Flash Your Unique and Trendy Nails with these Top 5 Latest Nail Art Trends

Flash Your Unique & Stylish Nails with Top 5 Latest Nail Art Trends

Fabulous nails are meant to be flaunted. And to keep your nails looking fabulous always they need to be well maintained. You can go in for manicures, nail polishes, nail paints and nail art to make your nails look pretty and enhance the appearance of your hands and fingers.

The latest trends of Nail Art and Nail Stamping are quite popular among the fashionistas and they make your nails look oh so fabulous. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t go in for a nail art job. In fact, any upcoming occasion/ festival is the perfect excuse to adorn your nails with nail art and nail stamping art.

Here are the latest nail art trends that will make your nails look fabulous, trendy and unique. You will not have to worry about everyone sporting the same style, because we’re letting only you in on these secrets of the latest trends. So husssssshhh and read ahead and be inspired to flaunt the coolest and most happening nails in town.

Presenting to you Top 5 Latest and Unique Nail Art Trends:

1. Denim Nail Art

We know how much you love your pair of blue jeans. Take your obsession with denims to the next level with these new, trendy and unique denim nail art designs. You can ask a professional artist to fashion denims on your nails the way you like or you can simply go in for nail stamps and stamp these denim styles over your nails. No matter what you do, they never fail to look amazing.

2. Velvet Finish Nails

We love grazing our hand up and down a velvet textured surface because it feels so soft against our skin. Now imagine having a surface so soft like this over your nails. The latest and most happening launch among nail polishes is the velvet finish manicure kit for smooth nails. You won’t exactly have the material velvet stuck to your finger nails, rather this nail polish will make your nails appear velvety and give you a smooth and textured velvet finish.

3. Studded Nails

Let your nails appear as though they have been studded with sparkling gold, gemstones or diamonds by adding the touch of a nail color pen over a coat of nail polish. Some of the best combinations would be a dark toned base like black, blue or brown with the felt tip of a silver or gold pen dotted on it to give it an appearance of stones embedded in your nails.

4. Oozing Nails

Are you looking for funky nail polish that oozes from your fingernails, over to your fingers? Then this is the nail art trend meant for you. Oozing nail art is available as nail stamps or stickers that you can paste over your nails after coloring them with a shade of your choice.

5. Three Dimensional Nail Art

Three dimensional nail art can be achieved using nail art stickers. You can work these in a variety of ways by painting a transparent coat over your nails or by using a particular shade and apply stickers of your choice over your painted nails.

So color your nails with the latest shade of funky and flaunt your dazzling nails all across town in sprawling nail art and be mesmerized by your own finger nails. View our other article here for our favorite nail polish trends for 2013 and be sure to like,tweet and comment below. We love to hear what you think.