, glittering finish and ankle strap shoes taking center stage. So get ready to witness this fabulous compilation of the most fashionable shoes for 2013.

1. Ankle Strap Shoes 2013

Shoes are often associated with style and their comfort factor and many a times it is considered that for stylish feet, one has to ditch comfort. But with ankle strap shoes you are fortunate enough to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Ankle straps not only provide a fashionable embellishment to your shoe, but they also provide your feet with additional support, making your stride comfortable.

Shoe Trends 2013

2013 brings you a wide range of ankle strap shoes in a variety of colors, styles, patterns and heel sizes and types.

2. Transparent Heel Shoes 2013

Cinderella found her Prince Charming with a transparent glass shoe and now here’s your chance to strut about like Cinderella, not entirely though. 2013 sees a variation in transparent shoes and you now have shoes where only the heels are transparent. So no matter what color or style your shoes are and whatever design is on it, you can still add a touch of Cinderella’s shoes to your footwear with these transparent heel shoes.

Shoe Trends 2013

3. Metallic Finish Shoes 2013

Bring on all the metallic colors you know and let them grace your feet in 2013. The trend of metallic shoes kicked in towards the end of 2012 and we can say this for certain that this fabulous trend is going to rock all year through in 2013. So bring on colors like gold, silver, bronze, rose gold and everything you can think of with a metallic finish to them.

Shoe Trends 2013

4. Glittering Metallic Shoes 2013

Metallic finish shoes have a rather smooth texture. However, glittering metallic shoes are filled with sparkle all over them. So, if you are looking to add spark to your wardrobe, you know which shoes to wear.

Shoe Trends 2013

Available in all colors possible, glittering metallic shoes are a sure shot way to turn on the glitter, sparkle and enhance your feminine charm.

5. Strap Boots 2013

Like a breath of fresh air, strap boots are here in 2013 to break the monotony of regular boots. Now you can enjoy the trend of boots and straps at the same time. Flaunt your legs as they play peek-a-boo in these strap boots.

Shoe Trends 20136. Reptile Skin Pattern Shoes 2013

When it comes to animal prints in fashion, it is not only leopard prints and tiger prints that are a rage. Reptile skin prints are kicking in this year with bags and shoes patterned around these prints. They look quite chic and they are surely going to be one of the hottest trends that you will witness in 2013. So while the trend is still fresh, go out and make sure you get a pair, before everybody else starts wearing it.

Shoe Trends 2013 7. Pointed Toe Shoes 2013

Pointed toe shoes may pose a bit of a question to the comfort of your feet, but they certainly do not lag behind when it comes to style. Pointed toe pumps look very chic and classy and they are a great choice for office wear, party wear and even for formal dos. Pointed Toe Shoes

8. Printed Pumps 2013

Pumps are a rage among many women and in 2013. This rage is going to be taken to another level with printed pumps. Floral, animal and abstract prints on pumps are the latest trend and they are sure to be a craze very soon.

Shoe Trends 2013Shoes are one of the most fascinating items of fashion in a woman’s world and we always want you to fascinate yourself and others each time you don a pair. So we hope you have enjoyed this collection as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you. And we also hope that your wardrobe is soon going to be filled with all these lovely pairs of shoes.