Jumpsuit Trends 2013

Fashionable One-Piece Wonders: Top 5 Jumpsuit Trends for 2013

Jumpsuits are very fashionable in 2013. What a ‘fashion-illiterate’ may perceive ‘as a way too big’ romper for babies – the jumpsuits- are amongst the top apparel trends in women’s wear in spring 2013.

Frankly, jumpsuits are very cute outfits. Perhaps the fact that jumpsuits are closely associated (in basic design) with baby clothes has something to do with.

But in 2013, jumpsuit designs are all set to make you look sexy, suave, and sophisticated. Whether it is a kiddie birthday party next door or a classy corporate get together at the client’s office, you have jumpsuits just right for each occasion.

Jump into a jumpsuit. Be comfortable and make the right impression.

Top 5 Jumpsuit Trends for 2013

1.  Emphasis on the Arms

Jumpsuit trends in 2013 brought back the emphasis on the arms, as observed in the New York Fashion Week. Irrespective of the core jumpsuit design, whether it was low waist or had a belted look, the sleeves remained well invisible – sleeveless designs dominated. While the Jason Wu model accessorized with sheer black long gloves to emphasize the arms, Rebecca Taylor had incorporated white sheer as part of the jumpsuit design itself. Both looks are dramatic in their own ways.

Max Azria experimented with bold black piping around the neck, at the high waist and as cuffs around the ankles. Combined with the white jumpsuit with black patches, this design created a professional ensemble.

Jumpsuit Trends 2013

2. Denim Jumpsuit Trends 2013

You love your denims and you love your jumpsuits. Both are extremely comfortable and very casual. Wouldn’t it be great if they were rolled into one? That’s exactly what you have got in spring 2013 thanks to designer Rebecca Taylor. She showcased denim jumpsuits as part of the spring 2013 collection. In typical acid wash blue, the jumpsuit creates a contemporary, casual look that you have been dying to achieve forever. This jumpsuit makes it effortless. Go ahead, try it on, and feel years younger in body and spirit. Such is the power of fashion.


Don’t miss the multiple pockets and cool blue matching footwear in this look.

3. The Sexy Jumpsuit Look for 2013

Designers Diane Von Furstenberg and See by Chloe took it upon themselves to enhance the oomph appeal of the rather (let’s face it) drab jumpsuit. To this end, 2013 jumpsuit trends from these fashion biggies included sexy necklines, asymmetric off shoulder designs and soft pleats that gathered up the fabric to accentuate curves and highlight the feminine appeal.

See by Chloe stuck to monochromatic bright red.

Jumpsuit Trends 2013

 Diane Von Furstenberg brightened things up with a splash of color and pattern.


4. Bold Stripes Jumpsuit Trends 2013

Bold stripes were seen in jumpsuits showcased by Marc Jacobs in their spring summer 2013 collections. The base color of the outfits varied, but the stripes were created by thick wide bands of white. Interestingly, the stripes followed a dual-design pattern. While the lower half had vertical stripes, the upper half of the jumpsuit exhibited contrasting horizontal and U-shaped stripes. This broke up the monotony of design and gave a more refreshing look to the ensemble. Pure creative genius. Bravo.



5.  Colorful Pattern Jumpsuits 2013

Vibrant colors and patterns in jumpsuits were showcased on the spring 2013 ramps by Balmain. The intricate yellow and black pattern here creates a pretty, but perhaps slightly overwhelming look.

The sleeves are long to fully explore the design potential of this outfit and don’t miss the belt that focuses attention on the waist.

Do you think you could wear this comfortably?

Jumpsuit Trends 2013

Jumpsuits are fun and casual. And with 2013 jumpsuit trends, they have also become chic and sophisticated. Go ahead, indulge to your heart’s content.