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Add Fashionable Prints And Pattern Pieces To Your Wardrobe

Add dimension, conversation, and contrast, to your wardrobe! Sound overwhelming…? Well for the average Joe it can be. A simple solution to this equation would be incorporating a print or pattern piece into your look.  The best part about picking a print is that you can pretty much pair it with anything neutral in your wardrobe. With myself, being a print connoisseur, here are some great on trend prints that are easily wearable and are good for a guaranteed compliment.

Fashionable prints

Atten-hut! Channeling your inner G.I. Joe? A great print you can incorporate into your wardrobe is camo! With a color pallet of deep greens, shades of brown, and black, it is easily parable with mostly any color. Wear it with a neutral colored tee-shirt, or for a more dressed up look, pair it with a buttoned-up shirt, tucked in with a beige belt.  This print is rugged, masculine, and yet fashion forward. Baldwin Denim makes a great fitting pair of camo printed pants, tailored to perfection!

 Camo trousers

     Feeling rugged and adventurous? Another great print that you can easily incorporate into your everyday wardrobe is plaid! Paired with some distressed denim, this casual look can take you from an afternoon of hiking, to an evening enjoying a beer around the bonfire with friends. With plaid basically coming in every color under the rainbow, you’ll be able to find the perfect color that suits you and your personality. Saturdays Surf has some great fitting plaid shirts that are durable, yet stylish and can become an instant classic staple piece in your closet.

plaid shirt pattern

      Plaid and camo not sparking an interest, need something a bit more polished and refined? A pindot print would be a perfect go to look. We all know a pinstripe suit can look good for any dressed up occasion, but tired of blending in? Resort to a pindot printed button-up. Paired with some great fitting chinos, or grey wool pants, toped off with a navy or black blazer, this look can take you from the boardroom, to a dinner date with that special someone. This go to pattern is easily parable and the print is timeless so it will never go out of style, it’s a classic staple piece for your wardrobe.  J.Crew offers a great assortment of pindot dress shirts in a variety of colors.

pindot dress shirts

     Want something a bit more bold and daring, but casual? Well look no further than the Japanese label Comme des Garcons. This high-end brand’s take on classic ready-to-wear is perfect for a guaranteed compliment. With their current line, PLAY by Comme des Garcons, they offer a wide range of tee-shirts, sweaters, and shoe designs, that incorporate great fit and fabrics, paired with their signature heart print graphic design.  These staple pieces are easily incorporable into any wardrobe.  This label has teamed up with recognizable name brands such as Jack Purcell, and J. Crew by putting their signature graphic heart print on classic everyday, wearable designs. You can find these pieces online, or at department stores such as Barney’s and Saks 5th Avenue.

heart print t-shirts

      From out of the ordinary, to the ordinary, I hope this article gave you some help and insight when it comes to mixing in a little print and design into your everyday look. Remember that a great printed piece can be a good investment along with the everyday neutral. With that in mind, go and stand out a bit, just because it’s a print doesn’t mean it has to be over the top, outlandish, and not parable, in fact it can be just the opposite!