Skirt Trends 2013

Feminine, Fun and Flirty: A look at the Top Skirt Trends for Summer 2013

There is something uniquely feminine about skirts. Perhaps the fact that this is an exclusively feminine apparel contributes to this feeling. After all, you don’t catch men wearing skirts, do you?

Well, having said that, skirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can think of.  From a flared, vibrant colorful skirt apt for a picnic to dark hued pencil skirts more suited for the corporate boardroom to sexy mini skirts to rock a party, skirts can give you the look you desire.

So what are the cool skirt trends that are hot for summer 2013? Read on to find out.

Ladies, be prepared to look utterly beautiful, sexy and ladylike in your skirts.

Skirts Trends Summer 2013

1.  Girly Short Skirts Trends 2013

Short skirts giving a generous glimpse of your legs are in vogue in 2013. Peter Som, Rebecca Minkoff and Jason Wu showcased this sexy skirt trend in their spring summer 2013 collections. The ‘girly’ part of this trend comes from bright colors and designs seen on the skirts. One way to up the oomph appeal of these short skirts is to pair them with midriff revealing bra tops or crop tops.  Would you dare to bare like these models?

Skirt Trends 2013

And be sure to accessorize with stylish footwear, because with these skirts the focus, ladies, is going to be on your legs.

2. Sheer Skirts Trends 2013

Remember we talked about skirts being sexy. Well sheer skirts, a raging trend in 2013 take sexy to a whole new level. In general, sheer is a happening trend in 2013 and it has now been applied to skirts as well. Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli and Chloe showcased this trend and coincidentally all these sheer skirts were white.


Besides white, sheer skirts were also observed in darker shades and in prints. Nina Ricci, Roberto Cavalli, and Jean Paul Gaultier were some of the fashion houses that showcased this trend.

Sheer, we always maintain is a risky choice. And what looks elegant on the runways may end up looking vulgar on the streets. So choose wisely if you are going to opt for a sheer skirt this summer.

3. Striped Short Skirts Trends Summer 2013

Dolce and Gabbana presented striped short skirts as part of their spring summer 2013 collection at the Milan Fashion Week. A collection clearly inspired by Sicily, the skirts incorporated bold wide stripes with matching tops. The bright colors of the skirt are very summery and extremely fashionable.

Skirt Trends 2013

4. Reptile Skin Skirts Trends 2013

Reptile skin print was seen popularly on spring summer 2013 runways for accessories like shoes and bags. Creative designers have used this material for designing some of the best skirts for this season. The glam quotient of the reptile skin skirts was further heightened by the use of shimmery silver color. You can get all set to slither your way up the fashion ladder with these shimmery silvery reptile skin print skirts.

Skirt Trends 2013

Oh and did you notice most skirts are short and tight fitted?

5. Asymmetrical Skirts Trends 2013

Symmetry is boring. To shake things up, several designers played with the hemlines of their skirts to create edgy asymmetrical looks. Asymmetrical skirts were showcased by Givency, John Galliano and others. Most of these skirts had longer hemlines at the back. The hemline climbed up at the front of the legs.

Skirt Trends 2013

My favorite look is the pleated green skirt accessorized perfectly with strappy green sandals. Which one is your best look?

6. Peplum Skirts Trends 2013

Peplums are no stranger to fashion trends. Peplum tops and dresses are usual staples in any fashion season. Peplum skirts were seen in a big way on Spring summer 2013 runways.

In 2013, wear your peplum skirts in monochromatic tones to stand out and create maximum impact.

Calvin Klein presented an all-black peplum ensemble with a knee length fitted skirt. The overall look oozed sophistication and professionalism.


DSqaured2 created a diametrically opposite look with an all white peplum ensemble, which included a short white skirt, full sleeves top and loads of accessories. Just the right look for rockers’ party.

Skirt Trends 2013

7. Flared Out Skirts Trends Summer 2013

Reminding you of movies of the 1950’s the flared out skirts are fashionable in 2013. The flares give a soft voluminous effect and enhance the feminine appeal of the skirt. Several big fashion names including Tibi and 3.1 Phillip Lim showcased this trend on the spring summer 2013 runways.

The flared out skirt options included plain as well as printed skirts. A couple of pleated skirts were also part of this trend. These skirts are to be worn just above the hip, from where they flare out. You might think this is not a very figure-flattering option, but it actually looks quite nice. Take look yourself.

Skirt Trends 2013

8. Maxi Skirts Trends 2013

Maxi Skirts are a staple trend for summer every year. The maxi skirts may or may not have made it to the runways of Milan and Paris, but they are definitely an integral part of your summer wear and can be incredibly trendy and stylish. Long maxi skirts in vibrant colors and prints are just what the doctor ( police) ordered for stylizing your summer.

Skirt Trends 2013

So these are the skirt trends for summer 2013. As you just saw the looks are versatile as the skirt lengths range from very short to very long. Get in touch with your fun, feminine and flirty side with these awesome skirts of summer 2013.