Seductive Halloween Costumes - Catwoman

Flaunt your Oomph Factor with 10 Seductive Halloween Costumes

Who says you can opt only for the scary and spooky look for Halloween. If you ladies have made a checklist with these two “S” words, let’s add another word – SEDUCTIVE. You can use the occasion of Halloween to your advantage by dressing sexier than you usually do. Halloween is a great opportunity to flaunt your sexy looks. So, go ahead and use these creative ideas to look seductive this Halloween.

1) The Naughty Honeybee

Go buzz, buzz, buzz with this sexy honey bee costume. Show off those shapely curves and long legs and bring out your naughty side with honeybee wings and antennae.


2) The Sexy Witch in Black

The colour Black is a sultry and seductive choice for your costume. The sexy witch in black is an eternal classic. Show people that you are up to no good with this dazzling hot witch’s outfit, with a pointy hat and broom.


3) The Trendy Witch

Glam up the party’s quotient with these fun and fashionable witch-costumes. Add colour to the witch’s costume, with trendy pink, red and purple. Striped leg warmers with heels go well with the trendy witch’s attire.


4) The Devil’s Angel or the Angel’s Devil

Want to look innocent and yet naughty? Dress up like the devil’s angel in dazzling white or the angel’s devil in sweltering black. All you need is one of these dresses to flaunt your body, angel’s wings, a fluffy halo and some heels and stockings to go with the combination.




5) The Sultry Nurse

The sultry nurse never goes out of style. Adding the element of red to a white nurse’s costume brings a zing of trendiness to the outfit. Flaunt your curves and long legs with a well fitted dress and a plunging neckline certainly won’t do you any harm.


6) The Striking Catwoman

Our all time favourite source of power and strength, the Catwoman is a sexy choice for your Halloween costume. You can emulate your favourite celebrities like Anne Hathway, Kelly Brook or Halle Berry for this look. The Catwoman outfit works wonders for women with hourglass figure and curves as the skin tight cat suit defines your body.


7) Wonder Woman

The ultimate male fantasy, the Wonder Woman oozes charm and seductiveness. Show off your well toned body as you strut about on the floor in red, gold and blue.

8) The Wickedly Sexy Pirate

The eye patch, waist coat and dagger in hand works wonders for the female pirate. You can experiment with colours or stick to the usual black and red to pull off this look. Boots and stockings are a must wear if you wish to don this attire.



9) The Playful School Girl

The naughty school girl knows it all and never fails to impress people with her charm and looks. Bring out your wild side and show every one that this school girl knows how to have fun with these sexy outfits.


10) Cop

Raid the party with this sexy cop outfit. Handcuff those who are not dressed up to the mark and simply have fun in the police girl costume.


If your motto this Halloween is to be super-sexy, super-sassy and super-seductive, we just made your job easier with this compilation of the top 10 seductive Halloween costumes. So go on, be seductive and have fun!