Faux fur snaps

7 Fashionable Ways to Wear Faux Fur & wow the Crowd at New Year’s Party

Fur is a bold fashion statement, but real fur is neither cool nor ethical; faux fur on the other hand definitely is, and it is spreading like wild fire. A unique material which gives the same look and feel as real fur, the faux fur was introduced in 1929, and since then has become widely popular in fashion circles. Boasting of everything nice without the vice, the faux fur is appreciated for being green and gossip–sparking and has got everyone from the topmost at the fashion week, the upcoming fashionistas and even the A-list celebrities hooked on to it.

Having created havoc in fashion houses, this stylish fashion wear has caused a furry frenzy with celebrities from all corners wanting a piece of this trendsetting pie. This has catapulted the faux fur as one of the must-wear things to this New Year’s party. Stylish, sensational and a rage with the who’s who in town, the faux fur will definitely keep all eyes on you, and the way you carry your faux fur.

Faux fur snaps

So let us take a look at some of the best ways to wear faux fur to leave onlookers awestruck, just like the celebrities.

7 Most Trendy Ways to Wear Faux Fur at this New Year’s Party

1. Emma Roberts’ Leopard Coat

The leopard fur carries the poise, grace and feline instincts or the real leopard. Teamed with black, it makes for an elitist aura. Here Emma Roberts shows her acute fashion instincts by subtly pairing a Leopard faux fur over streamlined leather trews. A star attraction at the New Year’s party and sure to draw eyes by those leopard spots.

 Faux Fur Trends

2. Olivia Palermo Double Faux Fur

Wow now style like that is exclusively found on runways. Using a dual layer of faux fur, Olivia Palermo ups the style quotient by adding more fur giving it an even more realistic snow wolf appeal. The Double faux fur is warmer than single layered counterparts and with a singular hue shades radiates an almost natural appeal. Being cozy, calm and composed, this faux fur is one of the best statements to start the New Year with.

 Olivia Palermo in double faux fur

3. The Fashionable Scarf – Alexa Chung

Simplicity, subtlety and style are the attributes being displayed by Alexa Chung and her white faux fur scarf. A tried and tested way, this fashion accessory has been widely accepted and will find its place in any party circuit. Beautiful color complementing with just a hint of indulgence of faux fur, the scarf is perfect to provide the finesse for this New Year’s Party.

 Alexa Chung in faux fur scarf

4. Gilet Faux Fur – Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo has done a lot of bold and classy experimentation with the faux fur, and we are very much obliged. Superbly contrasting the gilet with leather, the faux fur is definitely chic and a perfect fit with leather. A must try at the party.

 Olivia Palermo in faux fur gilet

5. The Classy Fur Tipped Coat – January Jones

Classy is one word which comes to mind when you see January Jones and her fur tipped coat. The timeless luxurious aura sans any distorting of the figure is a welcoming attribute for a very sexy outfit indeed. Sure to impress at the New Year’s Party.

 Faux Fur Trends

6. Alexa Chung’s Shearling Parka with Clues of Faux Fur

Providing hints to onlookers by letting it slightly skim on the outside of the coat, is an ingenious way to keep the crowd guessing. Subtle yet extravagant, Alexa Chung shows an impeccable taste of style with the faux fur on the inside of a shearling parka. With such a stylish way to wear faux fur you will keep the party in rapt attention and waiting for more.

 Faux Fur Trends

7. The Black Coat Faux Fur – Elizabeth Olsen

The original black coat with faux fur, looks classic and vibrant. One of the most versatile ways to wear faux fur, this coat accompanies and enhances the appeal of most clothes with which it is paired. Making you look glamorous without any flashy designs, the faux fur coat is an excellent style to wear to the party.

 Faux Fur Trends

Faux fur has achieved an irreplaceable position in the fashion hot spots. Faux fur has added an extra dimension for reinventing one’s sense of style and image as it can be used just minutely or all over for a full fledged furry appeal. Widespread appeal and popularity by fashion houses and celebs alike has made sure that the faux fur is no fashion faux pass but a superb style statement which is sure to attract a lot of wows from the crowd this New Year’s Party.