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Being Shady – Tips To Finding That Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Tired, annoyed, frustrated? These would be some of the basic symptoms of Shade Syndrome. Trying to find that perfect pair of sunglasses is a delicate dance, that can sometimes leave you annoyed and frustrated.  Here’s a quick guide for some handy tips to finding that diamond in the rough / which in this case is your perfect pair of sunglasses that best compliment your shape.

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Heart-Shaped: Wearing your heart on your forehead, opposed to your sleeve? With having a wide forehead and cheekbones in conjunction to a narrow chin, cat-eye sunglasses are your go-to frame style.  The best attribute of cat-eye sunglasses is the illusion of lift. I refer to it as a face-lift in a frame.  For those of us who don’t want to go under the knife, cat-eye sunglasses are the purrrfect fit for you. Meow!

 cheap monday shades

Sunglasses Brand: Cheap Monday.


Oblong-Shaped: Why the long face? Can’t find that perfect pair of shades? With having the facial features of a long face, narrow chin, and cheeks, big over-sized sunglasses are your true match. The bigger the better! One great feature for over-sized wrapped sunglasses is the fact that when worn, you will give off a cool, chic, mysterious vixen look, and who doesn’t like a good Nancy Drew novel?

marc by marc jacobs shades

Sunglasses Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Square-Shaped: Having problems thinking outside the box? With broad being a key word, from having a broad forehead to a square jawline, you have your pick at a broad range of differently styled sunglasses. From round and oval to cat-eye frames, these will all compliment your facial features best. Sunglasses to stay away from would be any sharp geometric shaped frames.

  victoria beckham sunglasses   marc by marc jacobs sunglasses karen walker sunglasses

Sunglasses Brand: Left to Right – Victoria Beckham, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker


Oval –Shaped: Just like a supermodel in a Victoria Secret ad, you can pretty much pull off any style. With that being said, go out and invest in some great sunglasses that come in all sorts of different designs. Dare to be daring! Like in these Alexander McQueen two tone metallic sunglasses.

alexander mcQueen sunglassesSunglasses Brand: Alexander McQueen

 Round-Shaped: Around and round we go… The sunglasses that will best frame your round face would be any style of frames that are wide and rectangular. Opposites attract! And in this case it is your round face, with a perfect pair of wide, geometric styled sunglasses. No curves here!

stella mcCartney sunglasses

Sunglasses Brand: Stella McCartney


We all come in different shapes and sizes. It’s what makes you, Y-O-U! With all of us given an uniqueness about ourselves, it can sometimes be frustrating when trying to find our true fit. I hope this guide can be a quick fix to your dilemma.  Opposed to throwing shade, we need to start wearing shade. Great, amazing, fabulous, look at me shade!

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